Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 9

The Walking Dead is finally back after all this time! The premiere was really good and full of action. Last time, Alexandria was falling and the walkers were everywhere. Deanna died and Denise was taken hostage by the Wolf guy that Morgan had left alive. Glenn and Erin found Maggie but she was on a tower surrounded by walkers. Daryl, Sasha and Abraham ran into some bikers who told them that their stuff now belonged to a guy called Negan. This episode begins with that story line. The leader of the group tells them that they have to give up their stuff or else. They are going to kill Abraham but Daryl manages to get hold of a rocket launcher that they had with them and blow the entire group to bits!

Cut to Rick and the others who are making their way through the horde of walkers covered in walker guts. Jessie's son Sam is the weak link and he is looking around at the walkers and getting scared.

He freaks out and gets eaten by the walkers. Jessie won't let him go, so she gets eaten too. Her other son, Ron points a gun at Rick, but he is killed by Michonne. He fires the gun before he dies and it hits Carl in the eye.Is he dead?

Denise and the Wolf guy are running around and he wants to escape. He tries to save her from getting bitten and he gets bitten instead. She tells him that she can save his life if she can get him to the infirmary in time. They try and run but Carol shoots him dead. He turns into a walker but gets killed (again) by Morgan. Denise has to try and save Carl's life. Rick is distraught and he starts attacking all of the walkers in anger. Some of the others take a leaf out of his book and attack too. They make a large dent in the horde. Glenn and Erin save Maggie. Daryl and the others arrive back to Alexandria to help with the fight. Rick sits with his son and prays that he will survive.

This was a very good episode. There were a few surprise deaths. I didn't expect Jessie to die with her two sons. I didn't see Daryl blowing up those biker dudes. It was very exciting and I am glad that it is back.


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