Monday, March 14, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 11

This episode begins with Jesus telling Rick and the others about the group to which belongs. They are called the Hilltop . They can offer Rick's group stuff that they need such as food and medicine in return for guns and ammo. Rick and some of the others decide to travel with Jesus back to his community and see what they can do about trading. Abraham and Sasha are getting along very well and he is attracted to her. He is still with Rosita, though, so I don't know what will happen there. He asks Glenn how he feels now that Maggie is pregnant. Glenn is happy and wants to bring his child into the world as it is now. Rick and the others are on their way to the Hilltop when Jesus sees a car that he recognises. It belongs to their community and the group finds some of his people who have been attacked.

They all arrive at the Hilltop and enter. They see a huge house and a lot of people who are growing crops etc. They are taken to meet the leader of the community who is called Gregory. They are not sure what to make of him. He doesn't impress them. Rick asks Maggie to deal with him about trading. She tries to make a deal with him but he is a sleaze and tries to come on to her. Some of the Hilltop people come back from a meeting with Negan who is the head of The Saviours. Negan is forcing them to give him half of their supplies in return for their lives. He sends a message with one of the people because the supplies were less than they should have been. The message consists of Gregory being stabbed in the stomach by one of his own men as a warning.

Gregory is helped and he doesn't die. Jesus tells them about Negan and the deal that they made with him. Negan is holding one of their group and Rick tells him that they can rescue their man and take out the Saviours in return for supplies. Gregory accepts their offer. They head off after Glenn and Maggie get an ultrasound by the doctor and show their printout picture to everyone. This was an interesting episode which sets up a big confrontation between Rick's group and the Saviours. That will end in bloodshed, I predict!


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