Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 12

Well, the last episode ended with Rick, Jesus and the group deciding to take on Negan and The Saviours. This will not be an easy task and all of the people in Alexandria go to a meeting and decide who is going to fight and who will stay in Alexandria. Carol seems very nervous about this we wonder what is going on with her. She seems to be thinking about things as she visits a grave. Rick tells the group what happened with Daryl, Abraham and Sasha and about The Saviours almost killing them. He wants to get them before they decide to come to Alexandria. Morgan doesn't agree.

Carol talks to Tobin and they kiss. They seem to be more than just friends. Things are not going so well for Abraham and Rosita. He dumps her in a brutal fashion telling her that she is not the only woman left on earth. She is very upset. The group need a head as a stand in for Gregory's whom The Saviours expect to be dead. They are going to deliver it to the place where they leave the food and supplies. Once inside, then they can start the killing. They get a walker's head and try and make it look like Gregory. One of the men who has been at The Saviours' place shows them what he knows and they leave.

When they reach it, Jesus shows them the head and they are allowed inside. They kill everyone that they meet and wander through the building. They come upon gruesome Polaroids of dead people which is creepy. Carol and Maggie are outside the place, keeping watch. The others kill and fight with the people that are there. Jesus arrives and he helps them. They finally end the fight but they see a Saviour riding away on Daryl's motorbike. They chase him and they are going to kill him when a voice comes over the radio telling them to lower their weapons- they have hostages, Carol and Maggie. This isn't going to end well!!!!Great episode with lots happening.


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