Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 14

This episode begins with all of the characters reflecting after their slaughter of The Saviors. Carol is not happy about what is happening. Daryl tells her that he wishes that he had killed the people who held him captive and took his crossbow in an earlier episode. Denise goes with Rosita and Daryl to get some supplies. They go to the pharmacy where Denise sees things that disgust her. Abraham and Eugene are looking around and Eugene tells him that he wants to make ammo. Abraham steps in to save him when a walker attacks. Eugene thinks that he can look after himself so Abraham leaves him to it.

Denise and the others have an altercation with a walker and Denise manages to kill it and she is happy. Suddenly, she is shot through the eye with a crossbow. She dies instantly. Daryl and Rosita are devastated and Dwight emerges from the bushes with a posse. He has Eugene captured too. He wants Daryl to lead them to Alexandria. Abraham sees this from the bushes. Eugene tells Dwight that they have back up and when they go to see, he bites Dwight in the crotch. This gives them a chance to get their guns and a fight happens. They manage to kill a few of The Saviors and Dwight has to flee.  Daryl and the others make it back to Alexandria where Daryl buries Denise. Abraham tells Sasha that he likes her and he makes up with Eugene. The episode ends with Tobin reading a goodbye letter from Carol who is going off alone for some reason. What the hell is going on with her character? It is very annoying...


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