Thursday, September 1, 2016

American Horror Story, Season 5, Episode 2

This episode begins with weird vampire kids feeding on the tourists who were trapped in the first episode. They kill her and she is wheeled off by Liz to a dump where there are plenty of other dead bodies. Alex, the wife of the detective is treating a boy who has measles. Her husband, John is having nightmares and hallucinations in the hotel. Elizabeth meets a young model called Tristan(Finn Wittrock) and she takes a fancy to him and he to her. He wanders around the hotel and goes to the penthouse looking for drugs. He meets Donovan who wants to kill him but Elizabeth stops him. He runs off and bumps into James March who is killing some poor woman. Tristan runs off and bumps into Elizabeth again.

John and Alex's daughter Scarlett sees Holden in the hotel and talks to him. She tells them about it.
Tristan and Elizabeth have sex and he becomes like her. John goes mad and he attacks Iris and demands answers about the hotel. She tells him that it belonged to James March and he used it to murder people and when he was caught, he and his maid Miss Evers(Mare Winningham) killed themselves. They are still in the hotel, but John doesn't believe it. He thinks that there is a copycat killer who is following in March's footsteps. The episode ends with Tristan and Elizabeth drinking the blood of some poor man.

This episode was okay. I'm not really too jazzed about it.


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