Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Camp Blood Movie Review 430

Camp Blood is a 1999 horror movie directed by Brad Sykes and starring Jennifer Ritchkoff, Michael Taylor, Tim Young and Betheny Zolt.

The story begins with a couple being murdered in the woods by somebody wearing a clown mask.
Cut to four friends, Tricia(Ritchkoff), Steven(Taylor), Jay(Young) and Nicole(Zolt) who are going to a place called Camp Blackwood which has been nicknamed Camp Blood by the locals. Tricia sees an article in the newspaper about the couple who have not been found. They were in Camp Blood too. Her boyfriend, Steve convinces her to go. She and Steve meet their friends, Jay and Nicole and they all set off for Camp Blood.

They meet some local weirdo on the way. He is called Bromley Thatcher and he yells at them to stay away from Camp Blood. He is a complete nutcase but he shows them. They arrive there and they are supposed to meet a guide but the guide isn't there. They decide to go on their own and they have a look around the woods. They hear someone walking in the woods and Steve attacks the person. It turns out that the person is actually their guide, Harris. She is a tough lesbian and she tells them that she will find them somewhere to camp. They all stop and set up their tents for the night, The next day they wake up and find Harris dead. They know that the clown is out there and he is going to kill them.

All of the group are murdered. Tricia is the only survivor. She meets the clown and he tries to kill here. There is a chase through the woods and she finally reaches the car. She runs into Bromley and she realises that he is in on it with the clown. They try and get her, but she fights them off. She ends up killing Bromley and hurting the clown. She pulls the mask off and she is horrified to see that the killer clown was Harris. She drives off but Harris is in the back seat and she tries to strangle her. Tricia wakes up in a mental institution and she is accused of murdering her friends. She tries to tell them about the clown, but they don't believe her. She is sedated and she hallucinates the clown coming in to get her.

This movie was really cheap. It is obvious that not much money was put in to this. The cast were so so. They were nothing special. The story was really a rip off of Friday the 13th but it was nowhere near as good. It does have an 80's look and feel to it. This is a run of the mill slasher movie which is really low budget but I will say that it is worth a look for horror fans. There are some sequels so I will try and see those just for curiosity. This is only for lovers of low budget horror. I will give it a 3/10.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 4

This episode begins with Negan and his cronies coming to Alexandria looking for stuff. Rick and the others have no choice but to let him in. He asks about Maggie and is led to believe that she is dead as there is a grave and Gabriel, the priest. We don't really know where she is but we are guessing that she isn't dead. Negan and his group go through the place and take everything, including their guns. They take their furniture, medicine and their mattresses. Now, giving up your weapons is not the thing to do. I was amazed that Rick didn't have some stashed away somewhere. This didn't ring true to me.The fact that Rick folded like a pack of cards didn't seem in character either. I know that Negan has the power, but I would have thought that Rick would have some fight left in him.

The episode pretty much consists of Negan humiliating Rick and the others and rubbing their noses in it. They take it and Rick encourages them to think of Negan as their leader and not him. I am surprised that he has given in but under the circumstances, maybe it fits in with the storyline. I am not sure about it. Anyway, Negan gets every last gun and pretty much everything that they have and then tells them that he will be looking for more. How much more of this can the group take?Daryl is brought along to make everything worse. Michonne isn't too happy about it and Rick has to try and calm her down, but she is seething. Rosita is planning something and she finds a shell casing and brings it to Eugene and she wants him to make her some bullets.

This episode was good in some ways and not in others. Rick seems to have lost his grit and just agreed to work for Negan, but will that last? I think not. I don't like the way that the characters are
surrendering everything to Negan but I suppose that it is all part of his treachery. I am hoping that this is temporary and that the group will come up with a plan and start working towards getting rid of Negan and his band of thugs.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Amanda's Horror Years- 1999

So, 1999 was not the best year for horror movies, but there were one of two standout films. Let me start with the best of the horror movies from this year- The Blair Witch Project . Now, you can either love or hate this movie and I am certainly in the love camp here. I saw this in the cinema at the time and I remember all of the hype around it. I didn't know what to expect and it surprised and spooked me at the same time. I loved it. It was unlike the usual horror movies that I watched and I wanted to see it again and again which doesn't happen very often. Of course now, it has been ripped off by so many 'found footage' movies which are inferior and not scary at all. The Blair Witch Project was written and directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez and starred unknowns. The story seemed plausible and the way that it was shot in documentary style made you believe that this could happen. The ending stayed with me for many years and it is one of the creepiest endings to a horror movie, in my opinion. Your imagination makes this creepier than any special effects or CGI could and this movie started off a new genre of horror movies.

Anyway, another movie that is worth a mention is Lake Placid which is a fun monster movie with a great cast. I enjoyed it and I have watched it a few times. The Mummy is another big budget 'horror' movie. There isn't much in this to scare me and I would consider this more action/adventure than horror but it is worth a mention. Sleepy Hollow was more like it and this had a dark, gothic feel to it. I liked Johnny Depp in this and Christopher Walken was great as the Headless Horseman. This was a very well made movie with a great cast. Stir Of Echoes was released this year and I have reviewed that here. Kevin Bacon stars in the lead role as a guy who is hynpotised but brings back something sinister with him when he comes to. He sees visions of a murder and he has to solve it. It is an entertaining movie and Bacon is good as always. The Haunting is a remake of the 1963 movie and even though I don't normally enjoy remakes, this one was okay and that was just because of Liam Neeson being in it. If compared to the original, then this isn't great. 

On to the not so great movies. House on Haunted Hill was a mess.I have reviewed that here. End of Days was a weird one. It is horror but action too. I liked it and it has a great cast. It's gotten negative reviews but it isn't that bad at all. Stigmata was another religious themed horror movie but it wasn't that good. Deep Blue Sea was released this year and it wasn't great, but wasn't crap either. Camp Blood is a slasher from this year and one that I have yet to watch. Bats was another creature feature and it starred Lou Diamond Phillips. I saw this on TV a few years ago and it was pretty bad but I might give it another try sometime. Lycanthrope was released this year and it was a pretty low budget affair which could be sci-fi or horror. It isn't really great, so maybe avoid this one.

Lastly, the sequels, which are always inevitable.Candyman 3 was the final installment in the series.
Sometimes, these sequels are unnecessary and this one wasn't great. The Rage:Carrie 2 was a silly pointless remake and I don't think that it had much to offer. Children of the Corn 666 was just a sequel too far. It was pointless as well. Warlock 3 was released and Julian Sands did not return to the role which put me off a bit. It wasn't great, but it is worth a look if you enjoyed the first two movies. From Dusk Till Dawn 2 was released and it starred Robert Patrick. I haven't seen it and I don't really want to even though I like Robert Patrick. I enjoyed the first one and I will leave it at that. Retro Puppet Master was released and was the SEVENTH movie in the franchise. Seventh!!!! Lastly, Wishmaster 2 rounds off the sequels for this year. The less said about that, the better.

So, that was 1999. Some good, some bad and some awful entries here. This year wasn't the best for horror and I couldn't really say that I would add any of those films to my DVD collection except for The Blair Witch Project which I do own. If I have left anything out, don't hesitate to let me know!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Amityville 2: The Possession Movie Review 429

Amityville 2:The Possession is a 1982 horror prequel directed by Damiano Damiani and starring Burt Young and Diane Franklin

The movie begins with the Amityville house being sold to the Montelli family. There is the father, Anthony(Young), mother Dolores(Rutanya Alda), son Sonny(Jack Magner), daughter Patricia(Franklin) and two kids Mark and Jan. They think that this is the house of their dreams. There is tension between Sonny and his father. Anthony seems a bit volatile. Dolores is in the basement and it turns out that there is a tunnel inside there. It is creepy and smelly. We are shown that there is something down there and it has been unleashed. Things gets creepy in the house when things move around and windows open and close by themselves. Anthony thinks that it is the kids messing and he punishes them for it. Dolores wants help from the local priest, Fr. Adamsky(James Olsen).

Fr.Adamsky comes to bless the house and he meets Anthony who is not too happy to see a priest. He is not religious at all. The priest has to leave when Anthony tells him that he is not welcome. He goes back to his car and finds his bible ripped to pieces and his car door open. He is disturbed by this. At the house, tensions are high as Dolores is annoyed at Anthony's behaviour with the priest. Sonny and Patricia are very close to each other and it seems like there is something weird going on there. When the family have gone to church, Sonny is alone and he hears something in the house. He grabs his father's gun and goes to see what it is but what he finds is not human. There is something evil in the basement and it follows him up to his room where it enters his body and possesses him.

When the family arrive back home, Sonny goes to visit Patricia and they play a game which ends up with her nude and him having sex with her. Afterwards, she goes to see the priest and confesses that she has sex with someone but doesn't say that it is her brother. The priest is worried about her and the family.  He tries to bless the house but weird things happen and he stays away after that. Sonny starts acting weirdly and his face takes on a demonic look sometimes. There is something not right about him and his mother can see it. She discovers that something has been going on with her son and daughter. That night, Sonny hears voices telling him to kill his family. He kills everyone.

The cops come and arrest Sonny. Adamsky comes and he realises that there is something wrong with Sonny. He is possessed, He wants to get him exorcised but the church will not act on what he says. He decides to do it himself which leaves him open to danger. He gets Sonny at the house and he exorcises him but unfortunately, the demon goes into him instead. Sonny is okay and taken away by the cops and Father Adamsky is left with the demon inside. The Amityville house is put up for sale and this will lead to the original movie The Amityville Horror.

Let me start by saying that I liked this film. I know that it has received negative reviews but it is not that bad. If you compare it to the original movie, then it will pale in comparison of course. But, take is as a stand alone movie involving the Amityville house, then it isn't so bad. I liked the creepy feel here and I did like the story too. Maybe I am the only one, but I don't care. As the sequels went on, the quality decreased, as is often the way with sequels, but this one isn't as bad as you would think.
I will give it a 5/10.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 3

This episode begins with Daryl who is being kept in a cell and tormented by music playing loudly. He is being given dog food sandwiches by Dwight. Negan is trying to break him down. Daryl does not give in and he tries to get out when his cell door is left open. It is a trick, though and Daryl gets confronted by Negan who wants him to join the gang. Daryl will not give in to him and he will not join the gang so Negan has his thugs beat him up as a punishment. He meets Sherry who is Dwight's ex-wife. She warns him that he shouldn't try and escape as things will get worse for him. She is with Negan now and it is obvious that Dwight does not like it.

Dwight is on a mission to find a man who has run away from the group. He finds him and he has to shoot him as the man will not go back to Negan and the gang. Dwight does not seem to want to kill him. Can he have a conscience? Poor Daryl is taunted by a photograph of Glenn's dead body and this makes him break down in private. He feels guilty because his actions caused Negan to kill Glenn. They think that Daryl has finally broken down and they drag him in front of Negan. Negan tells him the story of how Dwight came to be in the group. He tells Daryl that Dwight double crossed him but came back and paid for his sins. Negan used an iron on his face and disfigured him and took his wife.

The episode ends with Negan offering him a way out if he becomes one of his men. Daryl will not give in and Negan accepts this and throws him back in his cell. Daryl tells Dwight that he understands why he came back and why he decided to live in Negan's world. This was a good episode with poor Daryl being put through hell. Is Dwight going to become a good guy maybe? It is impossible to know, but he might have some sort of humanity left in him. I like that Daryl is not giving in, This fits in with his tough character and it is something that I like about him.

Monday, November 21, 2016

American Poltergeist Movie Review 428

American Poltergeist a.k.a. Provoked is a 2016 horror movie directed by Jordan Pacheco and starring
Christopher P O'Reilly and Nicole Lasala.

The movie revolves around a group of ghost hunters led by Paul(Dan Liebman). He has a pal on the team called Matt(O'Reilly) and others. They have been looking for some proof of paranormal activity
for some time and they are beginning to lose heart that it will never happen. They get a job investigating the house of a woman who is being terrified by a ghost. They are delighted to be investigating something that might be real. They all go to the house and set up their equipment. They look around but there doesn't seem to be anything there. Matt gets very angry and he shouts at the ghost and he taunts it. A plate breaks, but he doesn't think that that is anything supernatural. There is something in the house as we can see but they leave before they see it.

Matt goes home to his girlfriend, Jamie(Lasala) and that night, the water in the bathroom sink turns on and floods the place. Then, the next day, it happens in the kitchen and he calls a plumber. Jamie is left alone in the house and everything moves around and she hears the singing of children. This freaks her out. When Matt returns, she tells him what happened, but everything has been moved back.
He thinks that she imagined it. The plumber arrives to look at the pipes and Jamie gets attacked by an unseen force. She ends up in hospital. The doctor thinks that she has had a seizure. Jamie thinks that this is not the case. She tries to tell Matt that a ghost attacked her, but he is unsure.

The plumber is still at the house and he sees something weird in the basement and runs out of the house. Jamie and Matt return and she goes to bed. She feels something in bed with her. It tries to choke her. Matt comes in and sees it but gets knocked out. Paul comes to the house and Jamie tells him what has been happening. Matt wakes up and he is delighted that there is some supernatural activity in his house. Jamie is furious and leaves him. Paul takes her to her mother's and on the way back, he crashes his car into a truck while on the phone with Matt. Matt realises what has happened and he is alone with the ghost who is determined to get him. He tries to fight, but it is useless. The movie ends with the ghost calling Jamie and telling her to come home. Matt is dragged away shouting for her not to come. The woman whose house was haunted calls to thank Matt for clearing away the ghost from her house but Matt is dead.

This is an okay movie. It is not great, by any means. I have seen worse, though. The budget is pretty small here and it shows. The acting is so-so and some of the characters from the beginning of the film never return which is weird. There are limited scares here also. The ghost wouldn't scare anyone and there really isn't much here to terrify anybody. It isn't all bad though. If you enjoy the low budget horror movies which are made on a shoestring budget, and if you don't mind the lack of special effects, then this might be for you. It is worth a look for die hard lovers of horror like me, but you have been warned. I will be kind and give it a 3/10.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Before I Wake Movie Review 427

Before I Wake is a 2016 horror movie directed by Mike Flanagan and starring Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane.

The film begins with a child sleeping in bed and a distressed man standing over him holding a gun.
He seems to want to kill the child, but he can't. Cut to couple Mark(Jane) and his wife Jessie(Bosworth). They are going to foster a child called Cody(Jacob Tremblay). He has no family and he has already been with other families. They have lost their own child, Shawn in an accident and they want to have another child in their lives. They bring Cody to his new home and show him his bedroom. He seems quiet. They try and reassure him that they are there for him and that he should treat it like his own home. He has a little box with him which contains stimulants to keep him awake. He loves butterflies and he looks at his butterfly book under the covers.

Jessie discovers that he has been keeping himself awake. She wonders why. He tells her that if he goes to sleep, the Canker Man will come and eat people. He tells her that it ate his mother. Mark and Jessie are surprised one evening when they see loads of butterflies come into their house. It is magical at first. Suddenly they disappear. Jessie thinks that she sees her dead son. Cody is curious about their son. That night, Mark notices a butterfly and then their son appears to them. He only stays a moment and then disappears. Cody comes in and tells them that he is sorry. Jessie shows Cody a video of Shawn at Christmas. That night, they see a Christmas tree and their son again. It seems that
Cody is dreaming their son into existence.

Jessie puts back up her pictures of her son. Mark is shocked. He thinks that she is using Cody as a substitute for their dead son. Jessie waits for her son to show up that night. Mark tries to tell her that it is not really their son. When Cody falls foul of the school bully , the Canker Man turns up and eats him. He sees the dead bully that night in his bedroom. Jessie gets sleeping tablets for Cody from the doctor to help him to sleep. She spikes his milk and makes him fall asleep so that she can see her son again. Shawn comes back that night, but he is not good. He is evil. The Canker Man turns up and he eats Mark. The police come and they ask what happened to Mark. She cannot explain it so they take Cody away and put him into a home while they investigate.

Jessie delves into Cody's background and she talks to the guy from the beginning of the movie who had fostered Cody and he has had the same experience as she had except that it was his sick wife that the Canker Man took. She finds his mother's belongings in a hospital basement. There is a butterfly pillow and his mother's journal. She takes these and she goes to the home where Cody is. He has been sedated so that he can sleep which spells trouble. She walks into his room and she sees the Canker Man. It is going to hurt her when she holds out the butterfly pillow and she hugs it. It disappears and turns into Cody. She tells him to release all of the people that he has taken. She walks out with Cody in her arms as he is still asleep.

The movie ends with Jessie telling Cody about his mother who dies of cancer and who realised that he was special and loved his gift. She had no choice but to leave him when she got too sick and Cody made up the Canker Man as he thinks that it killed his mother, but it was actually the cancer. She tells him that his gift will get stronger and maybe he can bring back some of the people that the Canker Man took. This movie was a strange one. I expected a horror movie full stop, but this has some drama in it too. There is a sad theme here which is the loss of a child and it does run through the movie. It is a sad subject and it changes this film from generic horror into a mixture of horror and drama. It isn't a great film by any means, but it is different and interesting in a way. I had heard nothing about this at all so I went in with no expectations. It was not what I expected so for that reason I will give it a 6/10.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 2

This episode returns to Carol who has been shot, if you remember the last season. She is brought to a 
place called 'The Kingdom' by Morgan and two people called Richard and Daniel. She wakes up later and she talks to Morgan. He tells her what is happening and she is brought to meet the leader of 'The Kingdom'. His name is Ezekiel(Khary Payton). He is the king of this place and he has a pet tiger called Shiva. He seems like he is pretending to be in a play or something and Carol doesn't know what to make of him. He offers her some fruit, but she won't take it. She is determined to get out of there.

Morgan doesn't share her feelings and he likes being there. He works with some of them to feed walkers to some pigs which will be given to The Saviors who will come calling for their supplies.
They have no choice but to give in to Negan and his group as they don't have an army to fight back.
The Saviors throw their weight around and cause a fight. They threaten Richard if they do not get better stuff the next time. Carol decides to take off again and she gets herself some supplies when she gets caught by Ezekiel and they have a heart to heart talk. He tells her that he knows that 'The Kingdom' is all a facade and that he is an amateur actor and zookeeper and that he continues on with it because it makes people feel better. He tells her that there is a house outside and that she can live there so she will not be part of the community but she can come in if she wants. She agrees and they become friends.

A good episode, setting up another storyline. It is good to see more characters being introduced.Oh yes, and I loved the tiger!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wolf Creek, Season 1 Finale.

This episode begins with Eve going to see Ben to force him to tell her where he was held. He tells her that it is called Wolf Creek. She finds a scrap book under Johnny's head and she looks at it. There are newspaper clippings about a missing child. She was Mick's sister and she disappeared when she was out with Mick and a man approached them. He offered them sweets. Mick refuses it and they run off.
When Mick got back home, his father punished him for losing his sister. Cut to Hill, who is chained up in Mick's place. Mick is waiting for Eve. She buys a can of petrol and heads off to get Mick.
She arrives at his place and looks around. There is a body under the floorboards.

Mick comes and he tells her that the body is one of his parents. Eve looks around and she finds Hill in Mick's shed. He catches her and gives her a choice. She can kill Hill quickly or he can kill him slowly. She discovers that Mick killed his own sister. He kills Hill but not before Hill brings down the ceiling on him. Mick isn't dead. He gets back up and he throws his knife at Eve and hits her on the shoulder. She throws her javelin at him and pins him to the wall. She stabs him and she thinks that he is dead. She finds Hill and tells him that she got Mick. He dies in her arms.

She sets fire to Mick's place. She goes away, thinking that Mick had died. The next day, she goes back but there is no trace of Mick. She lays Hill to rest and then the cops turn up. She disappears.
She ends up meeting the lady truck driver from earlier and she gets a lift with her. The old man who helped her sees her leaving. The series ends with Mick back on the road.. This series was great. I loved it. It matched the movies perfectly and John Jarratt was excellent as Mick. I really hope that there will be more episodes! It was so well made and so faithful to the original movie. I liked the character of Mick and I liked that we got to find out more about his past. I am glad that he wasn't killed off. Let's hope that there will be a season two!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 1

Well, here it is, the seventh season of The Walking Dead and I think that everyone knew who was going to get battered by Negan(Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Lucille. The first episode begins with Rick threatening to kill Negan after one of the group is murdered. Negan isn't impressed, though and he takes Rick off with him to the RV and talks to him. He throws an axe on the roof and tells Rick to go up there. Rick collapses on top of the RV and remembers what happened that night. We see Abraham fall victim to Lucille and he dies. This was not much of a surprise to me, but I was disappointed all the same. Abraham was a good, tough guy who was a real plus to the group. He took no prisoners, but I liked him. Anyway, Abraham dies. Rosita is devastated and Negan rubs her nose in it by getting her to look at the bat which is covered in Abraham's blood. Daryl explodes and tries to get Negan but to no avail.

Unfortunately for Daryl, his actions make Negan even more angry and he takes his anger out on Glenn who is the next to die. I know that this was expected as it was in the comic, but I didn't think that he was going to get it so soon. Maggie is devastated, obviously. Cut back to Rick who gets down from the RV and gives Negan the axe and they return to the horror. Negan tries to get Rick to cut off Carl's arm in a ploy to get him to submit to him. Rick has no choice but he is stopped before he can do it. Negan takes Daryl with him and he tells them that he will be back in a week and they will be expected to have supplies for him. 

The rest of the group head back to Alexandria. They bring Abraham and Glenn with them. This episode was brutal but I liked the dark tone here. It is violent and nasty, but that is great. Negan has to be built up to be the ultimate psychopathic creep who doesn't care who he hurts. He needs to be the real baddie if there is to be a battle between good and evil. I think that Jeffrey Dean Morgan has done a great job. He is the smiling killer, the twisted psycho who plays his psychological games with the group and tries to break them. I liked this episode because it shows how bad he is. I know that some people didn't like the violence here, but I loved it, even if it did mean that we lost two regulars. I guess that I wasn't a huge fan of the Glenn and Maggie relationship for some reason. I don't know why but anyway, this episode was great, in my opinion.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Panic Room Movie Review 426

Panic Room is a 2002 thriller directed by David Fincher and starring Jodie Foster,Kristen Stewart, Jared Leto, Dwight Yoakam and Forest Whitaker.

Foster stars as Meg Altman, a divorced woman with an 11 year old called Sarah(Stewart).
They are looking for a new place to live and they look a properties. Meg finds a nice house and she buys it. It is a really nice place with a little oddity. It has a panic room. This is a secure room which has a steel door, security cameras, a separate phone line and everything a person could need to stay in there if needs be. Unfortunately for Meg and Sarah, someone else also knows about the panic room. He is called Junior(Leto) and he has stashed 3 million dollars in bonds inside it. He knows the place as he is the grandson of the last owner. He has two people with him to help him to get the bonds. They are Burnham(Whitaker) who knows all about the security in the place and Raoul(Yoakam) who is a thug and who has a gun. He is a bit of a loose cannon.

They come to the house and they are determined to break into the safe. They realise that there are people there, but they decide to keep going. But, they get spotted by Meg who grabs Sarah and runs into the panic room to hide. The phone line doesn't work so they can't call the cops. The crooks try and gas them through the vent but Meg ignites the gas and forces a fire through the vent. Juniors face gets burned. Meg manages to fix the phone line for a few minutes before it is cut off by the bad guys.
She calls her ex husband. Junior decides to give it up as he can't see any way to get into the panic room. He is going to leave but gets shot by Raoul who will not give up on the money. He forces Burnham to continue with the robbery.

The husband turns up but gets caught by the two thieves and beaten. He is taken hostage. Meg ends up outside the panic room and her daughter has a seizure. She needs her medication and Meg gets it for her and throws it into the room. She gets locked out and her daughter is inside with Burnham and Raoul.Burnham gives her the medication and she recovers. He doesn't want to hurt anyone. The cops come, but Meg has no choice but to lie to them in order to keep her daughter safe. Burnham manages to get the money and then he and Raoul are going to leave using Sarah as protection. Meg attacks Raoul and all hell breaks loose. The movie ends with Burnham shooting Raoul and trying to escape, but he gets caught by the cops. He lets the money go. Meg and Sarah look for a new place to live and the movie ends.

I saw this in the cinema when it was originally released and I liked it a lot. It is well directed and very tense. I liked the cast. Foster is great in the main role and the baddies are played very well by Leto, Whitaker and Yoakam.I am not a huge fan of Stewart and this movie does nothing to change my mind. This was a treat for me because I am a huge fan of Dwight Yoakam. Seeing him in this role was something new and he did very well here. It is an interesting story. The idea of the panic room is great. It is supposed to be a sanctuary, but ends up like a prison in the end. I think that if you enjoy a decent thriller with a great cast then this will be for you. I recommend it and I will give it a 7/10.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fright Night Part 2 Movie Review 425

Fright Night Part 2 is a 1988 horror sequel directed by Tommy Lee Wallace and starring William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowall.

The movie begins three years after the original. Charley Brewster(Ragsdale) is talking to his doctor about the events from the previous movie. He thinks that the vampire angle was just in his mind and that Jerry Dandridge was a serial killer who thought that he was a vampire. He is dating a girl called Alex(Traci Lind) and she knows all about his problems. Charley goes to visit Peter Vincent(Roddy McDowall) and they talk about what happened. Charley looks out of the window of Peter's apartment and he sees a weird bunch of people unloading what look like coffins and bringing them into the building. He dismisses it as his imagination but he sees them in the lobby and he is drawn to a woman who is in the group. When he is kissing his girlfriend, he sees the woman's face and it shocks him.
At Alex's dorm at her college, one of the group called Belle who is a vampire kills a young woman. Another vampire called Louie(Jon Gries) is outside Alex's window looking at her. He falls off the window ledge when she closes it on his hands. There is a weird chauffeur with them called Bozworth(Brian Thompson).

Charley has a dream about the woman who is called Regine(Julie Carmen) who comes to his place and bites his neck where he had cut himself shaving. Was she really there? He runs off to his doctor who tells him not to worry and to go bowling which he does. He seems to be affected by the sunlight so he wears dark glasses. He makes a date with Alex but then he sees his pal Richie going into the apartment with Regine and her followers. He looks through the window and sees them biting him. He calls to Peter and tells him what is going on and they go to the apartment. There is a party going on.
Charley finds Richie and looks for bite marks but can't see any. He thinks that he was wrong about it all and he leaves to meet Alex. Alex has been waiting and she is approached by Louie who follows her into the building.

Peter is still at the party when he realises that Regine and her crowd don't have any reflections. This proves that they are vampires. Regine follows him and tells him that she is the sister of Jerry Dandridge and that she has come to get revenge on Charley and Peter. He leaves and runs to call Charley. He can't get him on the phone. Charley gets a late night visit from Regine and she bites him. He begins to turn into a vampire. He goes looking for Peter when he finds out that his pal Richie has been found dead. Peter seems to have gone. He sees that Regine has taken over his show and he is horrified. Louie follows Alex to the library and he tries to get her to meet him alone. Charley shows up and Louie isn't happy. He turns into a vampire and threatens them. Alex manages to stop him by shoving roses into his mouth. He runs away. Alex believes that there are vampires now.

Peter gets arrested when he tries to kill Regine. He is sent to a state hospital. Alex and Charley are arrested by the campus police. Charley is bailed out by Regine and taken away to her apartment.
Alex goes to the hospital to get Peter out. She does so with the help of another patient. They drive to the local church and get some tools to destroy Regine and her crowd. They discover Charley who is half vampire. Regine is getting him ready for his first taste of blood. She wants revenge for her brother's death. Peter and Alex try and destroy the vampires one by one. Charley helps all he can.
They put communion wafers into Regine's coffin and this stops her from returning there. She gets killed when Peter uses a mirror to shine sunlight on her. She melts. The movie ends with Alex and Charley together and wondering if there are more vampires out there. They laugh about it and there is the sound a bat in the distance suggesting that there are.

I liked this film. It was not as good as the original, but it was great fun. Ragsdale and McDowall were both good in their roles here and it was an entertaining sequel. I read that it didn't do very well at the box office,but I think that is because it had a limited release. I can't understand why this has such a low rating because I liked it a lot. I liked the story line and the cast were great. There are some good moments in this. I had never seen this movie before I watched it the other day and I was pleasantly surprised. If you enjoyed the first film, then this will be for you. I recommend it. I will give it a 7/10.
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