Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fright Night Part 2 Movie Review 425

Fright Night Part 2 is a 1988 horror sequel directed by Tommy Lee Wallace and starring William Ragsdale and Roddy McDowall.

The movie begins three years after the original. Charley Brewster(Ragsdale) is talking to his doctor about the events from the previous movie. He thinks that the vampire angle was just in his mind and that Jerry Dandridge was a serial killer who thought that he was a vampire. He is dating a girl called Alex(Traci Lind) and she knows all about his problems. Charley goes to visit Peter Vincent(Roddy McDowall) and they talk about what happened. Charley looks out of the window of Peter's apartment and he sees a weird bunch of people unloading what look like coffins and bringing them into the building. He dismisses it as his imagination but he sees them in the lobby and he is drawn to a woman who is in the group. When he is kissing his girlfriend, he sees the woman's face and it shocks him.
At Alex's dorm at her college, one of the group called Belle who is a vampire kills a young woman. Another vampire called Louie(Jon Gries) is outside Alex's window looking at her. He falls off the window ledge when she closes it on his hands. There is a weird chauffeur with them called Bozworth(Brian Thompson).

Charley has a dream about the woman who is called Regine(Julie Carmen) who comes to his place and bites his neck where he had cut himself shaving. Was she really there? He runs off to his doctor who tells him not to worry and to go bowling which he does. He seems to be affected by the sunlight so he wears dark glasses. He makes a date with Alex but then he sees his pal Richie going into the apartment with Regine and her followers. He looks through the window and sees them biting him. He calls to Peter and tells him what is going on and they go to the apartment. There is a party going on.
Charley finds Richie and looks for bite marks but can't see any. He thinks that he was wrong about it all and he leaves to meet Alex. Alex has been waiting and she is approached by Louie who follows her into the building.

Peter is still at the party when he realises that Regine and her crowd don't have any reflections. This proves that they are vampires. Regine follows him and tells him that she is the sister of Jerry Dandridge and that she has come to get revenge on Charley and Peter. He leaves and runs to call Charley. He can't get him on the phone. Charley gets a late night visit from Regine and she bites him. He begins to turn into a vampire. He goes looking for Peter when he finds out that his pal Richie has been found dead. Peter seems to have gone. He sees that Regine has taken over his show and he is horrified. Louie follows Alex to the library and he tries to get her to meet him alone. Charley shows up and Louie isn't happy. He turns into a vampire and threatens them. Alex manages to stop him by shoving roses into his mouth. He runs away. Alex believes that there are vampires now.

Peter gets arrested when he tries to kill Regine. He is sent to a state hospital. Alex and Charley are arrested by the campus police. Charley is bailed out by Regine and taken away to her apartment.
Alex goes to the hospital to get Peter out. She does so with the help of another patient. They drive to the local church and get some tools to destroy Regine and her crowd. They discover Charley who is half vampire. Regine is getting him ready for his first taste of blood. She wants revenge for her brother's death. Peter and Alex try and destroy the vampires one by one. Charley helps all he can.
They put communion wafers into Regine's coffin and this stops her from returning there. She gets killed when Peter uses a mirror to shine sunlight on her. She melts. The movie ends with Alex and Charley together and wondering if there are more vampires out there. They laugh about it and there is the sound a bat in the distance suggesting that there are.

I liked this film. It was not as good as the original, but it was great fun. Ragsdale and McDowall were both good in their roles here and it was an entertaining sequel. I read that it didn't do very well at the box office,but I think that is because it had a limited release. I can't understand why this has such a low rating because I liked it a lot. I liked the story line and the cast were great. There are some good moments in this. I had never seen this movie before I watched it the other day and I was pleasantly surprised. If you enjoyed the first film, then this will be for you. I recommend it. I will give it a 7/10.


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