Saturday, November 5, 2016

Jigsaw's Lair-8 years old!!

Well, I cannot believe that it has been eight years already! It doesn't feel that long since Jigsaw's Lair was created. There have been so many movies,TV shows, books,trailers etc watched and looked at over the years. I remember starting the blog and just wanting to share my love of movies, especially horror. Now, I am on Facebook and Twitter which makes it easier to share and connect with readers. I like to know how our readers feel about the blog and reviews and I am thankful that I have many loyal followers who have stuck with us through the years.

I really appreciate the support from everyone and I like reading your comments and thoughts about movies etc.Jigsaw's Lair is kept going by your support, so thank you. Please keep supporting me as Jigsaw's Lair will be a presence on the internet for a long time. I have many more movies to review and many different topics to discuss so hopefully, we will be back here celebrating another in another 8 years! Visit me on Twitter or Facebook and of course, read the blog if you like what I do! Again, thanks for all the support over the years and keep reading!!!!


Tony Briley said...

Love the blog and look forward to another 8 years. I've been reading it since the beginning and have avoid what are probably some terrible movies, and found a few hidden gems that you've recommended.

Thanks for all you put into it. It's very much appreciated.


Amanda said...

Thank you.It is good to know that my hard work is appreciated!Thanks for the support and I will be blogging for a long time to come!Keep reading!

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