Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 3

This episode begins with Daryl who is being kept in a cell and tormented by music playing loudly. He is being given dog food sandwiches by Dwight. Negan is trying to break him down. Daryl does not give in and he tries to get out when his cell door is left open. It is a trick, though and Daryl gets confronted by Negan who wants him to join the gang. Daryl will not give in to him and he will not join the gang so Negan has his thugs beat him up as a punishment. He meets Sherry who is Dwight's ex-wife. She warns him that he shouldn't try and escape as things will get worse for him. She is with Negan now and it is obvious that Dwight does not like it.

Dwight is on a mission to find a man who has run away from the group. He finds him and he has to shoot him as the man will not go back to Negan and the gang. Dwight does not seem to want to kill him. Can he have a conscience? Poor Daryl is taunted by a photograph of Glenn's dead body and this makes him break down in private. He feels guilty because his actions caused Negan to kill Glenn. They think that Daryl has finally broken down and they drag him in front of Negan. Negan tells him the story of how Dwight came to be in the group. He tells Daryl that Dwight double crossed him but came back and paid for his sins. Negan used an iron on his face and disfigured him and took his wife.

The episode ends with Negan offering him a way out if he becomes one of his men. Daryl will not give in and Negan accepts this and throws him back in his cell. Daryl tells Dwight that he understands why he came back and why he decided to live in Negan's world. This was a good episode with poor Daryl being put through hell. Is Dwight going to become a good guy maybe? It is impossible to know, but he might have some sort of humanity left in him. I like that Daryl is not giving in, This fits in with his tough character and it is something that I like about him.


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