Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Camp Blood Movie Review 430

Camp Blood is a 1999 horror movie directed by Brad Sykes and starring Jennifer Ritchkoff, Michael Taylor, Tim Young and Betheny Zolt.

The story begins with a couple being murdered in the woods by somebody wearing a clown mask.
Cut to four friends, Tricia(Ritchkoff), Steven(Taylor), Jay(Young) and Nicole(Zolt) who are going to a place called Camp Blackwood which has been nicknamed Camp Blood by the locals. Tricia sees an article in the newspaper about the couple who have not been found. They were in Camp Blood too. Her boyfriend, Steve convinces her to go. She and Steve meet their friends, Jay and Nicole and they all set off for Camp Blood.

They meet some local weirdo on the way. He is called Bromley Thatcher and he yells at them to stay away from Camp Blood. He is a complete nutcase but he shows them. They arrive there and they are supposed to meet a guide but the guide isn't there. They decide to go on their own and they have a look around the woods. They hear someone walking in the woods and Steve attacks the person. It turns out that the person is actually their guide, Harris. She is a tough lesbian and she tells them that she will find them somewhere to camp. They all stop and set up their tents for the night, The next day they wake up and find Harris dead. They know that the clown is out there and he is going to kill them.

All of the group are murdered. Tricia is the only survivor. She meets the clown and he tries to kill here. There is a chase through the woods and she finally reaches the car. She runs into Bromley and she realises that he is in on it with the clown. They try and get her, but she fights them off. She ends up killing Bromley and hurting the clown. She pulls the mask off and she is horrified to see that the killer clown was Harris. She drives off but Harris is in the back seat and she tries to strangle her. Tricia wakes up in a mental institution and she is accused of murdering her friends. She tries to tell them about the clown, but they don't believe her. She is sedated and she hallucinates the clown coming in to get her.

This movie was really cheap. It is obvious that not much money was put in to this. The cast were so so. They were nothing special. The story was really a rip off of Friday the 13th but it was nowhere near as good. It does have an 80's look and feel to it. This is a run of the mill slasher movie which is really low budget but I will say that it is worth a look for horror fans. There are some sequels so I will try and see those just for curiosity. This is only for lovers of low budget horror. I will give it a 3/10.


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