Friday, December 2, 2016

Don't Breathe Movie Review 431

Don't Breathe is a 2016 horror movie directed by Fede Alvarez and starring Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette and Stephen Lang.

Rocky(Levy), Alex(Minnette) and Money(Daniel Zovatto) are three thieves who make their living from stealing people's stuff. They get tip offs from Alex's dad's security company and they get one about this Army veteran who has gotten a huge payout from an accident that claimed the life of his daughter. He lives in a run down neighbourhood so it all sounds perfect. They stake out the place and they realise that the guy is blind. They decide to break in. Rocky is able to get in through a small window and she lets the others in. They have drugged the guy's dog. They tiptoe around and disable the alarm. They look around for the money but cannot find it. They see a locked basement door and Money shoots the lock which is such a stupid thing to do and of course, this wakes the blind man.
He comes down and he kills Money with his gun.

Rocky is hiding in a closet and she sees the blind man open his safe and she memorises the code.
She is able to get the money. She meets Alex and they try to escape. The blind man finds two pairs of shoes left on the floor and he realises that there are more thieves. He locks down the house. Rocky and Alex run down to the basement and finds a bound and gagged young woman. She is the person who killed the blind man's daughter and he has been keeping her there. They let her out and the three try to escape but he finds them. He pulls his gun but shoots the girl instead of them. He seems very upset over her death. Alex and Rocky manage to lock him in cellar and they run off to escape. The dog comes into the house after the drugs have worn off and he is not happy.

The dog chases Alex who falls out of a window and lands outside. He is not dead which is amazing!
There is a face off between the blind man and Alex and the man seems to kill Alex, but it turns out that he stabbed Money's dead body instead. Rocky is being chased by the dog and this leads her to get captured by the blind man who ties her up in the basement. He tells her that the dead girl was pregnant with his child and that she will have to have his baby instead. He has his semen in a turkey baster and he is going to impregnate her but she escapes when Alex saves her. They handcuff the guy down in the basement and go to escape. They are going to get out when the blind man pops up again and shoots Alex dead. Rocky runs off but he gets her and drags her back.SPOILER ALERT!!!!
Somehow, Rocky manages to escape and she pushes him back into the basement where he falls on the gun and gets shot. She heads off with his money and leaves him to die. The movie ends with Rocky and her little sister heading off for a better life with the blind man's money. She sees on the news that he was found alive and that it is assumed that he killed two intruders. He hasn't said anything about her.

The ending annoyed me. I did not like that she got away with the money. What a lousy finish to a great film. I didn't like any of the three lead characters. I thought that there should have been payback for the three as they broke into his house and stole his money. Lang was very good as the creepy blind man who seemed to be invincible. I liked the twist of him having the girl who killed his child kept prisoner in the basement. I didn't see that coming. As I said, the ending seemed wrong to me as
it just didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the story in my opinion. She got away and I feel that there should have been consequences for her actions. In this movie, Stephen Lang was the best and I liked his performance. All in all, a very tense movie which was entertaining until the end. I would recommend it . I am sure other people liked the ending here, but not me. I will give it a 7/10.


Tony Briley said...

I'll have to give this one a try. Thanks for the review.

Amanda said...

You're welcome!

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