Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Darkness Movie Review 437

The Darkness is a 2016 horror movie directed by Greg McLean and starring Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell and Lucy Fry.

Peter Taylor(Bacon) and his wife Bronny(Mitchell) go to the Grand Canyon on holiday with their autistic son Mikey(David Mazouz) and daughter Steph(Fry). Mikey finds a strange cave underground where he finds weird stones with symbols on them. He takes them out of the cave and back to his home. Odd things happen when they get back home. The taps turn on by themselves and Steph finds handprints on the mirror and on her bed. She thinks that it is Mikey and this leads to tension in the house. Her parents find out that she has been vomiting after eating and they take her to the doctor for help. They drop Mikey off at his grandma's house and he tries to hurt her cat and grandma sees a snake.

After this, things get weirder and weirder and Bronny begins to wonder if there is something in the house with them. When they find a huge burn mark on Mikey's wall, they wonder how he got the matches to burn it and what is going on. Peter thinks that it is Mikey acting out but Bronny is not so sure. She looks up stuff on the Internet about demons and she finds out about the Anasazi Indians and how they spoke of demons in underground caves etc. She thinks that that is what is happening to them. She convinces Peter that their son has brought something back with him from the visit to the Grand Canyon. They talk to a friend and she knows a woman called Theresa who is some sort of healer. Meanwhile, Mikey has been bringing the creatures to life with the stones.

Peter and Bronny decide to bring in the healer when they find Mikey covered in dirt and in a trance.
She comes with her granddaughter and they attempt to cleanse the house. The creatures are very powerful though and they try and take Mikey with them through a portal that materialises on Mikey's wall. The demons manage to pull Mikey in and Peter has to get the stones and put them back to banish the creatures. He tries but he can't do it. He begs them to take him instead and let Mikey go. They are going to take him away when Mikey puts the stones back and he destroys them. Peter and Mikey get out of the portal and everyone ends up happy. Their house is clean and the family can lead their lives again.

I liked this film. It was interesting. There were a few parts that dragged a bit, but on the whole, this was an enjoyable watch.Bacon is good, as always and I liked Mitchell also.McLean does a good job here. I am a fan of McLean because of Wolf Creek which is one of my all time favourite horror movies and the TV series was my favourite show of 2016. Lucy Fry was in this film and she was also in the Wolf Creek TV show. Paul Reiser  pops up as Peter's boss. All in all, this was a mostly entertaining film which had good tension and some jumpy moments. I will give this a 6/10.


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