Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Forest Movie Review 438

The Forest is a 2016 horror movie directed by Jason Zada and starring Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney.

Sara(Dormer) is a twin and her sister Jess has gone missing in Japan. She receives a phone call from
from the police in Japan telling her that her sister was last seen in the famous Aokigahara forest which is also known as the 'suicide forest' where people go to die. Sara decides to go to Japan to find her sister. She goes to her place and looks through her belongings for clues. She meets an American guy called Aiden(Kinney) at a bar and they get talking. She ends up telling him about her sister and he turns out to be a reporter. He tells her that he will come with her into the forest and he will bring a guide too if she gives him an interview about it.

Sara makes a deal with Aiden and the next day she and Aiden meet their guide, Michi. He tells them about the forest. He tells Sara that her sister has probably died in the forest but she doesn't believe him.They find Jess' tent in the forest and Sara doesn't want to leave because she thinks that her sister will come back but Michi tells her that he will not stay in the forest under any circumstances as he is scared of what might happen. Aiden tells him that he will stay with her and Michi leaves them but he is not happy. Sara sees a young Japanese girl in the woods who tells her that she knows her sister and she also tells her not to trust Aiden. Sara is confused as the girl disappears.

Sara becomes wary of Aiden after this encounter and she finds a picture of her sister on it. She thinks that he is dodgy and she heads off on her own. She manages to find herself in a cave and the creepy kid shows up but she is not so innocent now. She is some sort of demon and Aiden finds her in time.
He rescues her and she has no choice but to go with him to a ranger station. She doesn't trust him anymore and when she hears her sister's voice coming from behind a door,s he thinks that he has been keeping her sister prisoner. There is a fight and she ends up stabbing him. He dies and she realises that she has been hallucinating the picture of Jess and hearing her voice and she has killed Aiden for nothing. She ends up having a flashback of when her parents died in a murder-suicide and she thinks that her dead father is grabbing her and she cuts his hand away from her but she has actually cut her own wrists. She sees her sister who is alive and she tries to call to her, but Jess can't hear her. She gets pulled into the forest by the demon and her sister runs out of the forest and into the arms of the search party. Michi looks into the forest and sees Sara's spirit.

This movie is okay. I wasn't overly impressed with it. I liked the story at first, but then it just became slow and a bit boring. There wasn't much here to spook or scare and it lacked something. I don't know what it was about this, but it just didn't interest me much and I would not watch it again. It's okay but nothing great. If you are looking for something scary, this isn't it. I will give it a 5/10.


Tony Briley said...

I've heard of this movie and was going to give it a go. But after reading your review I think I'll try something different. Doesn't seem to have the fear factor I thought it would.

Amanda said...

It's not that scary and really not very good so save yourself some time and avoid this one!

Tony Briley said...

I certainly will. Though I'm sure my teenagers will find it on Netflix eventually and I'll be subjected to it.

Amanda said...

Ha ha,good luck with that!

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