Monday, January 9, 2017

Devil Times Five Movie Review 441

Devil Times Five or Peopletoys is a 1974 horror movie directed by Sean McGregor and starring Leif Garrett.

This film begins with a bus crashing in the middle of nowhere. There are children on board. The driver dies. There is a weird nun called Sister Hannah with them. The kids and the nun head off in the snow to find somewhere to take shelter. Cut to a group of people who are staying in the vacation house of wealthy man Papa Doc(Gene Evans). Also there is the local odd guy called Ralph. Papa's wife is called Lovely and she comes on to Ralph who doesn't understand what she is doing. There are Harvey(Sorrell Booke)and his wife Ruth(Shelley Morrison) and Rick and his girlfriend Julie(Joan McCall)who is Papa's daughter. The kids and nun find the house but there is something a bit off about these kids. They are not very wholesome. They are taken in by Papa and the group who feel sorry for them.

They murder a guy who was after them and tried to bring them away with him. They all go to town on him and he dies. Sister Hannah doesn't bat an eye! Of course, the phone isn't working so you know that this doesn't bode well for everyone. The kids mess with the generator  and when Ralph finds out he gets hanged by a booby trap the kids laid for him. Ralph's body is found and Papa Doc wants to go for help. Rick thinks that it could be the kids and he tells Harvey. Harvey gets killed by one of the kids called David(Garrett).Papa Doc's car isn't working. Rick is suspicious. Papa's guns disappear too. What could be going on? The knives are gone also.Hmm.

Lovely gets drowned in the bath. Everyone realises that the kids are behind it. Papa gets mad and goes after the kids. They kill him. Ruth gets burned alive. Julie and Rick are left and they try and escape from the unhinged kiddies.They don't get far. Julie is the first to die and then the weirdo nun kills Rick. Job done. The kids and the weirdo nun just leave. End of story. I did not like this movie much I have to say. I don't know if it was the idea of kids being killers or just the movie itself. I just couldn't like it. It was not my cup of tea. But, if you enjoy 70's horror and low budget horror at that, then you might like this. As for me, I will give this one a 4/10.


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