Friday, March 3, 2017

Lemora:A Child's Tale of the Supernatural Movie Review 457

Lemora:A Child's Tale of the Supernatural is a 1973 horror movie directed by Richard Blackburn and starring Cheryl Smith and Lesley Gilb.

Lila Lee(Smith) is a young woman whose father is a gangster and who has disappeared. She is taken in by a Reverend(Richard Blackburn) and she lives with him and sings in the church. She receives a letter from her father saying that he is dying and he wants her to come and visit. She leaves the Reverends house and gets a creepy bus to visit her dad. She is the only one on the bus and the driver seems spooked. They drive through the night and then they see people running alongside the bus. The driver goes out to check what is happening. He is grabbed by the weird people. They are monsters.
She tries to escape and next thing she knows, she wakes up in a cell. A weird woman comes in to her.

Meanwhile, the Reverend is looking for Lila. Lila shouts for help. The weird woman comes in again and Lila pushes her and escapes. She hides as the woman looks for her. She hears her father speaking to a woman. The woman, whose name is Lemora(Gilb) tells Lila that her father has a disease and that he is very ill. She gives Lila clothes and takes care of her. There are a group of very weird kids hanging around the house. Something strange is going on here. Lemora hands Lila a drink and makes her drink it. Lila's dad breaks loose from the house and runs into the woods. He finds Lila and chases her. She gets scratched by him.

Lemora tells Lila about a ceremony that will be happening tomorrow and Lila is confused. Lila is looking around when she sees Lemora biting the neck of a child. She runs off. Lemora finds her and she tells her that she wants to give her eternal life. She bites her and changes her into a vampire.
The Reverend shows up and Lila bites him. The movie ends with Lila singing in the church. This was a very odd movie. It was strange and unusual. I found it interesting in parts and just plain weird in others. I would say that it is like good vs evil in that Lila is a good Christian and she is lured into a world of the Devil and she changes from an angelic child to a vampire child. Why Lemora changes children into vampires is not really clear. I don't think you need to read too much into these things , though. If you like vampire movies, then you might enjoy this one. I will give it a 5/10.


Susan Leighton said...

This sounds like just the right amount of crazy, hot horror mess to be interesting. I have the feeling I would have too many questions.

Amanda said...

It was an odd movie which went all over the place at times. It was interesting but I found that there were no explanations for things that happened and it could be confusing. I can say that it is one of the weirdest movies that I have seen for quite a while!!

Tony Briley said...

I like some vampire movies, as long as they aren't mushy or get too far off the path from the legend of vampires. But this one doesn't interest me for some reason. After reading your review and the score I'll skip it.

Amanda said...

Well this is a weird one so you either like it or don't.I was somewhere in the middle.You are better off to avoid this one!

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