Monday, March 6, 2017

Mortuary Movie Review 458

Mortuary is a 1983 horror movie directed by Howard Avedis and starring Mary Beth McDonough,David Wallace and Bill Paxton.

The story begins with a man being killed in his swimming pool by an unknown assailant. His daughter sees him floating in the pool. His daughter is called Christie(McDonough) and she is sure that her fathers death was no accident. Her mother doesn't believe it. Christie is dating a guy called Greg(Wallace) and he is at a local mortuary with his buddy when he sees people having a seance. One of the those in attendance is Christie's mother. His friend disappears and drives off in Greg's van. Greg is mystified. We know that his pal has been killed by the same person who killed Christie's dad.

Greg and Christie are interested in the owner of the mortuary, Hank Andrews(Christopher George) who is not too happy when he sees Greg snooping around. His son is called Paul(Paxton) and he has a crush of Christie. He is obsessed with her even though she has a boyfriend. Christie's mother is worried about her as she is sleepwalking and she gets attacked by the killer. Her mother is killed one night and Christie is taken by Paul who is the killer. His dad has been taking care of him since his mother's suicide. Paul is not well. He has serious mental issues and he should be in an institution but his dad won't hear of it.

Paul is going to embalm her and keep her with him after a fake wedding. He has totally lost it and he killed his own dad too. He has his mother with him too but she is catatonic. Greg is frantic trying to find her and there is a face off between him and Paul. They argue and Christie wakes up and attacks him with an axe, killing him. The two lovers are reunited but suddenly, Paul's mother wakes up and jumps at them.

This film is very basic. There isn't much to the story really. I knew immediately that Paul was the killer as it was obvious. It was good fun, though and I did enjoy it. It is a movie that I had not seen before and it was worth seeing. It's entertaining and I recommend it for horror fans. I will give it a 5/10.


Susan Leighton said...

I saw this film when I was in college. I totally forgot that Bill Paxton was the killer! Hey, everyone has to start somewhere. It is not the best but not the worst either. Good review!

Amanda said...

Thanks!It was enjoyable even if it was a bit silly.Bill Paxton was good as the killer and I knew I recognised the leading lady from somewhere-she was in The Waltons!!

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