Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 11

This episode begins with Dwight finding out that Daryl has gone. He sees that there is a note on the ground which says go now and he looks at it. He knows that something is going to happen. Negan and his thugs come in and he is thrown into the same cell as Daryl was in. Negan chats to him about his wife Sherry and says that she has left. He tells him that he had better bring her back if he wants to get into Negan's good books once again. Cut to Eugene who is brought into Negan's compound and provided with great stuff to sweeten him up.

Negan comes to talk to Eugene and Eugene tells him a pack of lies. He says that he knows all about
biochemistry and diseases. Negan is impressed with this and wants Eugene to work for him. It is agreed and Eugene gets to spend the night with Negan's wives. He doesn't have sex with them. He just talks to them. Meanwhile, Dwight is looking for his missing wife and he goes to their old house and he finds that she was there and she left him a note. He looks sad as he reads it. She tells him that she let Dwight go free and her handwriting matches the note from the beginning of the episode.

Dwight has to think fast, so he goes back and frames the doctor for letting Dwight out and helping Sherry. He watches as Negan takes the doctor and throws him into a furnace and burns him alive.
Eugene is also watching. He gets approached by Negan's wives who want him to make them a poison pill so that they can kill Negan. He is going to do it, but then he rethinks it. He wants to make it for himself and his plan is to poison everyone in Negan's gang. The episode ends with Negan asking Eugene who he is and Eugene says that he is Negan, bringing himself into Negan's inner circle.

This was a good episode with us seeing the workings of Negan's compound. I like that Eugene is going to work on killing The Saviours from the inside. It will be interesting to see what will happen with this..


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