Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 14

This episode begins with Maggie and Sasha training people at the Hilltop to fight. Unfortunately, The Saviours turn up and Daryl and Maggie need to hide. They jump into the cellar as The Saviours look around. They have come to take their doctor as Negan  has killed the other one. Gregory has no choice but to let them take him. Everyone is horrified as The Saviours take their doctor and Gregory does nothing to stop them. Meanwhile, Sasha and Rosita head off to kill Negan while everyone is busy.

Maggie and Daryl are almost found by one of The Saviours, but they escape unseen. They have a heart to heart and Daryl tells her that he feels guilty about Glenn's death. Maggie tells him that it wasn't his fault. Meanwhile, Sasha and Rosita reach a building near Negan's place and they are going to try and get a shot at him from there. They go inside The Sanctuary to have a look around and find Eugene. They are disgusted to find that he won't leave with them, He seems to be one of The Saviours. Sasha decides that she is going to go inside and she locks Rosita out. She wants to do the job herself and she tells Rosita to go. She runs off and Rosita hears gunfire. She doesn't know what has happened. There is someone watching this and Rosita sees who it is.

This episode was entertaining in parts. Not that much happened, but it is setting up more action to come!


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