Friday, April 14, 2017

The Walking Dead, Season 7 Finale!

This episode begins with Sasha listening to music in a dark place. She is thinking of times gone by with Maggie and Abraham. Back at Alexandria, Dwight is getting a grilling from Rick and the group. Daryl wants to kill him and so does Tara, but Rick stops them. Dwight tells them that Negan is coming with a lot of his men. He tells them that he can try and stall them. They agree and come up with a battle plan. Sasha talks to Negan and he tells her that she can choose one person to die in Alexandria as punishment for what has happened. He likes Sasha and he is not going to kill her. He decides that she is going into a coffin and he will take her to Alexandria with him. Eugene gives her an I Pod to listen to music on the journey.

Eugene goes in first to try and talk Rick out of fighting Negan but Rick has The Scavengers with him and he doesn't want to give in. He is surprised and disappointed in Eugene. Of course, The Scavengers turn on them and Negan swaggers in and seems delighted with all of this. Michonne battles with a brute of a woman and it seems as if one of them is going to die. Rick tells Negan that he wants to see if Sasha is alive. Negan brings out his coffin and opens it, but Sasha has died and she is now a walker. She attacks him and all hell breaks loose. Rick and the gang attack The Saviours and The Scavengers and a battle ensues.

The weirdo Scavenger leader, Jadis shoots Rick in the side and she stops him from joining in the fight. The fight stops when the group are overwhelmed by Negan and his baddies. Rick and Carl are taken and Negan makes them kneel as Lucille is brought out for some action. Negan tells Rick that he will kill Carl. Rick hears Michonne scream and he thinks that she has been killed. Negan relishes Rick's horror at the thought of her death and he tries to provoke him. Rick doesn't allow Negan to get at him and he tells him that he and his cohorts are all dead men walking. Negan is just about to swing at Carl's head when Ezekiel and The Kingdom guys show up to help. Maggie and The Hilltop crowd come too. Negan has to retreat. The tiger gets his lunch and attacks some of The Saviours. Negan has to retreat and The Scavengers escape too. Rick and Carl find Michonne alive, but beaten up.

There are some questions asked when Negan arrives back at The Sanctuary. Negan asks Eugene how Sasha died. Eugene tells him that she ran out of air, but it is not clear if Negan believes him. Negan gathers his troops and they prepare for battle. Jesus and Maggie come upon the walker Sasha and Jesus takes care of her. She is buried along with the other dead. Daryl finds a message from Dwight saying 'I didn't know' suggesting that he had no idea what Negan was up to.The finale was exciting and it made up for some terribly slow episodes in this season. I hope that the next season will be better. I did enjoy Negan's arrival and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is great. Negan is a formidable opponent and he is great as the lead baddie. I like the introduction of some new groups of survivors and I hope that there will be more surprises in the next season!


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