Sunday, June 18, 2017

Aenigma Movie Review

Aenigma is a 1987 horror movie directed by Lucio Fulci and starring Milijana Zirojevic, Lara Naszinski and Jared Martin.

A lonely girl called Kathy(Zirojevic) is a student at St.Mary's College in Boston. She doesn't have any friends. She is asked out by creepy teacher Mr. Vernon. She is helped by some of her fellow students to get ready and when she meets him and they begin to get close, she finds out that it was all a cruel prank played on her by the teacher and the students. They chase her in their cars, forcing her to run out onto the road and get knocked down. She ends up in hospital and is being monitored by Dr. Anderson(Jared Martin)Meanwhile, at the college, a new student called Eva Gordon(Naszinski) is beginning her first day. She had suffered a nervous breakdown but now, she is fine.

She moves into her room with fellow student, Jennifer. Eva and Jennifer get on well. Eva is man crazy. We see that somehow, Kathy's spirit has entered Eva. Eva goes to meet Mr. Vernon for a date but he somehow gets killed by his own reflection. Kathy is still in her coma, but she is showing some activity when the killing is taking place. She is supposed to be brain dead. Kathy's mother is called Mary and she is the cleaning lady in the college. She is watching everything that is going on. Vernon's body is found and the police are called to investigate.

The consensus is that it is a heart attack that killed Mr. Vernon. Virginia, another student involved ih Kathy's accident goes back to her room and gets covered in snails. Oh yes, I said snails!!! Loads of horrible, slimy little snails who proceed to suffocate her. When the police come, they are puzzled as the snails have vanished. When Dr. Anderson is called to the school to help Eva who is having trouble breathing, she likes him and he asks her out on a date. Another student gets killed in a gallery when a statue falls on her. Eva was with her, but she headed off and left her to her fate. Eva is questioned by the police.

Eva begins to turn Dr. Anderson off and he dumps her for her roommate(nice!!) Eva gets more revenge for Kathy at the school when she kills off more students. Mary sees her doing it. Eva heads to the hospital and tries to kill her roommate and Dr. Anderson. She is going to kill them when she suddenly freezes and drops dead. What has happened? Mary has arrived at the hospital and she turns off her daughter's life support and lets her die. Kathy's soul emerges and heads off into the night.

This movie was interesting and fun. There were some unusual scenes, especially the one with the snails, but I enjoyed it all.  I liked the idea of the girl Kathy controlling Eva and making her kill for her. It is a great idea, I think, and it worked well here. The acting might not be the best, but the film was entertaining for me. I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. I certainly recommend it and I will give it a 6/10.


Susan Leighton said...

I have seen this plot before on tv probably an homage to Fulci. Sounds like the perfect viewing for a dark evening. Good review, Jigs!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Susan, it was very interesting in parts and I really enjoyed it. The scene with the snails made for uncomfortable viewing but I liked it! It is worth a watch if you get a chance!!!

Tony Briley said...

It's not currently on Netflix but of it shows up or I can find it at Redbox I'll give it a try. I was shocked by the score being that high so it's peaked my curiosity.

Amanda said...

It was entertaining I thought.I liked the idea of the killer murdering from a hospital bed.There is a scene with snails which is very unusual but I found it good fun!

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