Thursday, June 1, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 2

 There are spoilers here so if you don't want to know what happens, turn back now!!!

 We left off with Bill Hastings being accused of murder. His wife comes to see him and she is less than sympathetic. It turns out Bill was having an affair with Ruth and his wife has been seeing their lawyer friend. She tells him that he will be spending his life in prison and smiles. She leaves his despondent and horrified. There is some weird ghostly man in the cell next to Bill and his disappears into the air. When the wife returns home, she gets shot by evil Cooper. Cut to Las Vegas and a man called Mr.Todd(Patrick Fischler). He tells a younger man to tell a woman that she has the job and he hands him a lot of cash. The guy called Roger asks him why he does these things and Mr. Todd tells him that he should never get involved with someone like 'him'. This is intriguing. Is it the evil Cooper?

Speaking of evil Cooper, he is talking to his associates, Ray, Darya and Jack. He wants information from Ray who will get it from a secretary to a man called Hastings. The information seems very important to Cooper. Back in Twin Peaks, Hawk is in he woods at night, looking around. He gets a call from the Log Lady and she tells him to watch carefully. She tells him to let her know what happens. Hawk goes to the circle of sycamore trees and the place where the gateway to the Black Lodge. Cut to the red room . The one armed man asks Cooper if it is future or past. Laura Palmer shows up.  Cooper asks her if it is really Laura and she tells him that she feels like she knows her, but sometimes her arms bend back. She tells him that he can go out now. She also tells him she IS Laura Palmer, that she is dead, but somehow, still alive. She whispers something into his ear and then she kisses him. Suddenly, she gets pulled away and she screams.

The one armed man takes Cooper to see the arm which has changed from the little man into a tree with a monster head on it! It tells Cooper that his doppelganger has to come back for Cooper to leave.
The evil Cooper realises that he has been double crossed by his associates and he shoots Darya. He finds out that Ray has been taken to prison in South Dakota. He has a radio and he is speaking to someone on it. He mentions the name Philip Jeffries, who you will know is an FBI agent who disappeared and who was played by David Bowie in Fire Walk With Me. Cooper taps into the FBI database and comes up with a plan of the prison where Ray is being held. He wants the information from him badly. He comes out of his motel room and goes next door where a woman, Chantal(Jennifer Jason Leigh) and she is another helper of his. The two of them get it on.

Back in the red room, the arm tells Cooper the number 253 and says 'time and again'. It tells him to go. He tries to leave. He meets Leland. The one armed man says that something is wrong. Good Cooper sees evil Cooper. The arm doppelganger comes and sends cooper off into space. He ends up in the plastic box in New York. There is nobody watching the box. He falls down into blackness...
Sarah Palmer is at her house watching bloody animal programmes to TV. She doesn't seem too bothered by it. The episode ends with us visiting the Bang Bang Bar at the Roadhouse. Shelley Johnson(Madchen Amick) is there with her pals. In comes James Hurley(James Marshall) and they have a moment as they acknowledge each other. She says that James had a motorcycle accident.
She then greets a man at the bar called Red (Balthazar Getty). The episode ends with music.

 Another great episode. The red room scenes were great and nightmarish in parts. The arm was interesting as I knew that Michael J Anderson wasn't coming back. I wondered what they were going to do to replace him and it was interesting. I loved seeing the Black Lodge again and familiar faces were most welcome. I loved seeing James Hurley again as I really liked his character on the show. Laura Palmer almost looks the same as she did 25 years ago so that was very good!! There was a lot going on in this episode, but it was just great and I loved it!! I am looking forward to seeing more!


Susan Leighton said...

Nice write up, Jigs! If you liked 1 & 2 be prepared for 3 & 4. They are out of sight. Very Lynchian.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan.I have seen them and I was really impressed.I loved them and I can't wait for more!!!!

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