Sunday, June 25, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 5

This episode begins with a woman sending some sort of message to a black box. Cut to the coroner who tells the cops that the dead body they found had a ring on it like Dougie's. We see Evil Cooper in prison and we see that BOB is still inside him. Good Cooper/Dougie is worrying his wife, Janey-E. There are also people looking for him and they see his car outside his house. Janey tells Dougie to go to work as usual. He works at Lucky 7 Insurance and he goes into the office. He sits down with his colleagues and as they are discussing different cases, Dougie says that the  claimant is lying. His boss is not impressed with this. At the casino, the manager is beaten up because of Dougie's huge payout. He is told to get out of town and don't come back.

The guys who are looking for Dougie put something underneath his car. The kid from across the street is going to look at it when three thugs scare him off and try to steal the car. The car explodes, killing them. Jade is having her car washed when she finds a key for the Great Northern Hotel in it. She throws it into a post box. Cut to the Double R diner, in Twin Peaks. Shelley is giving money to her daughter who is called Becky(Amanda Seyfried). Becky gives it to her husband. He gives her drugs and they drive off. Dr. Jacoby has his own show online where he sells golden shovels for shovelling shit. We see Nadine Hurley(Wendy Robie) watching him.

Cut to the Pentagon and military personnel are taking about Major Briggs. His fingerprints have been fond on the dead body in Buckhorn. It is not the first time that his fingerprints have turned up either.
They are going to investigate.We are introduced to Richard Horne(Eamon Farren) who is at the roadhouse. He is up to no good. At the prison, Evil Cooper causes the whole place to go haywire with a phone call. How is he doing it? He says something to the warden about Mr. Strawberry, which is obviously something between them. We see the black box from the beginning of the episode and it disappears. The episode ends with Dougie staring at a statue outside his offices.

This episode was interesting. We got to meet a few new characters. The plot thickens with the Evil Cooper and all of his dirty dealings. What does he know about the prison warden? Who is Mr. Strawberry? Why are the fingerprints on the body from Major Briggs? There are so many questions here but I look forward to finding out what it all means. This series has me hooked!


Susan Leighton said...

Good recap, Jigs! So easy to get hooked on a great show. There is some speculation as to who Richard Horne belongs to. He could be either Ben or Jerry's but some think Audrey. Good casting. He is like Twin Peaks Frank Booth in training. Nice to see Tom Sizemore again.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Susan. I am in the Audrey camp, but I could be wrong! I like him as he is sleazy and obviously a whole lot of trouble! He could well be a young Frank Booth. I hardly recognised Sizemore. He looks so different. Such a great cast. It was nice to see Nadine again too. A great episode!

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