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Amityville: A New Generation Movie Review

Amityville:A New Generation is a 1993 horror movie sequel directed by John Murlowski and starring Ross Partridge, Julia Nickson, Lala Sloatman and David Naughton.

Keyes Terry(Partridge) is a photographer who is taking pictures on the street. He takes a photograph of a homeless man and he goes over to talk to him. He has a mirror with him and he gives it to Keyes as a present. His best friend is Suki(Nickson) and she wants Keyes to put on an art show in his apartment. Suki likes the mirror and she wants to borrow it. While she is out, her ex boyfriend comes around and lets himself into her place. He sees the mirror. He destroys some of her paintings and the mirror starts to glow. He sees his reflection in the mirror and it begins to change. He is cut by something and he ends up falling through the window and dying. There is a reflection of the Amityville house in the mirror.

The police come and Detective Clark(Terry O'Quinn) asks questions about what happened. Keyes has nightmares about the Amityville House. Suki is very upset over her ex dying. She looks into the mirror and she hears voices. Keyes' girlfriend, Llaanie (Sloatman) is worried about him. Suki begins to change. She paints some really dark and sinister paintings of demons. She comes on to her landlork, Dick(Naughton). Dick likes her and she tells him to look into the mirror. She kisses him but Detetctive Clark calls on her. He wants Suki and Keyes to sign his statement. Later on, Suki sees something in her apartment. The mirror is calling her and it makes her kill herself. Keyes has more nightmares about Amityville. He sees the mirror. Detective Clarke calls Keyes to identify the homeless guy and Keyes says that he will pay for his burial.

Dick goes into Suki's place. He finds her dead body. Keyes is very upset over the death of his friend.
He discovers that the homeless guy who gave him the mirror murdered his family in Amityville. He claimed that he was possessed. He went to a mental hospital and he was released. The man is called Franklin Bonner and Keyes goes to find out more about him. Franklin got the mirror from the Amityville house. Keyes imagines himself as Franklin and has a vision of himself and his mother.
Detective Clarke shows Keyes files about Franklin who turns out to be Keyes' dad. Keyes decides to get rid of the mirror(finally- I would have tossed it out of the window long before this!) but he has a sudden change of heart.

Keyes is acting weird. His pictures are not right. He is having nightmares about the Amityville killings. He is worried that he will turn out like his father and become a murderer. He is going to go ahead with his art show. The power goes out on the night. Dick sees Sukie who tells him that she is lonely. She comes over to him but then she changes into something horrible. Keyes looks at the mirror. He sees a light glowing inside it and he tells his dad to go to hell. His father calls him into the mirror. He gets pulled in. He ends up in the mental hospital where his dad was. He sees his dead friend and he sees his father. His father tells him that Amityville is in his blood. Detective Clarke is on his way to the show. Keyes gets ready for his show. He is supposed to have a fake gun and pretend to shoot his friends as a surprise for his guests, but he actually has a real gun. He relives the Amityville killings. His friends get worried. His father tries to make him kill them but he doesn't give in to it. He destroys the mirror and everything ends up well.

What can I say about these Amityville sequels? They are getting worse as I go along. This one had a mirror, so that makes a clock, a lamp and a mirror all from the Amityville house. There are a lot of objects being found from that house! The quality is declining which is normal with sequels but this one was pretty poor. The story was okay, but I didn't really think that there was anything scary in this.
The idea of the haunted object from the house has been done twice before. Once with a clock and again with a lamp.There was nothing special in this film. It was just about watchable. I wouldn't really recommend it if you are expecting something to do with the Amityville house. It is disappointing and not scary so be warned if you do decide to watch it. I will be kind and give it a 4/10.


John Nada said...

I think I looked into this and passed. Thank you for the review Jigsaw and it appears I may have made the right decision. Thanks for the save.

Susan Leighton said...

I knew right where this plot was going the minute the mirror was introduced. They really need to quit lumping these types of films in as sequels. They are standalones. Just like Annabelle is part of the Conjuring universe along with the Crooked Man and the Nun. This should be part of the Amityville universe but they didn't know that back then, lol. Good review.

Amanda said...

Thanks John. This is not worth your while. It is just using the Amityville name to draw you in, but the movie is mediocre at best. It is best to leave it!

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan. I agree. There is nothing really good about this. The mirror angle is silly as it has been done before. The other movies used a lamp and a clock. So, this one was very weak. It could have been a stand alone movie and even then, it wouldn't have been any good. I will keep going with the sequels, but this one was not good.

MHS Josh said...

Hmm Haven't seen this one. Probably should avoid!

Amanda said...

Yes you should avoid it unless you love the crappy Amityville sequels. This is another pointless one. It was just about watchable!

Anonymous said...

Definitely not one of my favorite movies. As you said they were just using the Amityville name and drawing people in. Not a total flop but not worth wasting your time.

Amanda said...

I agree Tony.This was just not great.The plot was wafer thin and the object from the Amityville house has been used before.I wouldn't watch it again!

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