Thursday, August 10, 2017

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Movie Review

Halloween 4:The Return of Michael Myers is a 1988 horror movie and the fourth movie in the Halloween series. It is directed by Dwight H. Little and starring Donald Pleasence, Danielle Harris and Ellie Cornell.

The movie begins in a mental institution. Michael Myers is being transferred. He is ready to go. Two staff members from Smith's Grove put him into an ambulance. It turns out that he has a niece in Haddonfield. Michael wakes up and he kills the two staff members. Michael's niece is called Jamie(Harris) and she is unhappy and can't sleep. Her mother is dead. Michael is watching her. He tries to grab her. Her foster parent tell her it is just a dream. We are in Haddonfield, on Halloween.

A girl called Rachel(Cornell) is going to babysit Jamie. Dr Loomis(Pleasence) comes to the mental hospital and he is annoyed that Michael has been moved. He finds out that Michael has escaped. Dr. Loomis is going to look for Michael. Michael makes his first kill. Loomis stops for gas on the way and he finds the dead body. He knows that Michael is on his way home. He spots Michael and he asks him why now. He tells Michael to leave people in peace. Michael heads off. Cut to Jamie who is being teased about Michael Myers. She is getting a Halloween costume. She chooses a clown outfit which is similar to the one that Michael wore in the original Halloween movie. Jamie sees Michael in the store.

Rachel and Jamie are alone in the house on Halloween. Michael is there. Loomis goes looking for the Sheriff. The Sheriff isn't happy to see him. Loomis tells him that Michael is back and Jamie is in danger. Jamie and Rachel are out trick or treating. Rachel loses James. The Sheriff tells the locals to go home and shut their businesses down. The locals are worried. The Sheriff and Loomis go to the old Myers house but there is nobody there. Michael is wandering around killing a few more people.
He kills a man at the power plant and he knocks out the power in the town. Jamie is wandering around alone. She is lost. The locals decide to set up a posse and go and look for Myers.

Jamie and Rachel are worried about Myers. He gets into the house. He kills a friend of Rachel's. He wants Jamie. They climb up onto the roof and Michael follows them. Rachel sends Jamie down to the ground. Myers knocks Rachel off of the roof. Jamie gets down and Michael chases her. Dr. Loomis turns up and catches her. They go to the school. Michael turns up and attacks Loomis. Jamie is trapped and Michael comes for her. Rachel manages to to grab the fire extinguisher and sprays it at him. The locals arrive at the school. Rachel carries Jamie out of there. The locals decide to leave well enough alone. They take Jamie and Rachel with them. Michael turns up on the roof of their truck and he attacks the local men.

Rachel tries to throw him off the roof. Michael falls into the road but of course, he gets back up and  comes for them again. Rachel drives into Myers and he is hurt.The cops come and talk to Rachel and James goes over to Myers . He suddenly rises again. The cops shoot him and he falls into a well.Dr. Loomis is very happy that Myers has gone. Jamie goes home and she attacks her foster movie. Dr. Loomis is distraught. This was a pretty good movie. With these sequels, you know that the quality will not be great, but I enjoyed this all the same. I liked it despite its flaws and I would watch it again sometime. It is a middle of the road sequel, but I did like it nonetheless and I found it fun. If you like a by the numbers slasher movie, then you will find this worth your while. I will give it a 5/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Good assessment, Jigs. I saw this years ago. It is okay but not exceptional. It is fun.

John Nada said...

Nice review Jigsaw. The franchise as a whole I liked and agree this was about middle of the road. I even liked 3 which is probably going to irritate some people but hey.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan.Yes it isn't the best but I liked it anyway.These sequels can be fun in their own way!!

Amanda said...

Thanks John.This was muddle if the road but fun all the same.I also liked part 3.It was pretty good!!

MHS_Josh said...

Great review! This is a fair score for this film. Only so many times you can be creative with a butcher knife, no matter how much I love slashers. xD

Amanda said...

Thanks Josh.I agree that this is a pretty standard slasher.There is nothing new here but I enjoyed it as part of the series.

Anonymous said...

This wasn't a bad one and the score fair enough. So many times (as we discussed about Amityville) a trashy movie is thrown together to make a few dollars off the name of the franchise, and in turn embarrasses the franchise. This movie, while not over the top great, was far from being as bad as many other sequels.

Amanda said...

Yes I enjoyed it.It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either.I enjoyed it as part of the series and it was nowhere near as bas as those Amityville sequels!!

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