Monday, August 21, 2017

Puppet Master 4 Movie Review

Puppet Master 4 is a 1993 horror movie and the fourth movie in the Puppet Master series. It is directed by Jeff Burr and starring Guy Rolfe,Gordon Currie and Teresa Hill.

The movie begins at Biotech Industries. A man comes in with a case. It is a delivery for a Dr. Piper.
She is working on a robot project. She looks into the case. There is a puppet in it. The puppet comes to life and attacks her. Some weird creatures look on from Hell and their leader, Sutekh is sending the puppets called Totems to kill those who are working on the robot project as they are going to discover Toulon's secret. They kill another doctor. A young man called Rick(Currie) is working with Biotech Industries. He is a researcher and he is also taking care of the Bodega Bay Inn. Rick has been working on robotics too. His pals, Suzie, Lauren(Hill) and Cameron come to visit him.

Cameron is also working for Biotech. Lauren finds Blade and brings him out. She is psychic and she freaks out. She tells Rick to stay away from the trunk that the rest of the puppets are in. The friends open the trunk and they see the puppets. They find all of his stuff too. They find his diary and they read all about his secret. Pinhead, Tunneler, Six Shooter are in the trunk. The friends find the elixir and they realise that it reanimates the puppets. Rick injects them and they come alive. Sutekh sees this and he dispatches his totems to kill them all. Rick plays games with the puppets. Lauren and Cameron get a Ouija board out. Lauren feels a bad spirit. Cameron wants to find Toulon's formula. The totems arrive at the inn.

Lauren warns them that something bad is coming. Cameron is going to leave when he gets attacked by one of the totems. Rick and Suzie find the box that the totem was  in. Rick finds Cameron dead and he gets attacked by another  totem. Blade fights with it and Pinhead joins in. Tunneler kills it.
The puppets bring out another super puppet, Decapitron. They use electricity from a lightening storm to reanimate the puppet. Toulon appears and tells Rick about the formula. Two of the totems are dead but there is one left roaming the hotel. It attacks Lauren. Suzie intervenes and it tries to attack her. Rick has to reanimate Decapitron once again and it defeats the last totem. Toulon appears and he tells Rick that he has been chosen to be the new puppet master.

This was great fun. It was another decent sequel and I had a good time watching it. I liked the puppets as usual and the new one Decapitron was good. I liked the story and I was entertained throughout this film. I recommend it f you like the Puppet Master series. It is definitely worth a look.
It is a good sequel. I will give it a 6/10.


John Nada said...

Thank you Jigsaw for the review. I have always liked this franchise and as far as a sequel this was pretty good. I appreciate all your reviews.

Susan Leighton said...

Good review, Jigs. I saw the original years ago. TBH, I haven't kept up with this particular franchise. Maybe I should look into it.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan.The franchise is great fun.Some of the movies are better than others but they are all worth a look!!

Amanda said...

Thanks John.I like this franchise too.I am almost finished watching the movies now.This one was great fun!!

MHS_Josh said...

Great review! Love this series. This wasn't the best one, but it was pretty decent!

Amanda said...

Thanks Josh. This was pretty decent. It was entertaining all the same!!

Anonymous said...

Good review. I've seen a couple out of this series and your reviews and discussions of them make me want to try them in sequence.

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