Saturday, September 16, 2017

Twin Peaks, The Return, Episode 10

This episode begins with Steven and Becky who are fighting. He tries to strangle her. Cut to Dougie and Janey E. She gets a look at his toned body and they have sex for the first time in ages. She thinks that he is really attractive now. Richard Horne is on the loose after killing the girl who saw him hit the kid in an earlier episode. She sent a letter to the Sheriff and Richard wants it before it reaches Sheriff Truman and he goes to his grandmother's house. Sylvia Horne(Jan D'Arcy) is there with her son Johnny who has been tied to his chair for some reason. Richard goes in and he attacks Sylvia is a very vicious scene. Johnny is powerless to help her. Richard is unmerciful in his treatment of Sylvia as he takes money and jewellery from the house. After he has gone, Sylvia calls Ben and tells him what has happened.

The Mitchum brothers are going to kill Dougie. Then there is a scene where Candie sees a fly on one of the brothers and goes to hit it but hits him instead. She becomes very upset..Cut to Gordon and Albert. Gordon sees a vision from Fire Walk With Me when Laura was upset and went to see her best friend Donna. Albert tells Gordon that Diane has been contacting Evil Cooper. Tammy comes and she has a photograph from the glass box which was in the first episode. In Twin Peaks, we see all of the different characters doing their thing. Jerry Horne is in the woods, lost.Nadine watched Dr. Jacoby and his golden shovels.

The episode ends with the Log Lady calling Hawk and telling him that everything is coming full circle and that Laura is the One. Not a lot happened in this episode. It was interesting of course with some good scenes. It is going along nicely. I am looking forward to the next episode!!


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