Monday, October 16, 2017

Blood and Black Lace Movie Review

Blood and Black Lace is a 1964 horror/thriller movie directed by Mario Bava and starring Cameron Mitchell and Eva Bartok.

The movie begins at a fashion house. Isabella is a model who comes to the house. There is a masked man in the bushes. He attacks her and drags her off. Another woman is attacked in the house. The attacker takes something out of the woman's purses and takes it with him. He drives away. A woman called Peggy(Mary Arden) arrives back at her house with her friend Marco. Inspector Silvester is waiting there for her. He tells her that her car was found abandoned. She tells him that she lent it to her friend.Peggy has a notebook in her purse. It is a diary. She tears pages out of it and burns them.
She hears someone at the door. It is the killer. He attacks her for the diary. The cops are coming so they disturb his work. He takes Peggy off with him.

A man called Max(Mitchell) is a suspect in the killings. He manages the fashion house with his partner Cristina(Bartok).It turns out that Isabella had a diary detailing a lot of shady goings on at the fashion house.The cops think that someone killed her to stop it from getting out. Peggy gets killed as she pulls off the mask of her killer and she recognises the person. The cops arrest all of the men who work at the fashion house, but when there is another murder, they have to release everyone.

Max has the notebook that Isabella had. He meets Cristina and they talk. It turns out that they have been working together and they are lovers. He helped her to kill her husband. Isabella found out and she was blackmailing Max. She pushed him for too much money and the diary was dangerous to the lovers so Max murdered her. They need to get rid of one more girl to be safe and Cristina has to do it.
She murderers another model. Someone is at the door while she is there and she panics. She goes out of the window and falls when a drainpipe breaks. Max has set her up and she finds out about it. She finds him and she shoots him dead. She falls down beside him and dies.

This is a very good movie with loads of twists and turns. It is basically a murder mystery and it is fun trying to figure out who is the killer. It is well made and very enjoyable. I found it entertaining and fun. I enjoyed the story and the ending was pretty good. All in all, this is a very decent mystery movie with elements of horror in it too. It also could fit in the slasher category. I would recommend this one and I will give it a 7/10.


Susan Leighton said...

Good review, Jigs! Seems like an entertaining horror mystery.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Susan, this was very good fun and I liked trying to figure out who the killer was. It is worth a look sometime!!

MHS Josh said...

Very cool. Love old horror/thrillers!

Amanda said...

yes!!!Me too. This one was pretty good!

John Nada said...

This is really a great review Jigsaw. I liked this film and am glad you enjoyed it yourself. Thank you for you for all your hard work.

Amanda said...

Thanks John!I appreciate that!!!This movie was good and I liked the twists and turns not to mention the eerie tone.

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