Thursday, October 19, 2017

Intruder Movie Review

Intruder is a 1989 horror movie directed by Scott Spiegel and starring Elizabeth Cox, Renee Estevez,Sam Raimi,Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

The movie begins in a supermarket. A guy called Craig comes to see his ex girlfriend, Jennifer(Cox). She broke up with him and he is angry with her. There is a fight when one of the owners called Bill(Dan Hicks) comes out and tells Craig to leave. Craig runs off when some of the other workers show up. They go out to look for him, but he has disappeared. Jennifer calls the cops. Craig comes back and gets caught by the other workers who throw him out. The cops are on the way. The two owners, Bill and Danny(Eugene Robert Glazer) call all of the workers together to announce that they are selling the store. The phone rings and it is Craig. Jennifer is spooked. She is asked out on a date by a co worker, Dave(Billy Marti).

The cops come to the store, but there is nothing that they can do. One of the workers, Linda(Estevez)
hears something or someone in the parking lot. The person has a knife and he stabs Linda. Bill hears something when he goes outside and sees a person trying to enter the store. He looks around. He finds Craig trying to break in and they fight. Craig hits him with a hammer. Danny gets strangled.
Produce Joe(Ted Raimi) is the next to die. Two more workers drop like flies as the killer stalks the store. Randy(Sam Raimi) dies next. When most of the workers die, Jennifer is alone. She finds the dead bodies. She sees the shadow of the killer and she runs. He chases her. she runs into Craig and hits him. She realises who the killer is when Bill shows up covered in blood.

Bill chases her. He wanted to stop Danny from selling the store and he got carried away. He is going to frame Craig for the murders. Jennifer hits him with a bottle and runs off. She hides and he chases her around the store.Craig is still alive. He tells Jennifer that he saw Bill kill Linda. Bill kills him.Jennifer finds an open window and climbs out. He chases her and she stabs him. She calls the cops. Bill comes back again to try and kill her. Craig saves her. The cops come, one of them is played by Bruce Campbell, and they arrest Jennifer and Craig as they think that they are the ones to blame. Bill tells the cops that they did the killings. He is still alive and watches as they are taken away.

I really enjoyed this slasher movie. It had a decent cast and the setting of the supermarket was pretty good. I liked the kills and it was fun trying to figure out who the killer was. This movie was produced by Sam Raimi and he and his brother have roles as well as the always entertaining Bruce Campbell. The movie is superior to a lot of the generic slashers that were released in the 1980's and it is certainly one that I had never heard of until I watched it. I was pleasantly surprised by it and found it great fun overall. I recommend this one and I will give it a 7/10.


Susan Leighton said...

This is a fun flick from Michigan Mafia member, Scott Spiegel. Hey, Ted! Take your NASA headphones off. Some pretty cool kills in this flick. I believe they shot in the grocery store where Bruce & Scott worked in high school. Good review.

Midnight Gore said...

Good review Jig! When Raimi and Campbell are usually together in the cast/crew it is worth giving it a watch. Thanks.

Amanda said...

Thanks Susan.This was very enjoyable and I liked the setting of the grocery store.Overall this was great fun and the death scenes were really good!

Amanda said...

Thanks!I liked this a lot.There were a lot of good scenes and the movie was a decent slasher.

John Nada said...

I love this film Jigsaw. I am glad you reviewed it. I picked up Intruder on DVD as a sign up bonus for Full Moon streaming service too. Keep up the excellent work.

Amanda said...

Thanks John.I enjoyed Intruder and I had a good time watching it.It was a great slasher movie!!

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