Saturday, December 16, 2017

Twin Peaks,The Return, Episode 14

This episode begins with Gordon, who calls the sheriffs station and talks to Lucy. He talks to Sheriff Truman about the pages from Laura's diary. Albert talks to Tammy about 1975 and agents who were investigating something to do with the Blue Rose cases. Cut to Gordon who is talking to Diane about the  last time that she saw Cooper. He wants to know if Cooper mentioned Major Briggs. She says that he did. He explains to her about Major Briggs and what happened to him. She tells him that her half sister is called Janey E and that she is married to a man called Dougie. She tells Gordon and Albert where they live.m Gordon calls the Las Vegas office to find out more about Dougie Jones.

Gordon tells Albert and Tammy about a dream about Cooper. There is a flashback to Fire Walk With Me where Cooper is telling Gordon about a dream he had. He sees Phillip Jeffries. Bobby, Hawk, Sheriff Truman and Andy go into the woods. All sorts of weird things happen. They find a blind woman, Naido, in the woods. She has been seen before. Andy meets the giant and he sees the two Coopers. He tells the others that they will take the blind woman with them and they lock her in the cells to keep her safe. James chats to his pal, Freddie, who somehow was superhuman strength in his hand and he has also seen the giant.The episode ends with Sarah Palmer in the Roadhouse. Some guy bothers her and she kills him.

This was good episode with some insights into the Blue Rose cases. This show gets better and better.


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