Sunday, January 14, 2018

Twin Peaks: The Return, Episode 17

This episode begins with Gordon, Albert and Tammy who discuss Diane and what happened. Gordon tells them about Judy and Phillip Jeffries. Major Briggs came to him with knowledge of this entity which they called Judy. Cooper knew too. Dougie's boss calls Gordon and tells him of Cooper's message. The message says that he his heading to Twin Peaks Sheriff station. At the station, Naido is making weird noises as someone comes near. James and Freddie are still in the jail as is Chad and a drunk guy. It is revealed that bad Cooper is outside the station and that is why Naido is upset. He is masquerading as Cooper. He meets Lucy, Andy and Sheriff Truman. He mistakes Frank for Harry.
The real Cooper calls Frank on the phone while the bad Cooper is sitting in his office.

Bad Cooper realises what is happening and he pulls a gun on Frank. Lucy shoots him. Cooper warns Frank not to touch the body. The real Cooper arrives with the Mitchum brothers in tow. BOB has been released from bad Cooper's body and he attacks the real Cooper. Freddie steps in and he blasts BOB and kills him once and for all with his huge fist. The real Cooper puts the owl ring on bad Cooper's hand and the body disappears into the Black Lodge where it belongs. Cooper gets the key to the room in the Great Northern. He knew that he would have it. Gordon shows up with Albert and Tammy and Diane turns up too.

Cooper,Diane and Gordon go to the Great Northern and look around. They find the door in which the key fits and Cooper says that he has to go alone from here. Cooper enters the room which is dark and he sees Mike. Cooper meets Phillip Jeffries and they talk. He tells Cooper to remember. Cut to 1989 and Laura Palmer who is meeting James Hurley.  We see a scene from Fire Walk With Me where Laura tells James that she loves him and jumps off of his bike. Cooper is watching all of this. Before she meets Leo, Jacques and Ronette, she meets Cooper who takes her and tells her that they are going home, stopping her death. Cut to Twin Peaks on the day after and we see Josie Packard from the very first episode of Twin Peaks. Laura's body is not washed up on the shore. In present time, Sarah Palmer smashes a photograph of Laura and goes crazy. Cooper thinks that Laura is with him, but she disappears with a scream. The episode ends with Julee Cruise singing 'The World Spins' in the Roadhouse.

This was a great episode. I loved it. It was so interesting and it started tying up some loose ends. I knew that there were not going to be any real answers, but I loved the parts with Laura in them and it was great to see Julee Cruise once again.


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