Sunday, January 7, 2018

Twin Peaks, Season 3, Episode 15

This episode begins with Ed and Nadine. She tells him that he can be with Norma. He goes to see Norma and tells her that he is finally free. He asks her to marry him. Bad Cooper is driving  along when he meets a ghost. He tells the ghost that he i looking for Phillip Jeffries. He is led to a room and he meets Jeffries who is not in his body. He asks him why he sent Ray to kill him. He also asks him ie he called him but Jeffries denies it. There is a flashback to Fire Walk With Me and a scene with Gordon, Cooper and Jeffries. He asks him about Judy. Cut to Cooper in a phone box. Richard Horne pulls a gun on Cooper. It turns out that his mother is Audrey Horne.

Cooper beats him up and puts him into his truck and drives off.  Cut to the Roadhouse and James is having an affair with a married woman. Her husband isn't too happy and he beats him up. Freddy comes along with his super fist and beats the guy up. They are taken to jail. They see Naiko. The Log Lady calls Hawk and says that she is dying. She gives him some clues and she says goodbye to him. He says goodbye to her and he tells everyone that she has passed on later. Everyone has a moment of silence for the Log Lady. The episode ends with Audrey ad Charlie who are going to the Roadhouse. She tells him that she hates him. There is music and the episode ends.

This episode was good with some good scenes with bad Cooper. The passing of the Log Lady was very sad and it is even sadder as the actress who played her died in real life too. She was a great character and so recognisable to Twin Peaks fans everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Great review Jigsaw. I really liked this I may have to rewatch this season it was amazing.

Amanda said...

Thanks John!I loved it too.It was so great.I want to watch the season again also!!!

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