Monday, February 26, 2018

Nightmare City Movie Review

Nightmare City is a 1980 horror movie directed by Umberto Lenzi and starring Hugo Stiglitz and Mel Ferrer.

The movie begins with a news report that there has been a radioactive spill. A reporter called Dean Miller(Stiglitz) is supposed to meet a doctor who is coming into the airport. A military aircraft comes in to land. It lands. There are a lot of cops waiting as the craft is suspicious. Miller sees this and he goes in for a look. There seems to be nobody coming out. Eventually, the door opens and out comes the doctor who attacks the cops. More people come off of it and start to attack and kill the cops. They seem to be infected with something. Miller escapes. He wants to make a special announcement of the air. He is warned not to do it. The military want it kept quiet and a General Murchison(Ferrer) warns him off. Miller walks out of his job in disgust.

Th zombies break into the news station. They start killing everyone in sight. Miller escapes again. The military guys look at the body of one of the creatures. It is radioactive. They have super strength. They reproduce when they kill. They can be killed by a shot to the brain.  One of the military men is Major Holmes. He calls his wife and tells her not to outside and to lock the door.Miller also calls his wife, who is a doctor, but she is in surgery. The Generals daughter and her husband and told to to to him for safety. They escape and zombies chase them. Miller goes to the hospital to get his wife.
A state of emergency is declared. The hospital is overrun with zombies. 

Miller finds his wife. They escape the hospital and find a car. The General orders measures to control the zombies. His daughter and her husband hear about the state of emergency. They run into some zombies and get killed. Miller and his wife reach a gas station. There are zombies there. They succeed in blowing them up and they continue on. They reach a church but the priest is a zombie. Miller kills it. The General has plans to has the zombies. Major Holmes returns home to find that his wife is a zombie. He has to shoot her. Miller and his wife find a jeep. They are chased by zombies. The Major sees them and tries to help them. They are in trouble. Miller wakes up. It was all a nightmare. Cut to the airport and Miller is waiting for a doctor to come off a plane. The nightmare is going to become reality....

I liked this film. It was a good zombie movie. I enjoyed the story and the ending was okay too.
It is not that scary really. I didn't think so, anyway. These zombie movies can be great fun and this one is no exception. I was entertained throughout and, even if the special effects aren't brilliant, this movie is worth a look. It is a movie that I had not heard of before I watched it. I found it entertaining and good horror fun so I will award it a 6/10.


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