Thursday, April 5, 2018

Amanda's Horror Years- 2003

So, this time, we are going back to 2003 to see what horror movies were on offer. There were some good and some bad. Overall, this wasn't a great year for horror so there aren't loads of movies to include.

Let me start with the best of them. I liked Wrong Turn which appeared in this year. It was the start of a franchise which has two sequels and three prequels! The movie is about a group of people who go into West Virginia and end up being hunted by a weird group of cannibals. It is a good movie and the best of the lot. I enjoyed it and recommend it. There are a couple of other notable movies from this year. Underworld was released and it was a successful horror movie and has spawned four other movies. Dreamcatcher is based on a Stephen King novel. It didn't perform very well at the box office so it was a flop. Another movie that was released in this year was Darkness Falls. I didn't like this movie at all. It was boring and just not scary. I had heard about it and I wanted to watch it, but by the end of this film, I was irritated. I think it is just a bad movie. Another bad movie is Monster Man. This was a predicable, silly movie with nothing new to offer. Not worth your while really unless you like cheap movies.Some other movies you might like to watch are Dead End, Switchblade Romance and Open Water which I enjoyed. That was a good movie!

The sequels!! There were some pretty good ones this year. The best one is Freddy Vs Jason. This movie brought together two fantastic franchises and two fantastic horror icons. I really liked it a lot. It had some great scenes and there was the inevitable showdown at the end which was such fun. It is a really great movie which is a must for any horror fan.  I also liked Final Destination 2. This was a pretty good sequel and I found it a decent horror movie. Jeepers Creepers 2 was a decent follow up to the original, but it is nowhere near as good as the first movie. There was a yet another Leprechaun movie- Leprechaun:Back 2 tha Hood. This was the sixth film in the franchise and Warwick Davis hung up his boots after this one. Puppet Master: The Legacy was the eighth movie in the franchise and by far the weakest. I love the Puppet Master Franchise, but this added nothing new. Beyond Re-Animator is another sequel which popped up in this year.

Lastly is the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I am not a fan of remakes and this one was no different. I know people might enjoy them and that's fine, but the original movie is such a classic and is so hard to emulate that this pales in comparison. This ended up as a run of the mill slasher with nothing interesting or original to offer the viewer. Overall, 2003 was not very good for horror movies. My favourite film from this year would be Freddy Vs Jason and of course, Wrong Turn was enjoyable too. Other than that, there are a few decent movies, but nothing brilliant. Anyway, it has been enjoyable revisiting this horror year and of course, if you like any movies from this year, let me know!!


Tony Briley said...

Good list Amanda. 2003 was pretty much a flop for horror, in my opinion. The only sequel I liked was Final Destination 2, and I've liked all of those. The originals were definitely lacking in quality, I'd say Wrong Turn was decent. I know you enjoyed Open Water but for me that one just made me hope they'd hurry up and drown or get eaten by a shark and end it already.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre I liked, though nothing can compare to the original. But, I'm a Jessica Biel fan so that helped keep my interest where others might not find it so good.

Amanda said...

Thanks Tony. I agree that 2003 was a really bad year for horror movies. I wouldn't have many favourites. Wrong Turn was one and Freddy Vs Jason was another. I like the Final Destination movies too and 2 was not bad at all. Open Water was enjoyable but I can see why people might find it tedious. As for the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I know people like it for whatever reason, but it wasn't for me! Thanks for commenting!

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