Monday, April 23, 2018

Blood Song Movie Review

Blood Song is a 1982 horror/thriller directed by Alan J.Levi and starring Frankie Avalon,Donna Wilkes and Dane Clark.

The movie begins in 1955, in Oregon. A man comes home to find his wife in bed with another man and he kills them and then himself. His young son, Paul, sees it. Cut to twenty five years later and Paul(Avalon) is in a mental institution. He kills an orderly and he escapes. He has a wooden flute with him that his father had given to him. A young girl called Marian(Wilkes) is having nightmares. She had an accident and she hurt her leg and she has to wear a brace. She received a blood transfusion from Paul and somehow, this has caused her to have some sort of psychic link with him. She has visions of him.

Paul hitches a ride and he kills the driver and takes his van. Marian argues with her father, who was responsible for her accident. He is annoyed at her because of her boyfriend, Joey. Marian and Joey are planning to leave once he gets a job. Marian tells Joey that she has been having nightmares and visions. He tells her that it is just stress. Paul picks up a girl and takes her to a motel where they have sex. He kills her after playing his flute. Sheriff Gibbons(Clark) gets a report of a missing girl. Marian sees Paul's van while she is walking along and she sees him digging a grave. He spots her and chases her. He loses her. He asks the locals where the high school is and hangs around, looking for Marian.

Paul watches her house and he breaks in. He meets her father and he attacks and kills him. Marian sees this and runs off. He chases her in his van. They reach a lumber yard where they play a game of cat and mouse. She manages to hurt him. The Sheriff goes to the house and finds the dead body of her father. The cops wonder where she is. Marian is trying to fend off Paul who keeps coming despite being injured. He gets a forklift and tries to kill her, but he drives it into the water instead. The cops rescue Marian but they don't find Paul. The movie ends with Paul hitchhiking and Marian in a mental institution screaming. Paul comes in and he is going to kill her.

This movie is middle of the road. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't great either. I liked the ending but on the whole, the film wasn't the best. It was fun seeing Frankie Avalon playing a flute playing psycho!!
This wasn't really scary and there was not much gore in it either. I found it a little tame and a little dull in parts. Don't let that put you off though. If you like the thought of seeing Frankie Avalon playing a killer, then have a look. As I said, it is middle of the road, so i will give it a score to match- 5/10.


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