Monday, May 21, 2018

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 5

This episode begins with a flashback to the weasel Gregory who made a deal with Negan and his minions to throw out any person who is against Negan. Negan's sidekick, Simon, thinks that they could do better and he wants to kill people but Negan tells him no. Cut to present and Negan and Gabriel are holed up inside a trailer surrounded by walkers. They work together and they manage to cover themselves in walker guts and escape.

Meanwhile, the others are fighting about who will take over from Negan. Everything gets confused and people start to become agitated. Dwight and the others talk about it and things seem to be getting out of hand when Negan shows up and everything goes back to the way that they were. Gabriel is locked up again. Eugene figures out that the snitch is Dwight. He doesn't say anything to Negan.
He goes to see Gabriel and he finds that he is in a bad way. Rick and Daryl fight over what to do with the weapons that they found. The weapons end up being blown up and that's the end of them. Daryl is mad and the two make their way back to Alexandria separately.

This was an interesting episode. Not a whole lot happened, but it was good all the same. I see a power struggle in the making between Negan and Simon.


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