Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Halloween Resurrection Movie Review

Halloween Resurrection is a 2002 horror movie and the eighth movie in the Halloween movie franchise. It is directed by Rick Rosenthal and stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Busta Rhymes, Sean Patrick Thomas and Tyra Banks.

The movie begins with Laurie(Curtis) is a mental institution. Michael Myers is not dead. It turns out that she decapitated some other guy who was wearing the mask while Michael escaped dressed as a paramedic. Laurie pretends to be insane. Michael turns up and he kills the security guards. He goes into her room and she hits him. He chases her and throws her off of the balcony after kissing her. Cut to Haddonfield University. Six students have been chosen to go to the Myers house on Halloween night. They are going to star in an Internet reality show called Dangertainment directed by Freddie(Rhymes) and Nora(Banks). They need to spend the night there and see why Myers did what he did.

They enter the house at night. Little do they know that the real Myers is around. Freddie dresses up as Myers and he goes into the house. He is followed by the real Myers. He has been dispatching annoying people. Some of the students discover a tunnel behind a wall, but Michael kills them. There are two Michael's wandering around and it gets confusing. Freddie tells the students that it is all a set up and if they cooperate, they will make money from it. They don't want to stay there any longer and they hare going to leave when the real Myers shows  up and kills them all. There is one girl left and Freddie.The two have to battle Myers and there is a ridiculous face off between Freddie and Myers which is just so stupid. It just looks so bad and I didn't like it at all. Freddie manages to electrocute Myers and burn down his house. He saves the girl and they escape. Myers is taken to hospital and the medical examiner looks at him. Of course, he is not dead!!!

This movie is bad. It finished off the Halloween franchise. I thought that this was the weakest of all  the sequels. The fight scene between Busta Rhymes and Michael Myers was just so idiotic and stupid that I wanted to turn it off there and then, but I had to see it through to the end. There is nothing new here. After Halloween H20, this was a bitter disappointment. This has nothing to offer the Halloween enthusiast. I wanted to finish watching the franchise, so I sat through this. You have been warned- watch this at your peril!!! I will give it a 2/10.


Tony Briley said...

This was a terrible, terrible movie. I am looking forward to the one releasing this fall. It looks like it might make up for this one.

Amanda Smith said...

I agree. The new one looks pretty good and I am looking forward to it!!

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