Saturday, June 30, 2018

Puppet Master Vs Demonic Toys Movie Review

Puppet Master Vs Demonic Toys is a 2004 cross over horror movie directed by Ted Nicolaou and starring Corey Feldman ,Danielle Keaton and Vanessa Angel.

The movie begins at the Toulon Doll Hospital at Christmas. A man called Robert Toulon(Feldman) is working on puppets. His daughter Alex(Keaton) is working with him. He found the puppets at a flea market in Paris. He is a distant relation of Andre Toulon. He also has the formula for bringing the puppets to life. He and his daughter are trying to reanimate the puppets. Cut to the Sharpe Toys company and Erica Sharpe(Angel) is watching Robert on a hidden video camera that she has installed in his workshop. Robert injects Six Shooter with the formula and he brings him back to life. He injects the rest of the puppets. He introduces himself. He is the great grandnephew of Andre Toulon. Erica wants those puppets for herself. She sends her goons to get them. The puppets won't go quietly though. They attack the goons. Robert wakes up and hears noise. The workshop goes on fire and the puppets get burned. Robert fixes them with super parts. Sergeant Russell(Silvia Suvadova) arrives to investigate.

Eric is annoyed that she didn't her hands on the puppets. She takes a girl who works for her down to an underground room where she has demonic toys. They are evil. She gives them the girl. She dies and Erica uses her blood to bring back a demon called Bael.  She tells him that she wants Toulon's puppets. The demon wants Alex. He wants her blood and he promises Erica the puppets in return.  Robert discovers the hidden camera and realises Erica knows everything about him and the puppets. Robert and Alex leave their house and go somewhere to hide. Robert breaks into Sharpe Toys and he finds the demonic toys. He tells Russell about it. Erica wants to get him.

Eric has a plan to sell demonic toys which will kill everyone on Christmas Day. She takes Alex and Robert has to team up with Russell to get her back. They go to Sharpe Toys on Christmas Eve to get Alex and stop Erica's evil plan. They meet the demonic toys who do battle with the puppets. Robert gets his daughter back and Erica is left with nothing to bargain with. Bael comes and takes her off to Hell with him as she has failed to give him what he wants. Robert, Alex and Russell head off to Christmas dinner. One of the demonic toys has a nasty Christmas message.

This movie wasn't one of my favourites in the series. I did like Feldman in the lead role, but overall, it was just kind of silly in parts and I didn't really like Vanessa Angel in it either. I always enjoy the puppets and the demonic toys were amusing also. I just felt the film was less than it should have been. It is a crossover movie though, so it was going to be different from the other puppet master movies. All in all, I would not like this as much as some of the others, so for that reason, I will give it a 5/10.


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