Monday, March 25, 2019

Nail Gun Massacre Movie Review

Nail Gun Massacre is a 1985 horror movie directed by Terry Lofton and Bill Leslie and starring Michelle Meyer, Beau Leland and Rocky Patterson.

The film starts with a young woman called Linda(Meyer) who is gang raped at a construction site.
A few months later, someone is walking into a house with a nail gun. This person shoots a man in the head with it. His wife sees it and runs away. Two men are outside chopping wood. The killer shows up and disposes of them easily. The local Sheriff Thomas(Ron Queen) finds an abandoned truck in the road. He finds the dead bodies. He calls in Doctor Rocky Jones(Patterson) to look. They wonder if it is Old Lady Bailey as the bodies were found on her land. The nail gun killer gets another victim.
Two guys and a girl are moving into a house in the area. They are going to renovate it. They are Maxine, Tom and John. Some other people show up in town looking for work. They are Hal, Ben, Ann and Trish. They go to the construction site to ask about work. They learn that there is work going on at Maxine's house, so they go there.

The Sheriff finds the killers car. The killer is on the prowl and finds Hal and Ann having sex. That means certain death! Trish and Ben are there too and they wonder where their friends went. Ben goes to see where they are and gets nailed to a tree. Trish is left alone and she meets Maxine, Tom and John and tells them that her pals have gone AWOL. They look around and find the dead bodies of Ben, Hal and Ann. They call the Sheriff and wonder what the hell is going on. The killer visits the construction site where Linda was raped and kills two of the participants. The killer then wanders around town nailing victims! Doctor Jones calls a friend of his and asks for a profile of the killer. The Sheriff investigates the construction company and realises that there is a connection with the killer.
They think that the killer could be Linda's brother, Bubba, who owns the company.

They visit Linda and they look for Bubba. The killer is still murdering people. There is a confrontation between the killer and Doctor Jones. He crashes into the killer's car. The killer bolts but they catch him. The killer ends up falling and dying before they can catch him. They unmask him and it is Bubba. Linda is shocked that her brother was the one slaughtering people with his trusty nail gun. The movie ends with them walking away. This film was funny in parts because it was so cheaply made. It was bad but in a good way. I didn't think that I would enjoy it, but it was actually entertaining for the most part. I had fun with it and I just went with it. The nail gun thing was actually a good idea, I thought. Give this a chance if you enjoy cheaply made 80's movies. It is worth a look. I will be kind and give this one a 5/10.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Witches Movie Review

The Witches a.k.a The Devil's Own is a 1966 Hammer horror movie directed by Cyril Frankel and starring Joan Fontaine.

In Africa, a woman called Gwen Mayfield(Fontaine) is teaching school. She gets caught up in a riot of the local witch doctors and she is cornered in her school. She screams as they approach her. She has a nervous breakdown afterwards. Cut to Gwen, who is back home in England. She has come to a village called Heddaby. She is going for an interview to be the new teacher. She meets the Reverend Alan Bax(Alec McCowen) and chats to him. He gives her the job and she meets his journalist sister, Stephanie(Kay Walsh). Gwen goes to the cottage where she will live and she meets her maid, Valerie(Michele Dotrice). She asks Valerie where the church is and finds out that there is none. Alan isn't a real Reverend. He shows Gwen the ruins of the old church. Alan wanted to be a priest, but he couldn't so he pretends to be.

Gwen meets Sally, the other teacher. Gwen gets caught up in a situation with a young girl called Linda, who is courting a boy called Ronnie. The locals do not like it. Linda misses school. Gwen gets a not saying that Linda's grandmother has hurt her. Gwen calls to see her but is met by hostility by grandma. The grandma has an evil cat who follows Gwen. Ronnie suddenly becomes ill and is taken away  in an ambulance. Ronnie's mother has an argument with the grandma over it. Linda's doll is found with pins sticking into it. Gwen talks to Stephanie about witchcraft and Stephanie wants to write a piece about it.  She wants Gwen to help her.  Ronnie is taken away from the village by his mother.

Weird things start to happen around the village and Gwen wonders if there is witchcraft there. She sees witch doctor symbols and she faints. She wakes up in hospital. She thinks she is having another nervous breakdown. She tries to work out what is going on. She escapes from the hospital and she goes back to the village.She finds Stephanie and stays with her. She wanders around and visits the old church. She discovers that Stephanie and the rest of the village are in a coven. They want her to be one of them Stephanie is going to call the Devil by sacrificing Linda. She wants to live longer by using Linda.  Gwen stops it by cutting herself and ruining the ritual. Stephanie dies. It turns out that Stephanie was the real evil and controlled all of the others. Everyone seems to wake up and the movie ends with the village returning to normal and the villagers happy.

I enjoyed this film. It was a good Hammer horror movie. There isn't much in the way of scares in this, but it is entertaining and fun. Fontaine is good in the lead role and I liked the ending where she discovers the witches. This is worth a look for anyone who enjoys old horror movies and I recommend it! I will give it a 6/10.

Friday, March 8, 2019

What Have You Done to Solange? Movie Review

What Have You Done to Solange? is a 1972 giallo  movie directed by Massimo Dallamano and starring Fabio Testi, Cristina Galbo and Joachim Fuchsberger.

A couple are kissing and the girl, Elizabeth(Galbo) sees a girl being killed. Her lover, Enrico(Testi) is angry but they look around and there is nothing to see. Elizabeth says that she saw a knife. Enrico doesn't believe her until he hears about the murder on the radio. He realises that she was telling the truth. Enrico goes back to the same spot for another look. He is a teacher at a school, St. Mary's college. The police are there. They show photographs of the girl. Enrico is spotted in a photograph at the crime scene. The cops ask him questions. They ask him where he was. He lies and he says that he was alone at the time. He is actually having an affair with a student. He is married. The cops find a pen at the crime scene. Enrico rents a flat and he asks his lover, Elizabeth over to see him. Someone follows her.  Enrico gets a phone call but there is nobody there. Inspector Barth(Fuchsberger) comes over to see him and has the pen. Enrico's wife says that it is his pen. He confesses to being with Elizabeth.

The killer strikes again. Elizabeth has dreams about the killing. She calls Enrico as she is scared. She says the killer was wearing a priest's outfit. She tells the principal of the school . The priests there are not happy. The killer breaks into Enrico's flat drowns Elizabeth as she is there waiting for Enrico. The cops take Enrico into custody but Barth doesn't think that he is the killer. The inspector interviews the landlord. He says that he saw someone and that he had a beard. The cops let Enrico go. Barth comes into the school and he asks the students about a priest. There is a priest who comes there sometimes. One of the dead girls took confession from that priest. Enrico goes to see the boyfriend of one of the dead girls. He tells him about a girl called Solange(Camille Keaton) who went missing.
Enrico asks some of the school girls about Solange.

The girls are hiding something. One of the girls gets a call to meet her boyfriend at an amusement park. The police know and they are going to be there to see what happens. Solange is there also. One of the girls talks to her. She asks the girl to come with her. The girl asks her why she disappeared. The girl disappears with Solange and she is led to the killer who murders her. The truth comes out when the cops find out that Solange was the school Principal's daughter. She was in a club with the girls from the school but she got pregnant. They forced her to have an abortion against her will. Her father confesses to the police that he murdered all of the other girls in the club in revenge for what happened. His daughter went insane after the abortion and he blamed them for what happened to Solange. He dressed as a priest and put on a beard to disguise himself. He gets a gun from his desk and he shoots himself in the head.

I enjoyed this film. I liked the mystery throughout and the reveal at the end was fun. I liked the creepy feel and there were some pretty brutal killings in this one. The cast were pretty good and the story had some twists and turns which is always entertaining. If you enjoy giallo movies, then I would recommend this one. There is a lot to enjoy and it kept me guessing until the very end. I will give this a 6/10.

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