Saturday, July 27, 2019

Summer of '84 Movie Review

Summer of '84 is a 2018 horror movie directed by François Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell and starring Graham Verchere, Tiera Skovbye and Rich Sommer.

A teenager called Davey(Verchere) is helping a neighbour called Mr.Mackey(Sommer) move some furniture. He sees a locked door in his basement. The year is 1984 and there is a serial killer called the Cape May Slayer on the loose. The killer has disposed of thirteen teenagers. Davey and his friends are discussing it. Davey wonders if Mackey has something to hide. His friends think that he is being silly but Davey starts to watch him. A local kid disappears and he realises that they saw him in Mackey's house when he was spying on him. His face is on a milk carton. Davey and his pals talk about what has happened. Mackey is a cop so they will find it hard to prove his guilt. They look through his garbage but find nothing. Dave has a crush on a girl called Nikki(Skovbye) and he tells her what is happening.

They see Mackey buying a pick axe and bags of dirt. Davey plants a walkie talkie outside Mackey's house, hoping to pick up something incriminating but  Mackie catches him. They dig up his garden but there is nothing there. Davey looks into his shed and the t shirt of the missing teen is in there. Mackey has chemicals in a storage unit. They think that he uses them to dissolve the bodies. Davey tells his parents. They don't believe him at all. They make him go over to Mackey and tell him everything. Mackey seems to treat it as a joke. He has an answer for everything. Davey's friends don't want to spy on Mackey anymore. Mackey calls to see Davey and he says that he wants to make peace. Davey realises that Mackey has lied to him. A news report says that the serial killer has been caught, but Davey doesn't believe that the guy is the actual killer since Mackey caught him. Mackey is being hailed as a hero.

Davey wants to break into Mackey's basement for proof that he is the real killer. He takes Nikki and his friend , Woody with him to keep a look out for Mackey. They go down to the basement and there is a dead body in there along with another victim who is not dead yet. They help him to escape. Mackey has photographs of his victims on the wall. There is also a picture of Davey with his family. They go to the police to tell them everything. Mackey disappears. He is hiding in Davey's attic. He comes out at night and he kidnaps Woody and Davey. They  are taken to the woods. He chases them. He catches Woody and kills him. He grabs Davey and he tells him that he will come back and he will get him in the future. He leaves Davey there. Someone finds him and helps him. The movie ends with Mackey still on the loose and Davey waiting for him to return and kill him.

This was a fun film. It was like The Goonies, but a much darker version. It starts out as a mystery film, but as time goes on, it gets a bit darker and the ending makes it more like a thriller. The open ending is interesting also. I enjoyed this a lot. It was set in the 1980's which I really liked and the story was quite fun. I enjoyed the nostalgic feel to this and all in all, it was well worth my time. I definitely recommend it if you haven't seen it already. I will give it a 7/10.


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