Monday, August 19, 2019

Dead End Movie Review

Dead End is a 2003 French horror movie directed by Jean-Baptiste Andrea and starring Ray Wise, Lin Shaye, Alexandra Holden and Mick Cain.

The film begins with a family who are on their way to dinner. Frank (Wise) is driving and when everyone else falls asleep, he does too. He crashes the car. He took a shortcut and they don't really know where they are. Frank is with his wife, Laura(Shaye), his daughter Marion(Holden), her boyfriend, Brad and Marion's brother, Richard(Cain). Frank thinks he saw a woman in the forest. She was dressed in white. She approaches them and she looks injured plus she has a baby in her arms. They offer to give her a lift. They ask her questions about how she got there. She doesn't answer them. They find an old cabin and they look around. There is nobody there.

Brad is left in the car with the girl and she tells him that her baby's name is Amy. She tells him that her baby is dead. Frank hears a scream coming from the car and he runs back. Brad has gone. Marion sees him screaming in the back of a black car which has suddenly appeared. They find Brad's dead body on the road. They want to get out of there. They drive off in search of a road out. Their tyre blows and they have to stop. Marion says that she is pregnant. Richard is smoking pot in the woods. He meets a girl and she kisses him. She hurts his mouth. He gets taken away in the black car. They chase it, but it is too late. They find Richard's dead body on the road. Laura is losing it. She is saying weird things. Frank thinks that the woman in white was a ghost.

They have a gun. Laura grabs it and shoots at Frank. She hits him in the leg. Marion and Frank get away from her. She sees people in the woods. They see the black car and Frank shoots at it. Laura dies. Frank is going to kill himself. Marion stops him. She tells him that they need to drive away.  Frank wants to walk through the woods. They find a fence. They think that they have found something but they have been going around in circles. Frank goes mad. He knocks Marion out.
The woman in white shows up and Frank follows her. He gets killed. Marion wakes up and there are shadows everywhere. She walks along the road. She meets the woman in white. She tells Marion that she is not here for her. It turns out that there was a car crash. Marion was the only one who survived. Frank fell asleep and he crashed into a woman and her baby. Police show up and a doctor. He tells her what happened. Marion ends up getting a lift in the black car. Was it all real? The film ends with someone finding a note written by Frank at the scene. We are left wondering was it all real or was it part of the dream....

This was a weird film. The story was odd but that isn't a bad thing at all. I watched this because Ray Wise was in it and I always enjoy his performances. The cast were fine in this. The story was unusual and the twist was not unexpected. I figured it out, but the ending leaves you with the idea that it was  real after all. It was a decent thriller/horror movie. I enjoyed it and there were some eerie scenes.
I recommend this one and I will give it a 6/10.


Tony Briley said...

Good review. I remember this movie and 6/10 is fair and everything you said about the ending being predictable but with a little more was right on.

Unknown said...

Thanks Tony!

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