Friday, November 29, 2019

Boar Movie Review

Boar is a 2017 Australian horror movie directed by Chris Sun and starring Nathan Jones, John Jarratt, Bill Moseley, Roger Ward and Simone Buchanan.

A couple are in the outback in Australia. They get attacked by something. It is large and it is nasty.
Cut to a family who are travelling in Australia. They are Bruce(Moseley), his wife Debbie(Buchanan), her daughter Ella( Christie-Lee Britten), her son Bart(Griffin Walsh) and Ella's boyfriend, Robert(Hugh Sheridan). They are visiting  Bernie(Nathan Jones) who is an uncle. He is a giant of a man and he  lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, a local man encounters the boar and suffers a painful death. Two locals called Ken(Jarratt) and Blue(Ward) are out in the bush. They see people camping. They go to investigate and they find that the people have been savagely attacked by some creature. They spot the boar. They have no bullets for the rifle Blue goes back to the car to get them. Ken stays with the people at the camp. The boar shows up and it kills Blue.

A couple are attacked in the woods by the boar. The girl is half alive and Ken finds her. He tries to lead the boar away from her but he ends up getting killed. Bernie takes everyone for a walk. They stay while he leaves to go to the local bar where he meets Sasha(Melissa Tkautz), who is Kens daughter. She is worried because her dad has not made contact with her. She asks him to keep an eye out. He is driving along when his truck is hit by the boar. He wakes up later and he grabs his rifle and knife. Robert and Bruce go to find Bernie. Sasha decides to drive out to the bush to find her dad. Bruce gets killed by the boar. Bernie shoots at it but doesn't kill it. Robert tells the others what is happening. He tells them to run. He is the next victim of the big pig. Bernie finds Deb, Ella and Bart. The boar gets Bart.

Bernie and the boar have a right old scrap. He gets gored by it but he doesn't go down without a fight. Ella and Debbie are left. They light a ring of fire around themselves to keep it back. It is waiting for them. Sasha shows up in her truck and she drives into the big pig. Debbie shoots it also to make sure that it is dead. The movie ends with Bart and Bernie surviving the attack. But, who has also survived???The boar, of course!! You can't keep a wild boar down for long!

I found this film a lot of fun. There are obvious comparisons to the 1984 Aussie pig horror, Razorback but this is more modern. I think that this was made cheaply but it doesn't take away from the film at all. I really found it so enjoyable. The guy Bernie was a highlight of this film. He is such a huge guy and the fight between him and the pig was pure fun. I liked the inclusion of John Jarratt and Roger Ward. They are always good in everything. All in all, this is a fun monster movie. There are some gory scenes, which were good and the ending didn't disappoint either. I recommend this one. I thought it was very entertaining. I will give it a7/10.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

The Kiss of the Vampire Movie Review

The Kiss of the Vampire is a 1963 Hammer horror movie directed by Don Sharp and starring Clifford Evans, Noel Willman, Edward de Souza and Jennifer Daniel.

The film begins with someone being buried. A man stakes the body in the coffin. There is a vampire in there. Cut to a newly married couple,Gerald Harcourt(de Souza) and his wife, Marianne(Daniel).
Their car has broken down on the road. Gerald leaves to get petrol. Marianne is alone on the road. Someone is watching. Gerald returns and they go to the local hotel. The couple who run it are Bruno(Peter Madden) and his wife Anna(Vera Cook). Bruno is friendly, but Anna is very sullen. They go to their room and receive a letter from a local man called Dr. Ravna(Willman), who wants them to go to his house for dinner. They decide to go and they meet the man himself, along with his daughter Sabena(Jacquie Wallis) and his son, Carl(Barry Warren).

We see the body in the coffin from the beginning of the movie. It has come alive. It is a girl. She is a vampire. She is the daughter of the man who staked her. His name is Professor Zimmer(Evans) and she bites him. He runs home and he cauterises the wound before he gets infected. Gerald and Marianne wonder why Anna is so sad. They discover that she had a daughter. Sabena and Carl come to visit them at the hotel. They invite them to a party at Ravna's house. Zimmer sees this and he warns Marianne to be careful. At the party, something evil is afoot. Carl pretends to be Gerald and he leads Marianne upstairs. He locks her into a room. Ravner is in there. It is revealed that he is a bloodsucker and he bites her.

Sabena puts something into Gerald's drink and he passes out. The next morning, he looks for his wife, but they all deny that she was there. He is confused. They throw him out of the house. He doesn't know what is happening. Professor Zimmer finds him and helps him back to the hotel. Bruno pretends that he doesn't know who Marianne is. There is something weird going on. All of her clothes have gone. Gerald calls the local police, but they don't want to help him because of who Ravna is.
Zimmer believes him and he wants to help. He tells him about his daughter and he knows that Ravna was the one who made her into a vampire. He tells Gerald that they will get Marianne back. Gerald breaks into Ravna's house and he finds Annas daughter there. She tricks him and he is caught. He talks to Ravna who tells him that Marianne is his now. He almost gets bitten, but he escapes.

Zimmer shows up and they grab Marianne. They realise that Ravna is going to try and get her back. He calls her and she wanders back to the house. Zimmer performs a ceremony to destroy Ravner and his cronies. He traps them in the house and he does his thing. Bats come from nowhere and they attack all of the vampires, killing them. Marianne is safe and she returns to normal. End of story. This was a fun film. Hammer movies usually are. There was a lot to like about it. The story wasn't that original really, but the cast were good . The ending with the bats attacking everyone was hilarious, I thought, but that didn't take away from the film. It is an early Hammer offering and you can see that it was certainly inspired by Horror of Dracula. All in all, a decent vampire film with a funny ending. I recommend it. I will give it a 6/10.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Blood Diner Movie Review

Blood Diner is a 1987 horror movie directed by Jackie Kong and starring Rick Burks and Carl Crew.

The film begins with two kids who are left ancient Sumerian charms by their crazy uncle who is then shot by the cops. Cut to twenty years later and the two kids have grown up. They are Michael(Burks) and George(Crew). They dig up their dead uncle and they take his brain. They perform some sort of rite and they bring him back. His brain and his eyes are kept and he takes control from his jar! He tells the brothers that they need to bring an ancient goddess back to life. Her name is Sheetar and they need to harvest body parts from young women and attach them to make Sheetar appear. The two brothers own a diner so they use this as a front for their dastardly deeds.

Women begin to die. They end up in the diner and they end up being chopped up by the brothers.
Michael meets a woman called Connie and he likes her. He hypnotises her and he gives her an amulet. The police are investigating the murders. Michael and George are piecing together their body for Sheetar. They are told that they need a blood buffet for her. The uncle directs them. They go searching for victims. They are looking for trashy ladies. They get a couple and dispose of them in their diner. The cops find an amulet and they take it to an expert. They find out about Sheetar and her cult. They find out that she will need a sacrificial virgin. Michael is working on that. He asks Connie to go out with him.

The cops are getting closer to the brothers. George attacks a girl, but she fights him.She dies anyway but her boyfriend is there. He talks to the cops. He tells them what happened. Connie's father is a policeman and he is on their case. He remembers their uncle and what happened with him. Micheal has Connie and he is going to use her as the sacrificial virgin. Everything gets crazier from here. Sheetar is brought back and she kills people. The cops know it was Michael and George and they want to arrest them. Unfortunately, the brothers have made some weird brew and they give it to people at a nightclub and it turns them into monsters. The cops are there, but they are surrounded by crazy people.  They shoot Michael, but George gets eaten by Sheetar who has a massive appetite!
The cops manage to get out of the place. The bodies are taken away but Sheetar is not among them. She is on the streets!!

What can I say about this film? It's weird and crazy! There are so many things happening and it just makes you laugh because it is pretty ridiculous. It is fun, though. You don't need to use your brain, just sit back and enjoy it. It is not a great film, but it is funny in parts and the craziness will keep you watching. I liked it and I would recommend it. Just don't expect too much! I will give it a 5/10.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Return of the Living Dead Part 2 Movie Review

Return of the Living Dead Part 2 is a 1988 horror movie sequel directed by Ken Wiederhorn and starring Michael Kenworthy, Marsha Dielein, Dana Ashbrook and James Karen.

The movie begins by telling us about the dangerous toxic liquid, trioxin. It is being destroyed. There is an army truck transporting barrels of  the chemical. One of the barrels falls out into the river. A kid called Jesse(Kenworthy) is being chased by kids and he ends up in a tunnel by the river. The kids discover the barrel and they open it. There is a creature inside. Jesse says he is going to call the army about it so the other two lock him inside a mausoleum. Gas from the barrel is released into the graveyard and the air. Three teens are there looking to loot graves. They go to the mausoleum and Jesse is freed. It begins to rain and the rain mixes with the gas. You can see where this is going..
Corpses start to rise.

Jesse goes home and his sister Lucy(Dielein) is there. She is in charge. She tells him to do his homework. A cable repairman called Tom(Ashbrook) arrives and Lucy gets distracted by him. Jesse sneaks out to see his friend Billy who opened the barrel earlier. Billy isn't looking so good. He is sick. The undead begin to surface and Jesse sees them and tarman. He tells his sister about the zombies. He wants to call the army to tell them what has happened. Lucy thinks that he has imagined it and she locks him into his room. He calls the army.  The grave robbers meet the zombies and they have to fight them off. They go to Billy's house for help, but his dad warns them off with a shotgun. Jesse talks to a Colonel Glover(Jonathan Terry) but he gets cut off.

The grave robbers come to Lucy and Jesse's house and they tell them what has happened. One of them, Joey, feels ill. The zombies are getting into the house. Tom is attacked. Billy has turned into one of them. He kills his mother. Another of the grave robbers, Ed, is changing into one also. They try and drive to the hospital to get help. They have help from a local doctor. He looks at Joey and he says that something is badly wrong with him. Tom, Jesse and Lucy look around town. It is deserted. They drive to their granddad's house and get his guns. Ed and Joey are turning. They run into army guys, who are on the way after Jesse's call. Ed attacks them and they run away. Joey has turned and he eats his girlfriend, Brenda.

Tom, Jesse and Lucy come up with a plan. Tom gets hold of some animal brains and he makes a trail of them to lead the zombies to the power station. They have a plan to blow them all up. They turn off the power and the zombies arrive at the gates. Tom sets a trap for them. The zombies climb inside and the open the gate. They flood the place. Tom sends Jesse out to drive a truck that they are hiding in.
Jesse crashes it into the power station. Billy is after Jesse. Tom and Lucy are stuck inside the truck as Jesse has to get away from him. Jesse manages to turn on the power. The zombies get electrocuted. Billy also gets fried. The army guys finally arrive and Tom and the others are safe.

This was an enjoyable film. It follows on nicely from the first one and I think it is a pretty good sequel. I liked seeing Dana Ashbrook in this. He did a good job. I thought that the story was fun and the ending was decent. All in all, this was an entertaining film and I would certainly recommend it, especially if you enjoyed the first film. I haven't finished watching these movies yet. I haven't seen the fourth film or the fifth so I hope to get around to them soon. This one gets a 5/10.

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