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The Video Dead Movie Review

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The Video Dead is a 1987 horror movie directed by Robert Scott and starring Roxanna Augesen and Rocky Duvall.

The film begins with two delivery men who drop a television off to a Mr. Jordan, who is a writer. He takes it inside and plugs it in. There is a weird zombie movie on it. He switches it off, but it comes back on again by itself. He tries plugging it out but the same thing happens. The zombies emerge from the TV and they kill him. The two delivery men come back. It turns out that it was a mistake. The TV was meant to go to the paranormal institute. It is left in the house as the body of the writer is found. Three months later, the house has been sold. A teenager, Zoe(Augesen) and her brother Jeff(Duvall) are moving into the house before their parents arrive.

A  man called Joshua Daniels(
Sam David McClelland) calls to the house. He is looking for a package that was delivered there. A TV. The TV is in the attic. Jeff hears a woman talking and calling him. He finds the TV and brings it down. Jeff meets a local girl called April(Vickie Bastel). Her dog runs off and they look for it. April tells Jeff about the writer and his death. They discover the dog's body. Jeff turns on the TV and he sees a weird zombie movie. A woman shows up on the screen. She talks to Jeff and then she appears out of the TV. She goes back into it and she gets killed. A man talks to Jeff on TV and shows him that the woman is a zombie. He tells Jeff that they look human. He is called the 'Garbage Man'. He gets rid of the zombies. He says that Jeff is in danger and warns him to lock the TV in the basement. He tells him to get a mirror and put it next to the screen. Jeff does it. Something tries to attack him and he chops its hand off and puts it in a bag and throws it into the garbage disposal.

The zombies are out and about and they converge on April's house. They kill her father. The zombies go to other house's too and they kill more people. The police come to April's house. Jeff goes to see what's going on. Joshua Daniels calls to the house and Jeff lets him in. He tells Joshua what happened. Joshua says that he tried to destroy the TV but he couldn't, so he packed it up and tried to get rid of it. Zoe doesn't know what is going on. She thinks Joshua is crazy. April is abducted by one of the undead.
Zoe sees it and she becomes a believer. Daniels needs mirrors to keep the zombies away. They hang them outside the house. Jeff and Daniels decide to go and get the undead pests. They go into the woods and attack. April is dead. They try and get rid of all of the zombies. They can't kill the female one and she ends up wounding Daniels. She chases Jeff with a chainsaw. Joshua dies and Jeff tries to battle the female flesh muncher alone. He decapitates her but she kills him before she dies.

The zombies rise once again. Zoe waits for Jeff and Joshua. The zombies have the house surrounded. She goes out and talks to them. She invites them inside. She gives them food. She leads them to the basement. They realise what she is doing and they start to eat each other and return to the TV. The movie ends with Zoe's parents coming to visit her in an institution. They have brought the TV with them. Zoe screams when the movie comes back on the screen and her fate is sealed...

I liked this. It is meant to be a comedy so you don't take it seriously at all. It was a lot of fun. The zombies were pretty decent in it also. I liked the idea of the TV and the zombies within. There were some good scenes and it was enjoyable overall. It is worth watching for some 80's fun. It kept me entertained and I think it will pass ninety minutes nicely. I will give it a 5/10.



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