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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 5, Episode 2

Last time, we saw that Rick and the group had escaped from Terminus and were on the path once again. In this episode, there is an eerie feeling that someone has been watching the group. Daryl is unsettled by it. While they are on the road, they hear a voice calling for help. They approach to see what is happening and they find a priest called Gabriel(Seth Gilliam) surrounded by walkers. He doesn't have any weapons and he is defenceless. They help him out and he tells them who he is. They do not trust him as they wonder how he has survived alone. He leads them to his church. He tells them that he has been surviving on cans that were for a food drive and that he has looked in the area for anything that he could find. He tells them that there is a food bank nearby but that it has been overrun with walkers. Some of the group go to get supplies there.

Carl notices that there are knife marks outside on the window of the church and written on the wall is a sentence- 'you'll burn for this', suggesting that this priest is not what he seems. Daryl and Carol find a car which is working. They all have a celebration that night and Abraham asks them to come to Washington with him and Eugene to get the cure. They all decide to go. Carol and Daryl are outside chatting when they see a car flying by. Daryl recognises it as the one in which Beth was taken and they give chase in their car.

Bob steps outside of the church for a moment and gets emotional. He gets hit from behind and taken away. When he awakes, he is at a campsite and he is faced with Gareth(Andrew J. West) who was one of the leaders of Terminus. He isn't happy that Rick and the group destroyed their little party, so he tells Bob that they have become hunters now and they need food. Bob looks down at his leg and realises that it has gone. He sees it on the fire and  he sees the others eating it. Gareth informs him that it tastes better than he thought it would.

This was an interesting episode, with a new character, the priest and the new baddies, the hunters. It is shaping up to be a great season already...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chillerama Movie Review 342

Chillerama is a 2011 horror comedy directed by different people. It is an anthology with four different stories. There is a main story linking everything together.

Basically this movie begins in a drive in movie theatre and there are monster movies being shown. The owner of the theatre is  going to close it down so there is one final showing of the movies.
A worker at the theatre digs up his dead wife's corpse for sex but ends up getting bitten by her instead so he begins to change into a zombie. This film has a story about a man who takes an experimental
drug for his low sperm count, but becomes horrified when his sperm emerges and takes over New York. The second story is about a gay werewolf. The third is a parody of Anne Frank and it shows Hitler trying to create a monster. The last segment is about crap, literally. The movie ends with zombies taking over the drive in.

I have to say that I am not really a fan of comic horror movies. Maybe there are exceptions, but this one I really disliked. I hated it, in fact. I just found it irritating and silly which is probably what it is meant to be, but I just couldn't enjoy it at all. It's not my kind of film. I know that it is a spoof and that you have to go with that, but I just couldn't like it at all. But if you enjoy that kind of silliness, you will enjoy this. So, anyway, this gets a 1/10.
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