Saturday, May 18, 2019

Rogue Movie Review

Rogue is a 2007 horror movie directed by Greg McLean and starring Sam Worthington, Radha Mitchell and Michael Vartan.

The movie begins in the Northern Territory in Australia. A crocodile comes out of the water and attacks a cow. It is a big crocodile. An American called Pete McKell(Vartan) is taking a wildlife tour. It is a tour watching crocodiles in the river. He is with a few others. The wildlife expert leading the tour is called Kate Ryan(Mitchell). They see some crocs and meet two guys in the water. They are Neil(Worthington) and Collin. Kate knows them and she moves the tour back to the start. They see a flare in the sky. Kate needs to see if someone needs rescuing. They find an upturned boat and something hits their boat. Their boat fills with water. They have to stop. The radio isn't working. Everyone starts to panic. They need to cross the river.  A crocodile is in the river. Pete is worried.
Neil and Collin pass them, but don't help. The crocodile knocks their boat over and  Collin gets attacked. Neil is okay. They end up on an island in the middle of the river. They need to move though, as by nighttime, the island will be covered with water.

Neil decides to swim across and set up a line for them to climb across.  Neil swims over and he meets the crocodile. He is killed. One of the tourists falls off the line and gets eaten too. Pete finds a huge hook and he wants to keep the croc still while they cross over. They find dead fish to use. They get ready to swim across. The crocodile comes. They have to run for it. Kate is still in the water. The crocodile attacks her. Pete swims to save her. She is gone. Pete finds a cave and he falls down into a cavern filled with water. There are dead bodies there and Kate is in there too. The crocodile is coming back to its lair. He wants his food. The crocodile goes for a sleep. Pete wants to get Kate out. The crocodile wakes up  and chases him. He injures it. He has a spike and he sticks it into the crocodile. He kills it. He carries Kate out and the police have come. The survivors from the tour are there. Kate is airlifted to hospital.

I really liked this film. It was a lot of fun and there were some great scenes with the crocodile. It had a good story and I liked the monster croc. It had a good cast too including John Jarratt! This is a pretty straightforward movie. I mean, it is a story of man versus crocodile but it works very well. I had a good time watching this and I highly recommend it. I enjoyed it a lot. I will give it an 8/10.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Ghosthouse Movie Review

Ghosthouse is a 1988 horror movie directed by Umberto Lenzi and starring Lara Wendel and Greg Scott.

The movie begins with a man in a house. He finds his cat dead. His daughter did it. He locks her in the basement. He is murdered along with his wife. Cut to twenty years later, a radio operator called Paul(Greg Scott) hears a weird call for help on the radio. His girlfriend, Martha(Lara Wendel) is there too. They hear a strange voice. There is weird music playing in the background. Paul is disturbed by it. They decide to go and find where the signal came from. It comes from an old, spooky house. Martha is scared by it. Paul wants to go inside and look around. They are caught by a guy called Jim(Martin Jay). They tell him why they are there. It was his voice on the radio, along with his sister Tina(Kate Silver) but he says that it wasn't them. Martha looks around. She sees weird things and gets frightened. Jim and Paul take her outisde to tcalm her down.

There is a camper van outside. It belongs to Jim. Tina is there and a guy called Mark and a girl, Susan. Tina sees a child with a doll on her tv. Blood is coming from the child's eyes. The camper van shakes with her inside. Jim also sees the child, who is a little girl. Tina wanders into the house. She disovers Jim dead. There is a dog inside the house too and a weird guy, who tries to attack Tina. She manages to escape. Mark chases the weirdo and he tries to take him down. He gets hurt. Paul is looking for Jim. He finds his dead body. Tina tells Martha about the little girl. Martha finds a strange doll. Its face changes. A clown attacks her. She is hysterical when Paul finds her.

The police are called. They take Jim's dead body away. A cop called Ferguson(William J. Devany) tells the group about a double murder which took place in the house twenty years earlier. A little girl called Henrietta was found in the cellar, dead. The police are looking for the caretaker guy. Everyone is going to leave. Paul is convinced that they received a telepathic message. He discovers that a man called Sam Baker had a funeral home and that he was Henrietta's father. Tina and the others are going to leave but their camper van stops working. Paul and Martha visit the funeral home. They talk to the new owner. He tells them that Sam uses to steal things from the dead bodies. He tells them that Sam stole a doll that was meant to be buried with its owner. The weird caretaker guy, Valkos, is hiding at the funeral home and he kills the owner..

Tina is the next to die in the house. Paul goes to the graveyard. Valkos shows up at the house. He tries to kill Martha. Paul talks to the man who works in the graveyard. He tells Paul that there have been killings. Martha wanders into the crypt where Henrietta is buried. She gets hit by something. Valkos ends up dead. Paul hears Martha shouting for help. He gets her out of the crypt. Mark is in the house, looking for Tina and Susan. He finds a little girl and her doll. He also finds Tina's dead body. He falls through the floor into some sort of slime. He climbs out but gets stabbed by Susan, who doesn't realise it is him. She ends up in the crypt and shees Henrietta, who is a skeleton like creature. Paul pours gasoline over it. He sets it alights and it burns. Susan is saved. The police come and take the dead bodies away. Everything is fine. Right? Wrong. Susan leaves. Martha sees the evil doll in the window of the house as they leave. Poor Paul gets run over by a bus. Happy ending!

This is a weird film. Really weird. Stuff just happens for no reason and the whole thing is very strange. I liked parts of it and there were some creepy scenes,but this is not a great film. It is watchable but the acting is bad and sometimes, it was just silly. Having said that, it was one that I had on my list for quite a while and I am glad that I got around to watching it. Despite the flaws, this is not a bad way to spend 90 minutes. It is a ghost story at heart so I would recommend it as such. I will give this one a 5/10.
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