Friday, October 23, 2020

Rent A Pal Movie Review


 Watch trailer here.

Rent-A-Pal is a 2020 thriller directed by Jon Stevenson and starring Wil Wheaton and Brian Landis Folkins.

 The movie begins in 1990 with a man called David(Folkins), who is looking through dating videos. He looks at various women. He lives with his mother, who is old and ill. He is her carer. The company that supplies the dating videos are called Video Rendezvous. David is hoping for a match but there is none. He is told that he should record a new video to get more interest. David isn't very confident with women and it shows when he records his video. He discovers a video called Rent A Pal and he is intrigued. He takes it home with him. He decides to watch it. There is a guy on it called Andy(Wheaton) and he wants to be pals with David. David doesn't know what to think about it and he stops it but it comes back on again. Andy talks to David about his life. David begins to reply.

David gets a call from Video Rendezvous telling him that he has gotten some interest from a girl. It turns out to be a mistake and David is very upset over it. He goes back to Andy and they talk about what happened. Andy tells him stories about things that happened to him. They interact more. David starts to play it constantly. They play games and they swap stories. They become real friends. David ends up masturbating to Andy's sex stories. He gets caught by his mother. He goes mad and he has a fight with her. She is very upset. Andy laughs. Video Rendezvous calls and tells David that he has a match. Her name is Lisa(Amy Rutledge). They agree to meet for a date. They do and they get along very well. She likes David and he likes her. He is happy. He goes to tell Andy about it. Andy isn't very happy. He tells David that he won't have time to talk to him anymore.

David feels guilty about leaving Andy and he decides that he isn't going to see Lisa. His mother goes missing and he panics. Lisa shows up and she helps him find his mother. They bring her home and David invites her in. They chat and they kiss. The TV comes on and Andy comes on screen. He isn't happy. Lisa asks David about it. David gets mad at her and she leaves. The next day, she calls him and she wants to talk. He cuts her off. He discovers that Andy is missing. The video has gone. His mother has cut it up. He hits her and leaves her on the floor while he goes to Video Rendezvous to get another. Andy comes back up on the screen. He tells David that he doesn't need his mother. Andy pushes her down the stairs and leaves her there. Andy tells David that he is there for him. He is playing on all of the TV's in the house.Lisa shows up and sees what he has done to his mother. He tries to kill her, but she stabs him and escapes. He stumbles to the basement and Andy talks to him. He tells him that he has to say goodbye as David dies.

This is a weird film. I did like the premise, though. I thought that the idea of the sinister video was interesting. This was a tad slow in places and there wasn't enough suspense in it for me. It wasn't scary or creepy at all, but I suppose this isn't meant to be a horror movie. I think that it could have been a lot better overall. I did enjoy Wil Wheaton as the sinister Andy. He did a good job in this. So, I found it middle of the road and I think that it is an interesting watch, but slow. I will give it a 5/10.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Hack- O- Lantern Movie Review


 Trailer here.

Hack -O- Lantern is a 1988 horror movie directed by Jag Mundhra and starring Hy Pike and Gregory Scott Cummins.

The movie begins with grandpa(Pike) coming to visit his grandson, Tommy(Cummins). He brings him a pumpkin for Halloween and he hands him a pendant. Tommy's mother doesn't like grandpa visiting her son. Her husband goes to visit grandpa and warn him to stay away but he ends up seeing a cult and grandpa is part of it. Grandpa kills him. Cut to years later and Tommy is all grown up. He still has the pendant. Grandpa is still around and he tells Tommy that he is going to join his cult tonight. Mother is still not happy but there isn't much she can do about it. She tries to reason with grandpa,but he won't change his mind. There is some sort of weird incest vibe between them.

Tommy's sister is Vera(Carla Baron) and his brother is Roger(Jeff Brown), who happens to be a cop. There is a Halloween party on and Vera is going with her friend, Beth(Patricia Christie). Mother tries to talk to Tommy but he is set on joining grandpa's gang. He has some weird dream about being a band with a woman dancing around and shooting lasers. She dances with Tommy and she sticks a pitchfork through him. Roger talks to mother about Tommy. Beth and Roger meet and they like each other. Roger finds Tommy's Satanic lair. Things are getting out of hand here! An unknown killer is on the prowl and they kill Tommy's gal pal. Vera has a boyfriend called Brian and he and Tommy have a run in. The killer chases Brian and he ends up dead. What is going on in this weird place??

Grandpa and his group have a young girl in their meeting place and they brand her backside with a pentagram. Roger and Beth are getting on really well. Vera and Beth happen to be walking through the cemetery when they come upon Brian's dead body. Vera thinks that Tommy is to blame and she goes looking for him at grandpa's place. She goes there and interrupts the cult's ceremony. Grandpa tells her that she is going to pay for interrupting him. He orders Tommy to kill her, but he won't do it. Grandpa is hopping mad. Vera escapes and gets Beth and they go looking for Roger at the Halloween party. Tommy runs away from grandpa. The killer is at the party and more people die. The cops go to grandpa's barn, but he has hidden all of the cult stuff.

Grandpa shows up at the party and he tries to attack Vera. He is stopped by Roger but he passes his power onto him before he dies. Roger sees the killer and he shoots at them. The killer runs off and goes to the cemetery. It turns out to be mother!!! She is at her husband's grave. Tommy ends up there too and they bond before she dies. The movie ends with Roger becoming the next leader of the cult. What can I say about this film...It was bad. The story was bad, the acting was bad and the ending was bad. I hadn't heard of this one before and I was intrigued by the title, but it did not live up to my expectations at all. It doesn't have enough in it to be a decent Halloween movie. It doesn't have a great story and the kills weren't all that good either. It was just poor overall. Watch at your own peril. I give this a 3/10.

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