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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chillerama Movie Review 342

Chillerama is a 2011 horror comedy directed by different people. It is an anthology with four different stories. There is a main story linking everything together.

Basically this movie begins in a drive in movie theatre and there are monster movies being shown. The owner of the theatre is  going to close it down so there is one final showing of the movies.
A worker at the theatre digs up his dead wife's corpse for sex but ends up getting bitten by her instead so he begins to change into a zombie. This film has a story about a man who takes an experimental
drug for his low sperm count, but becomes horrified when his sperm emerges and takes over New York. The second story is about a gay werewolf. The third is a parody of Anne Frank and it shows Hitler trying to create a monster. The last segment is about crap, literally. The movie ends with zombies taking over the drive in.

I have to say that I am not really a fan of comic horror movies. Maybe there are exceptions, but this one I really disliked. I hated it, in fact. I just found it irritating and silly which is probably what it is meant to be, but I just couldn't enjoy it at all. It's not my kind of film. I know that it is a spoof and that you have to go with that, but I just couldn't like it at all. But if you enjoy that kind of silliness, you will enjoy this. So, anyway, this gets a 1/10.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Walking Dead,Season 5, Episode 1

The Walking Dead opened with a bang this season as we go back to Terminus where Rick and his group were caught in a trailer by the nasty guys in Terminus. It was obvious that there was going to be no sanctuary for all in the place and Rick is ready for war. Rick, Glenn, Daryl and Bob are brought into a room where people are lined up at a trough and then have their throats slit. Rick and the others see more people who have been captured die. There are two guys killing people and it is like an assembly line. Gareth, the head of the baddies, asks Rick what he buried outside and Rick has to tell him about the guns. Glenn is about to get gutted for dinner when there is an explosion outside and everyone stops what they are doing. 

Cut to Carol, Tyreese and the baby. They are walking along when they come across a horde of walkers. They run away and find a cabin. Inside is a guy from Terminus and they overhear him talking about Michonne and the others. They realise that he is not good and they capture him and keep him in the cabin. Carol leaves Tyreese in charge of him and she goes to Terminus to rescue the others. Tyreese has to kill the captive when he threatens the baby. Carol disguises herself as a walker and covers herself in blood to blend in as she heads off to help her friends. She comes to Terminus and gets inside by causing an explosion. In all of the confusion, she is able to sneak inside. The walkers overrun the place and people are getting attacked. She runs into Mary, the leader of Terminus and she confronts her about Rick and the others, Mary tells her that Terminus was a good place at the beginning, but other people came and raped and killed her people until they were able to reclaim it. Carol shoots her and leaves her to be eaten by walkers.

Rick and the others seize their chance to escape and they fight their way out of Terminus. They free the other captives and they shoot everyone they see. They get out into the woods. Rick wants to go back and kill all of the Terminus residents, but the others don't. They suddenly meet Carol and there are plenty of tears and reunions. Rick is delighted to see his daughter. The group decide to head to Washington with Abraham to take Eugene to find the cure. Rick changes the Terminus sign from Sanctuary for all to No Sanctuary. In a post credit scene, a person is walking through the woods. He is wearing a mask. He sees a symbol carved into a tree and he takes off his mask, revealing that he is Morgan, the survivor Rick met in the first season.

What a great season premiere! This episode was all action and it was really good. I enjoyed it . Rick and the others are finally free again and I am looking forward to what will happen next!
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