Saturday, October 16, 2021

The Curse of Halloween Jack Movie Review

Trailer here.

The Curse of Halloween Jack is a 2019 horror movie sequel. It is directed by Andrew Jones and stars Patrick O' Donnell, Tiffany Ceri and Peter Cosgrove.

The movie follows on from the first one. The town of Dunwich has its own cult called The Lords of Samhain. They gather together one night to bring back Halloween Jack. The local cops led by Detective Rockwell(O'Donnell) learn about this and they go to stop them from causing trouble. There is a shootout and the cult members are killed. Halloween comes and the mayor Lou Boyle has banned Halloween because of what happened in the past. His daughter Danielle(Ceri) is going to a Halloween party anyway. She is going with her friend Nancy and two guys, Glen and Tommy. Halloween Jack is on the prowl. He pays a visit to Mayor Boyle first. He electrocutes him and kills his wife too. Glen and Tommy share some really silly chat in a pointless scene. Tommy ends up meeting Jack and he gets murdered.

Rockwell is at the crime scene in the mayor's house. They think it might be a murder suicide. Old man Duke Tanner(Cosgrove) shows up and he has a southern accent. He says that is a hunter and he is hunting Halloween Jack. He also has an eye patch for some reason. His character is very amusing. He is like some old grizzled veteran hunter who just happens to show up and just happens to be looking for Jack. Hmm. He spins some yarns about Jack and how he came back and how he has powers. He also tells them that there is a curse and only he knows how to break it. Halloween Jack kills Nancy and Glen.
He decides to join the party in a ridiculous scene where the party goers shuffle around and try to get killed. Danielle spots him and they share a look between them before she leaves without getting killed.

She ends up at the police station with Stockwell. Halloween Jack makes his way there. He kills Rockwell and old Duke shows up to inform Danielle that they need to get Jack to a place where they can destroy him. He gives some silly speech about druids. Jack needs one of his bloodline to be reborn. Guess what??Danielle happens to be his daughter. How coincidental is that! She was adopted by the mayor and his wife. Tanner just happens to have a dagger which can kill Jack. Those coincidences keep coming. He wants her to use it to banish Jack. We learn that Jack killed Duke's daughter. That is why he is on a mission to kill him. Jack arrives and Tanner faces off with him. There isn't much of a fight and Tanner meets his end easily. For a man who has been planning to kill Jack for years, he isn't much of a fighter. Danielle faces off with Jack. She talks to him about the family unit and then gets close enough to stab him with the dagger. She blows up the place too and Jack seems to have gone back to where he came from. The field. The film ends with a news report saying that Jack's body has not been found. Oh no. Surely this doesn't mean that he will come back for another sequel!!Hopefully not.

This film was worse than the first one. This time Jack has a sack on his head which seems to contain two orange lightbulbs. He isn't very scary. The acting isn't good. The character of Tanner made me laugh. Is this film set in America or Britain? Most of the actors sound British. Tanner had some sort of southern accent. There were a few scenes where the characters just talked about rubbish. This is a bad film. I don't mind that it was cheap and that the acting wasn't great but some of the characters were silly and it wasn't worth my time. I will give it a 3/10.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Great White Movie Review

Trailer here.

Great White is a 2021 horror movie directed by Martin Wilson and starring Aaron JakubenkoKatrina Bowden, Tim Kano and Kimie Tsukakoshi.

The film begins with a couple who get attacked by something in the water. Cut to Charlie(Jakubenko) and his girlfriend Kaz(Bowden) who run a charter service bringing people around to islands in their seaplane. They get a booking. It is a married couple, Joji(Kano) and his wife, Michelle(Tsukakoshi). They want to go to a place called Hell's reef. Charlie and Kaz bring along Benny, who is a cook. Charlie was a marine biologist but he got bitten by a shark and this turned him off the subject. The group land on the island and find a dead body. It is one half of the couple from the start of the film. Charlie realises that the person was killed by a shark. They find a phone and look at pictures of the couple and their boat. They go looking and they find the boat. It has capsized and Benny goes inside for a look. There is a dead body in there. A shark comes out of nowhere and attacks them. The sea plane starts to sink. They get onto a raft. Michelle drops a paddle into the water and Kaz goes to get it.

The shark doesn't get her. Joji is arguing with Benny and he pushes him into the water. Benny isn't so lucky and he gets taken by the shark. Charlie has a knife and he thinks that if he can get close enough to it, then he can kill it. The shark upturns their raft. Joji is the next to be chomped by the shark. It has also punctured the raft. They need to do something. Just their luck- there are two sharks!! Michelle sees the shore and they paddle to get there. The two sharks are not far behind. Charlie decides that he is going to distract the shark long enough to let the others get to shore but it ends up being Kaz and Charlie who distract it. Michelle swims for shore.  Kaz and Charlie look for the shark. Kaz shoots it with a flare and Charlie stabs it. Michelle gets stranded on an old wreck. Kaz and Charlie chase the other shark. Charlie gets attacked. Kaz gets to the wreck and stays with Michelle until the shark comes back for them. They have to swim for shore. Kaz manages to stick a spike into the second shark and kill it. The two girls swim away.

This was a decent shark film. It was a little talky in parts, but there was a lot of good shark action and the ending was pretty good. I am a fan of shark films and this one wasn't that original, but I think that it was fun. If you enjoy these kinds of films, then this one will appeal to you. I will give it a 5/10.
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