Tuesday, April 25, 2017

976 Evil Movie Review

976-Evil is a 1988 horror movie directed by Robert Englund and starring Stephen Geoffreys and Sandy Dennis.

Spike(Patrick O'Bryan) finds a card with a number on it. He calls the number. It's a fortune telling phone service, but it is something far more sinister than that. His aunt is called Lucy(Dennis) and she is very religious and her son is called Hoax(Geoffreys). He looks up to his cousin Spike and he follows him around. He is a total geek and he gets bullied by some of Spike's pals. Spike is the opposite of Hoax. He is cool and he gets girls easily. Spike saves Hoax from the bullies and he looks out for him. Spike calls the weird number again and it tells him to steal something. Spike won't do it and he tells it to get lost. Later, he almost gets run over by a car. Coincidence?

Hoax finds t he number and he rings it. It tells him to go to the cinema to meet his dream girl. He ends up  meeting Spike's girlfriend and they go for a pizza. Hoax gets beaten up by the bullies. They put in into a dumpster. He calls the number again and he listens to the voice on the phone. He gets out his spider and performs some sort of ritual and at the same time, spiders turn up in the girlfriend's dinner  and she freaks out and hits her head and she dies. Hoax is not happy with that. He only wanted to scare her. There's a private investigator called Marty(Jim Metzler) who is nosing around also.

Hoax begins to change. He is not looking himself and he has got a set of talons with which he attacks
one of the bullies. He begins to turn into something nasty. Marty is snooping around and he hears the call. Hoax is being possessed through the phone and he has turned evil. Marty answers the phone and he gets electrocuted but he is okay. Hoax deals with the bullies once and for all. Anyway, the gist of it is that Spike and Hoax face off. Hoax has turned into a devilish creature and he is going to kill Spike.
Hoax ends up falling into a pit of fire and being destroyed. Spike survives. The movie ends with the  evil phone line starting up again, waiting for the next victim...

I liked this film. It is very simple, but good entertainment. Englund did a pretty good job here. I remembered Geoffreys from Fright Night, which he was also good in also. He plays the nerd really well in this film. I like the idea of an evil phone line. That was interesting. I liked the way that Hoax turned from nice guy into some sort of evil devil thing! It was good fun, I thought and I will give it a 5/10.

Monday, April 24, 2017

13 Eerie Movie Review

13 Eerie is a 2013 horror movie directed by Lowell Dean and starring Katharine Isabelle, Brendan Fehr and Brendan Fletcher.

Six forensic students go to an island called Eerie Strait,which used to be a place to put prisoners, to study dead bodies there. Their leader is Professor Tompkins(Michael Shanks) and he has his headquarters in a shack where he can watch the students as they work. They all have walkie talkies to check in with him. He puts them in groups of two and assigns them a different area. Along with the students and professor, they are joined by an ex con called Larry(Nick Moran) who drove them there in a bus and who is making food etc for them. He sees something weird in the woods. He finds a dead body that is not supposed to be there and he sees it twitch. He tells one of the students, Megan(Isabelle) and her partner, Kate(Kristie Patterson) about it. Kate goes to see if it is true and thinks that he is imagining it.

Larry is very worried now. Another student, Rob(Michael Eisner) sees something weird also and he tells his partner, Daniel(Fehr) who thinks that he is making it up. Kate is walking in the woods alone when something stirs. It is the dead body which has come to life. It is some sort of zombie and it chases her and attacks her in the woods. Kate makes her way back to Megan who helps her back to a cabin and tries to help her, but it is too late. Kate dies. What Megan doesn't know is that Kate is coming back- as a zombie. The walkie talkies go dead, cutting off communication. Now, isn't that lousy timing?? Megan battles the Kate zombie and manages to stop her.

The movie then takes another turn when we discover that there are more zombies on the island and that the island was used to perform experiments on life term prisoners and that the experiments went horribly wrong and resulted in these zombie like creatures. They are fast and they are mean!
People get chomped here and there and the remaining survivors battle the zombies. They manage to make it to the bus, but the zombies manage it too and they have to throw them off and try and drive away. A guy drives up to them and they take his car and throw him to the zombies. As they are ready to drive away, they realise, no keys...Who has them???Just guess....Yes, the zombie. The movie ends there with the survivors wondering what will they do now?

This was a fun movie. I had heard nothing about it and it starred Katharine Isabelle from the Ginger Snaps series of movies. The cast was good and the zombies were pretty good too. I liked that they looked mean and nasty and there was money put into this film to make it decent. I see that it didn't get great reviews, but I like to watch for myself before I make up my mind and I thought that this was good. There were some enjoyable moments and the ending make me laugh. It is a good premise and I think that this is a fun zombie film and I would say that it is worth a watch. It is not a brilliant movie by any means, but if you want to be entertained, then this will do it. I will give it a 5/10.

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