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Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Walking Dead, Season 6 Finale

It was all leading to this final episode of season 6. We knew that Negan was going to make an appearance. This episode begins with Rick and the others being intimidated by the Saviors who are blocking all of their routes. They have no way of getting by them. Carol meets Morgan. She is injured from where she was attacked by the Savior she met. He is not dead, though and he comes back to finish the job on her. He shoots her in the arm and leg and he is going to finish her off when Morgan comes and saves her. He meets a stranger who is a good guy and he is going to help them, so this introduces a new group, maybe?

Rick and his group have to face off with the Saviors who have Daryl and the others held hostage. There is something inevitable about their being captured too. They end up being disarmed and meeting the big man himself, Negan played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He is a leather clad baddie with a baseball bat called Lucille. He is pissed at them for killing his men and he wants retribution.
He tells them that they work for him now and that they will give him half of everything that they have, no matter what. Failure to do so will not be pretty. He tells them that they have to pay for what they have done and he selects one of the group to die. Who is it? We don't know and all we get to see is the screen going black as the victim is beaten to death. 

The ending annoyed me as I felt that we should have seen who it was. Waiting for months on end to discover this is just irritating. On a brighter note, I enjoyed the scene with Negan. It bodes well for the future of the series. You have to have a good baddie and he looks good to me. Let's hope that season 7 will be worth waiting for!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Halloween 2 Movie Review 389

Halloween 2 is a 1981 horror movie sequel to the original Halloween(1978). It is directed by Rick Rosenthal and is written and produced by John Carpenter and Debra Hill who were responsible for the original movie. It stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence.

The movie carries on from the where the first film left off. Michael Myers is supposed to be dead, but we all know that he isn't. Laurie(Curtis) is taken to the local hospital after what happened to her and Dr. Loomis(Pleasence) is still looking for Michael. Michael is wandering around Haddonfield and he manages to get himself a knife and he kills someone on his travels. He discovers that Laurie has been brought to the hospital and decides to go there and finish her off. She talks to a paramedic called Jimmy(Lance Guest) and they become friends.

Michael arrives at the hospital and he cuts the phone lines. He kills lots of the hospital staff. Laurie knows that he is coming for her and she is paralysed with fear. Michael knows that she is in the hospital and will stop at nothing to get at her. Loomis is confronted by a colleague and a marshal who are going to take him away to an institution because hey think that he is obsessed with Myers. They talk about Myers and Loomis finds out that Laurie is Michael's sister and that is why he is going to kill her. Loomis gets the Marshal to drive to the hospital where Laurie is. He thinks that Michael is there.

Michael chases Laurie as she tries to escape. She makes it outside and Michael comes for her. Loomis and the others get to her in time and Loomis goes after Michael. He shoots him and they think that he is dead, but he isn't. He kills the marshal and chases after Loomis and Laurie. He stabs Loomis and he gets shot by Laurie this time- does this guy ever die?? Loomis manages to ignite gas and cause an explosion and sets Michael on fire and the guy FINALLY dies! The movie ends with Laurie being taken away seeing Michael's smouldering body.

This was an enjoyable sequel and although it was not as good as the original, I liked the way that it followed on from the first story. Michael is still creepy and the atmosphere is tense also. I think that this is the best sequel in the series.I will give it a 7/10.

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