Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Slayer Movie Review

The Slayer is a 1982 horror movie directed by J.S.Cardone and starring Sarah Kendall, Frederick Flynn and Alan McRae.

The movie begins with a woman called Kay(Kendall) who is having nightmares about a creature. She is having a hard time dealing with the bad nightmares and they are affecting her life. Her husband, David(McRae) wants to take her on a break with Kay's brother Eric(Flynn) and his wife Brooke.
Kay doesn't want to go but they persuade her. They fly over to an island. The pilot warns them that the island is deserted but they don't care. They reach the house and look around. The pilot comes back to warn them about a storm that is coming. He tells them to be careful. David is worried as Kay is acting strangely. He hears a noise downstairs at night. He  looks around and he gets killed. Kay wakes up and finds David beside her. It was just a nightmare. She is worried about him. Eric is annoyed with her. He tells her that David is fine.

Kay tells him that David is dead. Eric tells her no. He goes to look for him. Brooke also thinks that something happened to David. She and Eric search for David. Kay finds his body in an old theatre. Eric tells Brooke that Kay was always strange. Kay tells them that she saw the killer in her dream and she thinks that it is a premonition. They give her something to help her sleep. Eric thinks that maybe the pilot could be the killer. He thinks that he never left the island and is wasting to kill them. Eric gets attacked next and when Brooke looks for him, she gets it too. The next day, Kay wakes up and looks for them and finds their dead bodies. She runs to the house and locks herself in. She hears something trying to get in. She shoots at the person and discovers that it was the pilot who was just looking around. The house goes on fire and the creature from her dream shows up and tries to kill her.
We cut to a scene from Kay's childhood where she is telling her parents that she had a nightmare and it turns out that the film was one big nightmare or something like that. It ends with her being given a black cat by her parents.

This was a fun movie. I liked it but I did think that the ending was a bit strange. I didn't really feel that it was a good ending but that's a small thing. It is a typical slasher movie and I liked the cast too.
The setting of the island is interesting and the killings are pretty good too. There isn't anything very scary here,but I enjoyed it anyway. I recommend this one if you enjoy 1980's slashers. I give it a 6/10.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A Blade In the Dark Movie Review

A Blade In the Dark is a 1983 Italian horror movie, directed by Lamberto Bava and starring Andrea Occhipinti and Michele Soavi.

Bruno(Occhipinti) is a musician who is renting a villa in which to record a soundtrack for a horror movie. He talks to the director, Sandra. He hears someone in his house. It is a neighbour called Katia. She just wants to have a look around. A friend of his called Tony(Soavi) helped him to get the villa and he calls him to see if everything is okay there. Katia is outside his villa when she hears someone in the bushes. She is murdered by an unknown person. Bruno hears a voice on his tapes. He isolates the words and they say that there is a secret about Linda. A woman called Linda lived in the house before. He looks around the place. He gets blood on his pants and he sees more inside his house.
Bruno asks the caretaker, Giovanni about Linda. He doesn't know much.

Bruno's girlfriend, Julia, turns up and he tells her about Katia. He is worried because she seems to have disappeared. Tony shows up and Bruno asks him about Linda. Another neighbour called Angela shows up. She is looking for Katia, who is missing. She gets murdered too.Bruno discovers blood in his bathroom.He finds a locked door and pulls out a blood rag from underneath the door. He makes a recording speaking about the murders in case something happens to him. He tells Sandra about the killings. She thinks that the bodies must be in the house. They find the locked door has now opened and they go inside the room to look. Sandra tells Bruno about Linda. She says that Linda was obsessed with tennis balls.

Bruno is worried about Katia and Angela disappearing and he talks to Giovanni about it. Sandra's movie reels are destroyed by someone. Bruno finds them in pieces. Giovanni discovers Katia and Angela's dead bodies in the boiler. He gets attacked by the killer. Sandra calls to Bruno's villa and she sees Giovanni who is dead. She gets strangled. Julia is at the villa too and she finds Sandra dead. The killer chases her. She hides in a cupboard but the killer finds her. Bruno arrives back just in time to see Julia stabbed by the killer. The killer attacks Bruno but Bruno hits him with a brick. He realises that it is Tony, He dressed himself as a woman and lived as a woman called Linda. He killed the four women. He had problems as a child and that caused him to dress up as a woman. He killed the girls  to show he wasn't scared.

This was a good movie. I enjoyed it. It was a little slow in parts, but overall, I found it a good watch.
I liked the story and the ending was quite good. It was fun seeing Michele Soavi as the killer. He has directed some good movies himself. So, if you enjoy Italian horror, this will be an entertaining film for you. I do enjoy Italian horror movies a lot, so I had fun with this. I will give it a 6/10.
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