Monday, October 8, 2018

Night of the Demons Movie Review

Night of the Demons is a 1988 horror movie directed by Kevin S. Tenney and starring Cathy Podewell, Amelia Kinkade and Linnea Quigley.

The movie begins with a girl called Angela(Kinkade), an unpopular weirdo who is having a party with her pal Suzanne(Quigley) at a place called Hull House, which has a gruesome history and is supposed to be haunted. A group of friends are going to go to her party. They are Judy(Podewell), her boyfriend Jay, Max and Frannie. Another group are also coming. They are Stooge, Roger and Helen. An ex boyfriend of Judy called Sal also turns up. Angela wants to play party games and have a seance. They all decide to do it. They have to look into a mirror and when Helen does, she sees her own death and freaks out. The mirror breaks and something is unleashed in the house. It possesses Suzanne.

Roger gets nervous and he wants to leave. He takes Helen with him and they try to get away. Suzanne is acting strangely and she kisses Angela.  Roger and Helen can't leave. Then Helen disappears.
He locks himself into the car. Jay and Judy fall out when she discovers that he just wants her for sex.
She gets locked into a room. Suzanne is changing. So is Angela. She dances with Stooge and kisses him. She also bites off his tongue. Sal finds Suzanne. She is acting weird and he decides he wants to go.  Helen gets killed and Roger sees her and runs off. Jay and Suzanne are together and they are going to have sex. She is a demon, though and she pokes out his eyes. Stooge is also a demon and he kills Max and Frannie. 

Roger, Sal and Judy have to stick together as everyone else is either dead or a demon. Angela is floating around after them.  Sal gets killed running away from her. Judy and Roger try and escape from the demons who are after them. The dead bodies reanimate and chases them too. They have to try and escape underground and get away from the house and the grounds. They make it out just as the sun comes up. This movie was very entertaining. There were some great scenes and I liked it a lot.  I liked the story and the cast were not bad either. I had fun with this and I found it enjoyable overall. I can see why people like this film and it is a must for horror fans, especially fans of 80's horror. I recommend it and I will give it a 7/10.

Monday, October 1, 2018

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 12

This episode begins with Negan welcoming Dwight back into the fold. He wants him to go with Simon to Hilltop with a convoy, including Negan. They are going to infect the survivors with the tainted weapons. They don't need to kill them. They will just wound them and the walker blood will turn them. Dwight isn't too happy with the way that Simon is talking. He seems to be turning against Negan. Rick is watching their convoy and decides to tackle Negan. He crashes his car into Negan's and there is a chase. He wants to get him. Dwight and Simon see this and they go looking for Negan.
Rick almost gets Negan a couple of times. He shoots at him but he just can't hit him. He runs out of ammo, so he uses his hatchet, but Negan seems to keep eluding him.

Meanwhile, at Hilltop, Maggie sees a crate outside. She wonders what it is. They get it and there is a note inside saying that it is the key to their future. There is a time for a meeting with the person who left it there. Maggie thinks that it might be a trap by the Saviours, but she decides to go and see who it is. They arrive at the meeting point and there are three women there. One of them is called Georgie. She has two bodyguard with her. She wants to do a swap. She will give them information in exchange for food and records. Maggie takes her and her bodyguard prisoners. She and Michonne talk about what Carl wanted and Maggie relents. She gives Georgie what she wants and Georgie hands her notes on how to build up their community so that they can survive. She also gives Maggie some of the food she has as she can see that they are in trouble. She leaves after telling Maggie to build the place into a community.

Negan and Rick are still facing off. Negan discovers what happened to the Scavengers and he is not happy with Simon.Rick manages to grab Lucille and he comes after Negan with her. He doesn't get Negan. Negan escapes after managing to get his beloved bat back. Rick has been foiled again.Simon and Dwight think that Negan has gone. Simon is intent on replacing him. He wants to be the boss. Dwight is horrified as he knows what Simon is like and how he likes to kill. He wants to go to Hilltop and kill everyone there. Negan gets taken by Jadis and knocked out.

This was a good episode with lots happening. Things are beginning to come to a conclusion now. The Negan storyline will end soon.
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