Thursday, May 25, 2017

Diary of a Madman Movie Review

Diary of a Madman is a 1963 horror movie directed by Reginald Le Borg and starring Vincent Price and Nancy Kovack.

A man called Simon Cordier(Price) is being buried. A few people attend his funeral. He was a French magistrate. His last wish was for a group of people to assemble and read his diary. The story begins in 1886 and Simon is called to talk to a man who has killed people and is awaiting execution. He tells Simon that something made him murder people. He was possessed. He had no will of his own. Simon doesn't believe him. The man wants to die so the thing has no power over him anymore. He tries to kill Simon and there is a green light around his eyes. He struggles with Simon and then he dies. Simon is upset over it. When he goes home, someone has put a picture of his dead wife on the wall.
He thinks that it is a prank.

Simon puts it away in the attic. He sees the words 'hatred is evil' written in the attic. He thinks that it is another prank. His servant Pierre looks and there is nothing there. Simon wonders what is happening to hum. Things begin to happen and he hears laughing and talking. The voice speaks to him and it wants him now. He thinks that he is going insane. The green light comes into his eyes. The voice orders him to kill his pet bird and he does so. Afterwards, he is horrified. He goes to see the doctor and he tells him that it is his imagination. He tells him to do other things so Simon decides to go back to sculpting which he used to enjoy. He meets an art model called Odette(Kovack). She agrees to pose for him. She is married to an artist called Paul. Odette goes over to Simon's to pose.

He begins his sculpture and the two get on well together. He tells her that his wife killed herself. Later, when he is alone, the voice comes back to him. It tells him that it is called the horla. It tells him that he is a murderer. It tells him that he drove his wife to suicide. It tells him that he blamed her for the death of their son. It wants to take him over. It tells him to make Odette love him. Simon woos her and she wants to marry him. She leaves her husband for Simon. Paul is upset and his pal Jean tells him that Odette is greedy. Paul goes over to confront Simon. Paul warns Simon off. The voice tells Simon to kill Paul. Then it tells him to kill Odette. He obeys the voice and he kills her.

The next day, he sees blood in his house. There is a trail of blood. Odette's head is underneath the sculpture. He realises what he has done. The police arrest Paul for Odette's murder. The  horla makes him dispose of the body. Paul wants to talk to Simon. Simon denies that he knew Odette. Simon tries to kill himself but the horla stops him. Jean calls to see Simon and plead Paul's case. She threatens to make his servants talk to the police and get him into trouble. The horla orders him to kill her before she ruins his life. He goes after her wot a knife. He sees a priest and he is put off. The horla turns on him and tries to kill him. He calls Jean to his house and gives her a box with a letter in it explaining about his life and the diary. He waits for the horla. He sets fire to the house and it gets trapped. Simon tries to escape but he can't. The movie ends with the diary clearing Paul. The diary warns that wherever evil is, the horla lives.

I enjoyed this movie. It was good fun with some great scenes. Price is flawless as always and he is the reason that I watched this film. He plays the role perfectly of the tormented man who doesn't know what is happening to him. It is really entertaining and I would definitely recommend it! I will give it a 7/10.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Twin Peaks:The Return Episode 1

 This review is full of spoilers, so if you don't want to know what happens, don't read it!!!

So, last night the world of Twin Peaks came alive once again.It is one of the most eagerly awaited TV premieres of the last few years.The last time we saw Agent Cooper,he had emerged from the Black Lodge but there was something wrong with him.It was the evil Cooper doppelganger who escaped and the good Cooper was trapped in the Black Lodge. Cooper was BOB and BOB was Cooper. That was twenty-five years ago and things are different now.Let's begin with part 1 of the premiere.

There is a flashback of Laura Palmer in the red room. She says that she will see Cooper again in 25 years. Meanwhile, he is stuck in the Black Lodge. Cut to the Giant who tells Cooper that 'it' is in our house now' and he tells him to 'remember 430 and Richard and Linda'. Cooper understands and he is the only one who does at this point!! We move to Twin Peaks and Dr.Jacoby(Russ Tamblyn), who is seen living in the woods. We move to New York City where there is a large glass box with a hole in it, through which the city can been seen. A man called Sam(Benjamin Rosenfield) is sitting in a room watching the box. There are cameras on it and they are recording everything. The memory cards are placed in a huge storage unit. His girlfriend, Tracey(Madeline Zima) brings him coffee and asks to come inside and see what he is doing as it is top secret. The security guard, played by UFC fighter Michael Bisping, is watching to make sure that she doesn't go in. She goes away. 

We are taken to the Great Northern Hotel and see Ben Horne(Richard Beymer) is still in charge there which is a welcome sight. The last time that we saw Ben, he was bleeding on Dr. Hayward's carpet after a confrontation over Ben being Donna's real dad. We were never told if he lived or died, so it is great to see him back. In comes Jerry Horne(David Patrick Kelly) who is now an aged hippy who sells pot legally. Jerry is introduced to Ben's new secretary, Beverly(Ashley Judd).  He suggests that Ben might like her and want to make a move on her but Ben denies this. Then we visit the Twin Peaks Sheriff Station and we see Lucy Brennan(Kimmy Robertson) at the reception and she is still her old self!

Then, we are introduced to bad Cooper(Kyle MacLachlan)who is sporting a very unusual hairstyle. He has grown his hair and he dresses differently. He is bad to the bone! He goes to a house of weirdos and comes away with two people- Ray and Darya. He takes them off with him for some task. Cut back to NYC and Sam is waiting for Tracey who comes with her coffee once again. This time, there is no security guard so he lets her inside to see what he is doing. She sees the box and is bewildered. He tells her that some billionaire is paying for all of it. They start kissing and then having sex. While they are doing this, the box goes black and something starts to appear. It is some sort of figure. It emerges from the box and kills them both violently.

In the town of Buckhorn, South Dakota, the body of a woman, Ruth Davenport, is found in her apartment. The problem is that it is her head that is found on someone else's body. The cops find fingerprints all over her apartment and they are the fingerprints of local headmaster, Bill Hastings(Matthew Lillard) who seems bewildered by all of this. He knows more than he is saying so the cops are suspicious of him. Deputy Hawk(Michael Horse) receives a phone call from the Log Lady(Catherine E. Coulson). She tells him that 'something is missing' and  he has to find it. She tells him that it has to do with Agent Cooper and that he has to use his heritage to find it. He sets to work retrieving old boxes of files.

The first episode was great. Seeing those old faces again was like meeting old friends and it was so good to revisit Twin Peaks again. I love that it is still the same town that it was all those years ago.
I love that the bad Cooper is on the loose and it is interesting to see Kyle MacLachlan playing the part so differently this time around. Bad Cooper's hair was amusing but there is something menacing in his eyes which seem blacker than midnight! This episode has David Lynch stamped all over it and it is wonderful. There are a lot of different stories here, so you have to pay attention or you will become lost easily. This is for Twin Peaks fans only, I would think, because if you have never watched the series, you will be so lost that it won't make any sense. I loved the scene with the creature in the box as it was really creepy. This is shaping up to be one of the most memorable TV shows of the decade. David Lynch is back and he has not lost his touch. Not by a long shot. Any doubts that I might have had about him being able to recreate the Twin Peaks universe are gone now. I am delighted with this show so far and I can't wait to see more!!! I will be back soon with part 2 of the premiere!!!!

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