Saturday, January 25, 2020

Urban Legends:Bloody Mary Movie Review

Urban Legends:Bloody Mary is a 2005 sequel and the third film in the Urban Legend series and is directed by Mary Lambert. It stars Kate Mara and Tina Lifford.

The film begins in 1969 when three girls are drugged by three guys from the football team. They are kidnapped but one of them escapes. Her name is Mary Banner and the captain of the football team chases her before she can tell anyone. He hits her and he knocks her out. He thinks that she is dead, so he locks her in a trunk, not knowing that she was still alive. Years later, a girl called Sam(Mara) and her friends are talking about the same thing. They talk about the legend of Bloody Mary. For some reason, they decide to call up Bloody Mary herself. The next day, the three girls are missing.
The football guys in school seem to know something about it. Sam returns and it turns out that she and her friends were drugged. It was the football guys who did it as a prank because Sam had written an article criticising them.

After this happens, Sam starts to see a bloody woman. Is it Bloody Mary? The members of the football team begin to disappear and turn up dead. Sam realises that there is someone with a vendetta against the football team. The captain of the team. Buck, thinks that Sam and her friends are to blame. Sam and her friends find out about Mary Banner and what happened to her all of those years ago. Sam and her brother, David, investigate the case and they look up the other two girls from that night in 1969. There is only one survivor. A woman called Grace(Lifford) is the only one left.
At first, she doesn't want to talk to them about it. She changes her mind when she finds out what is happening and she tells them that it is Mary who is killing people. She has come back from the grave to exact her revenge. Mary is taking the children of the guys who drugged her and her friends. Buck tells them that his dad was one of the guys who drugged the girls back then. Buck gets killed when Mary appears.

Sam has a vision and she sees that Mary wasn't dead. She was locked in the box and she suffocated.
Grace tells Sam to find Mary's body and lay her to rest. David gets attacked. Sam and Grace go to the school to look for Mary. Sam finds her in the box and she takes her to the graveyard with Grace. Sam's stepfather shows up. Sam had called him to help. It turns out that he was the one who locked Mary in the box and now he has to kill Sam so that she won't tell anyone his secret. He has already killed David. Mary shows up to save Sam from him and she takes him with her to the grave. Sam and Grace survive and the truth about Mary's killer is revealed.

This was an okay film. There wasn't anything special about it. It was more of a supernatural film, unlike the previous two movies. This is the weakest of the three films also. It was middle of the road but I wanted to watch it as I had seen the other two. The story is pretty simple. The cast were okay.
It's not really scary at all and there isn't anything new here. It is worth a look but don't expect too much. I will give it a 4/10.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Urban Legend 2:The Final Cut

Urban Legend 2:The Final Cut is a 2000 horror movie directed by John Ottman and starring Jennifer Morrison, Matthew Davis, Eva Mendes, Loretta Devine, Hart Bochner, Anthony Anderson and Joseph Lawrence.

The movie begins with students at a film school. There is a film competition and a girl called Amy(Morrison) is going to make a film about an urban legends killer after talking to security guard, Reese(Devine). A girl called Lisa goes for a drink and it is spiked. She passes out and she wakes up in a bath full of ice. Her kidney has been removed. She calls the police and tries to escape, but she gets killed in the process. Amy's friend is also killed and her death is filmed by the killer. Somehow, the killer manages to put it on their camera and they all see it. They don't think that it is real. A student called Travis(Matthew Davis) kills himself over his bad grades. Amy meets his twin, Trevor.
He says that his brother did not kill himself. He thinks he was murdered. He asks her not to tell anyone.

Amy's cameraman, Simon is beaten to death. Amy hears someone being attacked. She is looking through her reels when the killer arrives and tries to attack her. She runs off and gets away. She talks to Trevor about what happened.Amy and her crew go to an old place to film some scenes. The killer just happens to be there. He kills a couple of students by electrocuting them. Amy returns to campus and notifies the police, who think it was an accident. Amy sees a light on in the bell tower and she wanders up there to find her friend, Vanessa(Mendes), waiting there for her. Vanessa had received a note from Amy saying that she had feelings for her. It is a forgery and it is a trap. The killer is there and Amy is pursued once again, while Vanessa is killed.Reese shows up and finds the body.

It turns out that Travis had made a film and that all of the people who worked on it are dead except for one- a guy called Toby. They hold him and they call Professor Solomon(Bochner) to tell him what happened. He comes to meet them and there is a confrontation. Toby is innocent. The Professor is the killer. He shoots Toby. He wants to frame Amy for it. Her father was a filmmaker and he didn't vote for Solomon's film in an awards ceremony so his career never took off. He wanted to take Travis' film and pass it off as his own. Reese shows up. She is unaware of who the killer is. They end up holding guns on each other. The Professor gets shot when he tries to kill Amy. The movie ends with Solomon watching Amy's film. He is wheeled back to his room by a nurse, who just happens to be Brenda from the first movie. She tells him that they have a lot in common!!

This was a fun film. It isn't as good as the first one, but there is enough to keep you entertained. It was pretty easy to figure out who the killer was early on. The cast were not bad on the whole. It was a bit silly at the end, but all in all, this was decent enough. I recommend it. I will give it a 5/10.
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