Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Houseboat Horror Movie Review

Houseboat Horror is a 1989 Australian horror movie directed by Kendal Flanagan and starring Alan Dale and Louise Siversen.

The film starts with a group of people who are going to shoot a video in a place called Lake Infinity. They pick up a hitchhiker who is going to meet up with her boyfriend. They drop her off and she meets a killer and is murdered. The group heads up to the lake. There are more people coming also. The killer is watching. They are renting houseboats. There is a local forest ranger guy who isn't happy about them wrecking the area. People have gone missing in the area before. The group consists of a rock band and their entourage. The forest ranger meets a sticky end at the hands of the killer. The killer had newspaper cuttings about a child who was burned on set by a film crew in an accident. He is very angry about it.

The band make their video and party. The killer is following them. He starts to get rid of members of the crew one by one. They meet a weird woman called Zelia(Siversen). She says that she heard them. She tells them that she was an actress and there was a fire on the set and people were burned. They think that she is crazy. The killer gets onto their boat and disconnects the radio so they can't call for help. They still have a two way phone and they call the person who rented them the boats. They tell him that some people are missing from their group. The killer doesn't stop and more die, one is killed with a horseshoe! It turns out that Zelia is working with the killer. Someone loses their phone, so the group are helpless. The killer starts his final assault. Bodies are piling up. He fails to kill two of the group and they escape as he falls into the water. The movie ends with the killers hand coming up from the water, so we know that he isn't dead.

Now, this film is very cheaply made, but it is actually not bad at all. I like Australian horror movies and this one was pretty decent. It is cheap, yes. The acting might not be up to much but the kills are actually good for such a low budget affair. I enjoyed this one. It isn't the best slasher film ever but it is certainly worth a watch if you enjoy Aussie horror, as I do. I recommend it and I will give it a 5/10.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Cutting Class Movie Review

Cutting Class is a 1989 horror movie directed by Rospo Pallenberg and starring Brad Pitt,Donovan Leitch and Jill Schoelen.

Paula Carson(Schoelen) is a high school student. She is home alone when her dad, Bill(Martin Mull) goes off for a fishing trip. He gets attacked. He just happens to be the district attorney. A local youth called Brian Woods(Leitch) has returned to school. He was in a mental institution after his father died in a suspicious accident. The brakes on his car were cut. Brian is supposed to be okay now. He talks to Paula. He likes her. Dwight(Pitt) is Paula's boyfriend and he isn't too keen on Brian hanging around his girlfriend. He and his pals find out that Brian had electro shock treatment. Cut to Paula's dad, who is still alive and trying to make his way out of the wilderness.

People start to die and Dwight starts to think that it might be Brian. He and Brian used to be close friends before he was sent away. Brian tries to convince Paula that he is not the killer. They all end up at the school where the coach is killed. Paula, Dwight, Brian and a teacher are there. There is a problem written on the black board and they have to choose a door to go through. One of them will be an escape. The teacher opens a door and he is killed by Brian. He IS the killer. Groan. He tries to kill Paula. Dwight is there to stop him. He chases both of them with an axe. They end up in a face off. Dwight fights him off and Paula hits him with a hammer and pushes him into a circular saw which finishes him off. The movie ends with Paula and Dwight leaving the school and meeting her dad, who somehow made it back from his trip alive. He tells them that he hopes that they weren't cutting class.

This film wasn't very good. I enjoyed bits of it, but I thought that the killer was so obvious from the start. It annoyed me. It was fun seeing a young Brad Pitt. I found it silly in parts and I just didn't like that the killer was Brian. They could have come up with something better. I didn't care for this much so I will give it a 4/10.
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