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Friday, January 30, 2015

See No Evil 2 Movie Review 350

See No Evil 2 is a 2014 straight-to DVD slasher sequel directed by the Soska sisters and starring WWE Superstar Kane and Danielle Harris.

The original movie- See No Evil was about a maniac called Jacob Goodnight who murdered a load of people in a hotel. He was supposedly  killed by one of them and he is brought into a morgue where 
Amy(Harris),her co worker Seth(Kaj-Erik Eriksen) and the boss Holden(Michael Eklund) are busy at work with dead people. They know who he is and they are a little spooked by him.Amy's friends turn up at work to have a birthday party for her(at a morgue!!) and that is when the trouble begins. Little do they know that Jacob is not dead. He wakes up and begins to get some weapons for his next killing spree...

So, as you can guess, the rest of the movie is about Jacob making his way through the entire cast! Each one meets a stick end as Jacob stalks through the corridors of a seemingly gigantic morgue.This is pretty standard slasher fare and there is lots of blood and gore which is also pretty standard. It is somewhat enjoyable, but nothing special. I don't think that there is much creativity here or much of a plot really. Kane is good as the unhinged killer and the rest of the cast are OK. You really know what you are getting here. So, if you want a passable slasher, then this will suit you. I will give it a 5/10.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

American Horror Story, Season 4, Episode 6

Last episode,Dandy claimed another victim and showed that he has no intention of slowing down hsis killing spree. Elsa proved that she is not so good herself as she deposited Bette and Dot at Dandy's mansion to get rid of them.

This episode begins with everyone wondering what happened to the twins. Elsa brings out a wheel and she practices her knife throwing act. It is her birthday and the freaks all have gifts for her.  She gets mad when she realises that they are all missing the girls and she tells them that they ran off. Meanwhile. Dandy loves the girls and he wants to marry them much to the surprise of his mother. Paul and Elsa are having an affair and they talk about love. Elsa thinks that he loves her, but he is really in love with his other woman, Penny(Grace Gummer). Her father(Lee Turgesen) is not happy about her spending time with the freaks. He doesn't want her anywhere near them.

At the freak show, Paul talks to Jimmy about Elsa and the girls. He tries to convince him that she is no angel. He wonders what she did with the twins. Jimmy is not so sure. Dandy gets mad with the twins when he discovers that they are keeping secrets from him.Maggie and Stanley have missed out on getting the twins so they turn their sights to Ma Petite. Maggie tells him that she might be able to get her out alone. Elsa gets mad when Paul challenges her about the twins and she gets everyone up and tells them how ungrateful they are. She wants one of them to go on her wheel to prove that they trust her. Paul volunteers and she throws knives at him. She throws one into his stomach and stabs him. He knows that she did it on purpose. He is taken to his tent and his condition is serious. Penny goes to see him and is amazed that no ambulance has been called. Elsa hasn't bothered.

Jimmy is wondering about Elsa. He wonders what has happened to the twins and when Maggie wants him to leave, he tells her he has something to do. He goes to Dandy's mansion and demands to see the girls. Maggie fails to kill Ma Petite. Stanley wants someone else- Jimmy. Ethel talks to Elsa and tells her that if she has harmed the twins, she will indeed kill her.

A good episode which shows Dandy becoming even more deranged and Elsa is being shown to have a very nasty streak as she strives for one last shot at stardom.

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