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Friday, July 3, 2015

Patrick Macnee-A Tribute.

Patrick Macnee was a British actor best known for his role as John Steed in the 1960's TV show, The Avengers. He had a long career which included TV and film roles. He starred in a lot of movies before and after The Avengers but it is that role that defined him for many people. He starred in a 1972 movie called Incense for the Damned which I will be reviewing soon with Peter Cushing and also in The Howling which is now a cult classic. He also popped up in This Is Spinal Tap, another cult classic. He starred in the Bond movie, A View to A Kill as an ally of Bond and he was in Waxwork and the sequel which were not bad horror movies. On TV, he was in a lot of shows such as The Twlight Zone, Columbo and of course, The New Avengers, where he reprised his role as Mr John Steed. He continued to act in his later life but not as much. He died at his home in California. He was 93.

To me, Patrick Macnee will always be associated with John Steed in the The Avengers. That show is a cult classic and deservedly so. I love the stories and the ridiculous plots in the episodes, especially in the later seasons. John Steed was the quintessential British gentleman in a time when it was dying out. In the show, he is always impeccably dressed with his trademark umbrella and bowler hat. He always has a witty remark and he rarely gets his feathers ruffled by anything, even when his life is in danger. He is undeniably British and proudly so. His career has been in the army and he has been working with British Intelligence Organisations. He has the rank of Major and he is well respected by his peers. He gets to fight crime with a beautiful woman by his side who is just as capable of kicking butts as he is. Macnee was the perfect choice for Steed and now, you could not imagine anyone else in the role.

I will always remember him as Mr. John Steed and I think that many people will too. He was such a great actor in that role and I think that the show would not have been a success without him....I will leave it at that with one of the iconic lines from the show- Mrs. Peel, we're needed....

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Demon Movie Review 361

The Demon is a 1981 South African horror movie directed by Percival Rubens and starring Cameron Mitchell and Jennifer Holmes .

This movie is about a maniac who breaks into a house and kidnaps a young girl called Emily and murders her. Her parents are very angry because the police have not been able to come up with anything. They hire a former Colonel in the U.S. Marines called Carson(Mitchell)who now works as a psychic detective. They want him to find some clues that might lead to their daughter's body being found. Meanwhile, the killer is in the city at a seedy motel.  Carson looks through Emily's room and her belongings. He can see the killer and he can see what he is doing. The killer has his eye on a young teacher called Mary Jones(Holmes). He also goes around attacking women in the meantime. He begins to call Mary and follow her around. She begins to get scared.

Mary lives with her cousin Jo and Jo is seeing some rich guy and she doesn't believe that Mary is being followed by a maniac. Carson discovers where the weirdo is hiding out and he tells Mr. Parker. Parker gets his gun and goes to get the creep. Unfortunately, the maniac kills Mr. Parker and throws his body off of a balcony. Emily's body is finally found and Carson goes around to visit Mrs. Parker who is alone now. In a bizarre twist, she pulls her own gun and shoots Carson in the head. Mary is out with her boyfriend one night and the killer comes to her house and disposes of Jo and her boyfriend. He lies in wait for her. She is alone as her boyfriend leaves. She finds the dead body of Jo and she is horrified when the killer comes out. There is a cat and mouse chase and Mary ends up locking herself into the bathroom. She looks around for something to injure the killer. When he breaks through the door, she blasts him with hot water and she stabs him with scissors, leaving him to bleed out in the bath. Her boyfriend has come back along with her neighbour to help her as she screams.

This film was very cheaply made. I thought that it was a bit silly in places, but it is watchable. It is not one that I had heard about and that is why I wanted to have a look at it. It is not a well known horror movie, but if you like a really cheap movie with a dodgy story, then you will like this! I will give it a 4/10.

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