Monday, August 10, 2020

Microwave Massacre Movie Review

Microwave Massacre is a 1983 horror movie comedy directed by Wayne Berwick and starring Jackie Vernon.

The movie begins with a girl who teases some workmen by flashing her breasts. One of the workers is called Donald(Vernon) and he goes home to a wife who doesn't like him. Her food is awful and she is trying to pretend that they are better than they are. She complains that Donald is not romantic at all.
Things go on like this day after day. Donald is getting tired of eating terrible food and listening to his wife barking at him. He snaps and he kills her. He doesn't remember doing it the next morning. He finds her head in the microwave and he cuts up the rest of her body. He puts the pieces in the fridge and starts to eat her bit by bit. He shares the food with the guys at work.

He meets a woman at the bar. She is a prostitute. He takes her home and he has sex with her. He smothers her and kills her. Then she ends up on the menu. Donald has a taste for human flesh and he starts to kill more women to satisfy his cravings. His wife's sister shows up looking for her and she finds out what he has done. He attacks her and he ties her up. Donald keeps up his sick crimes. He keeps the sister in the closet. His pals come over to his house and they find him dead in the kitchen of a heart attack. They find his grisly meals and they realise that they have been eating people. The movie ends with the movers looking at the microwave and saying that the wires are faulty.  The wife's head is in the fridge and her eyes glow.....

This is a bad film. Really bad. I couldn't like this one very much. There were parts that made me laugh. How could you not! Overall, the acting was really bad. The story was amusing, but there wasn't enough here to keep me entertained. I didn't like the horror mixed in with comedy. It wasn't for me. I would say that with a name like Microwave Massace, you know what you are getting, so watch at your own peril ! I will award this a 3/10.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

The Blood Beast Terror Movie Review

The Blood Beast Terror is a 1967 horror movie directed by Vernon Sewell and starring Peter Cushing,Robert Flemying and Wanda Ventham.

The film begins with a man being attcked by something. The witness of the murder goes crazy because he saw the killer. The investigator is Inspector Quennell(Cushing) and his sidekick Sergeant Allan. They talk to the coachman and he says that the killer was a creature and it had wings. They find this hard to believe. Quennell and the doctor look at the dead body and it is drained of blood. There are other victims of the killer too. They are all drained of blood also. Quennel finds something at the crime scene. It is a scale. The inspector goes to see Professor Mallinger(Flemying). He is an expert in insects. They discuss what the creature could be. The inspector thinks that it might be an eagle, but the professor doesn't think so. Quennell shows Mallinger the scales that he found. The professor wants to study them. When Quennell has gone, we find out that the professor has a secret room in his house and there is a curious creature in there.....

A man comes to the village and he asks for directions to Mallinger's house. He is a naturalist and he has some specimens for the professor. He has come from Africa. His name is Britewell(William Wilde). They look at the speciments. The professor is working on something. He has a dodgy old butler called Granger. He looks evil and he looks like he knows some secrets. Britewell meets Mallinger's daughter, Clare(Ventham). She disposes of him so we are aware that she is the killer.
The inspector happens to be in the area at the time and he hears Britewell scream. He finds him and brings him into the professor's house. The professor lies and tells Quennell that he doesn't know the man. Britewell's final words are 'death's head' before he passes. Quennell begins to suspect that the professor is hiding something.

He breaks into Mallinger's house and he finds some very strange things in there. He finds the laboratory and he finds the evil Granger dead. The professor has left the house. The servants tell Quennell that they knew that he was hiding something. The inspector finds out where Mallinger and his daughter have gone. He decides to follow him with his own daughter, Meg(Vanessa Howard). The professor has found another place to do his experiements. His daughter has her eye on the gardener.
Quennell asks questions in the area, not revealing that he is a policeman. Meg meets a young man and they end up on the Mallinger's property. Clare sees them and she tells them to leave. The professor has a huge moth like creature. It needs blood to survive. It is to be a mate for his daughter, who is a moth creature also. She needs blood to survive too. She meets Meg and she asks her questions. She knocks her out and Meg ends up in the professors lab being drained of her blood.
The professor hypnotises Meg and he tells her to come back again later.

Quennell is worried about his daughter. Clare kills the gardener. Quennell finally realises that the scales are from a moth and he remembers Britewells last words. Clare kills her father when he threatens to destroy the new moth. Quennell goes to the professors house to talk to him but finds his dead body instead. Meg goes to the house also and she gets trapped when a fire breaks out. Quennell and Sergeant Allan rescue her. Clare is still on the loose. The fire takes care of her as the others escape and the reign of the killer moth ends.

I liked this film. It has a good cast and the story was fun. I like these old films because they are short and they are entertaining. Cushing is good here as the inspector. He plays his part well, as always.
The idea of the moth was interesting and I found this worth my time. I recommend this is you are a fan of these old horror movies or creature features! I hadn't heard much about this film before I watched it, but I do recommend it for a fun and enjoyable watch. I will give it a 5/10.
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