Sunday, February 19, 2017

Iconic Scenes in Movies: A Nightmare on Elm Street(1984)

Well, this film has so many iconic scenes that it is hard to pick out just a few. But, I will choose the best ones. Freddy was introduced in this film and little did we know that he would become a horror icon. So many movies have been made featuring the character but the first one will always be the best in my opinion. I love this film and I have great memories of watching this for the first time. So, where to start???

The first one that I will choose is the first appearance of Freddy in Tina's dream. She has already had a dream about him but this is the moment that he comes for her. It is a great scene. Freddy is at his horrible best here and the death scene is great with some cool special effects for the time. Tina is on the ceiling and she is being attacked by Freddy but her boyfriend can't see it which makes it even better. We can see Tina being cut and slashed and her boyfriend can't stop it. Then she drops to the floor with a splat. This is a great scene.

My next scene is infamous probably because it has Johnny Depp in it, but I love it because it is a great scene and gory too! Johnny plays Glen who is supposed to be staying awake so he can help Nancy to trap Freddy but he falls asleep watching TV and he ends up meeting Freddy sooner that he thought! The scene is great and it shows Glen being sucked into the bed with his TV and then a fountain of blood gushing out of the hole all over the place!His mother comes in to witness this as Glen pops back up and he is dead!

My next scene is Nancy in the bath! I am sure that everyone knows this scene and I think that it is really great. Nancy makes the mistake of falling asleep in the bath(never a good idea) and Freddy comes to get her. The image of his gloved hand coming up though the water is so synonymous with this film and it truly is an iconic scene in horror movie history!!! Freddy tries to pull her down into the darkness under the bath and she just manages to survive!

Lastly, but not least, the ending of this film is good fun too. Nancy thinks that she has beaten Freddy but has she? She walks out of her house and she meets all of her friends who have come back to life. Her mother waves her off from the house . Suddenly, the car that Nancy and her friends are in gets locked and they are driven away, screaming. Nancy's mother is dragged through the front door by a gloved hand which is very familiar.....

So there you have it. Some fantastic scenes to watch. I love this film as most horror fans do and it was never equalled. It is a horror classic and deservedly so. A fine example of a horror movie made well and it is hard to find many horror movies that have influenced the genre as much as this one has. Along with Michael Myers, Norman Bates, Leatherface and Jason, Freddy has earned his place as a horror legend!!!


Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Abandoned Movie Review 453

The Abandoned is a 2015 horror movie directed by Eytan Rockaway and starring Jason Patric, Louisa Krause and Mark Margolis.

Julia(Krause) is a woman who is on her first night of her job as a security guard in an empty apartment complex. She has a daughter called Clara. Her colleague is called Dennis Cooper(Patric) and he is a bit rude to her. He is in a wheelchair. Julia is taking pills as she has mental issues. She and Dennis keep an eye on the place and it is creepy at night. Julia sees that there is a certain area that has been closed off and she wonders why this is. She wants to go and see but the door is locked and she can't get inside. A homeless man, Jim(Margolis) shows up outside and begs for a place to stay. Julia allows him inside and puts him into a bedroom to sleep for the night.

Julia goes exploring the area that she shouldn't be in and finds tunnels and a dormitory. She finds drawings by children and she thinks that she sees a child there. Jim goes after her and he meets some kid that kills him. Julia does the old 'Internet search' and comes up with loads of information about the building which was a place for deformed kids who were just left there to die. Dennis thinks that she is losing her mind and he handcuffs her to the table. He goes off into the tunnels to find out what is going on.

Julia breaks out of the handcuffs and she goes back into the tunnels where she meets a boy who fills her in on the horrible conditions that he and the other kids had to live in. She sees it all etc etc. She sees a watering hole and she jumps inside and gets rescued by Dennis but he dies after saving her. She wanders around and meets a blonde girl and seeks her forgiveness and the kids let her leave.
The twist is that this is all happening in Julia's mind. She has been in a coma since she was a child and she made everything up. Dennis is her father and Jim is a patient at the hospital where she is.
Julia is deformed and she has been for years. She dies as her father grieves by her bed.

What can I say about this movie? The old 'ghost kids in an orphanage/hospital/institution' has been done to death and this is no different. How many horror movies have this premise? Loads. This is cliche and I have seen this kind of thing a million times. This film started off well and then just went into boring mode really fast. How Jason Patric ended up in this, I really wonder. I liked it until I saw that it was going to be a ghost kids type of movie and I knew what was coming. I knew that it was all in her mind somehow. There were no surprises here. I would say that if you are looking for a good horror movie, this isn't it.I will give this a 3/10.
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