Friday, April 23, 2021

This House Possessed Movie Review

This House Possessed is a 1981 TV movie directed by William Wiard and starring Parker Stevenson and Lisa Eilbacher.

The film begins with a couple looking around the grounds of a house. Someone is watching them. They get sprayed with water. The TV is on inside the house. A singer is on it. His name is Gary Straihorn(Stevenson). He collapses from exhaustion and ends up in hospital. He has a nightmare. A nurse helps him. The TV in the house is showing what is happening to Gary. Gary asks the nurse, Sheila(Eilbacher) to come and stay with him as his private nurse. He decides to rent a house. They go and look at the creepy house from the beginning of the film. They look around. The house is unique. Gary loves it. He wants to buy the place. They move into it.

One night, Sheila is woken up. She hears a voice calling Margaret. She goes outside and Gary finds her. He starts to get headaches. Sheila goes into town to get his medication. A local woman calls her Margaret. The woman tells her that she shouldn't have come. Sheila finds a weird doll and hears music playing in the house. The voice calls Margaret once again. Gary and Sheila talk. He wants to know more about her, but she seems reluctant to open up. They share a kiss. Tania shoes up at the house. She is Gary's ex. Sheila isn't one bit happy about this. She goes into town and bumps into the local woman who calls her Margaret. They go to the library and the woman says that there was trouble in the house.
She is an old lady and she knows all about it.

Back at the house, Tania and Gary are close. Sheila is upset over it. The house isn't too happy either. Tania is in the shower when blood comes out of it. She gets stuck in the shower and she panics. After that, she leaves. Sheila is happy and she and Gary continue their relationship. She tells him that she can't remember the first seven years of her life. She was found wandering around and she was put in a foster home. The old lady from the library, who is called Lucille, calls her and says that she has information for her about the house. Sheila goes to her shack but there isn't anyone there. She leaves a note for the old lady.

Gary asks Sheila to marry him and she accepts. Gary's manager, Arthur, wants him to go back on tour. He agrees. He is going to take Sheila with him after they get married. Arthur ends up being killed by a mirror. Gary is bewildered. He and Sheila investigate the house and they find out that there were two owners before Gary. Sheila tells him about the voices that she heard. His headaches get much worse.  The old lady shows up and she says that she was Shelia's nurse for the first seven years of her life.  She tells her that the house killed her parents. It didn't want Sheila to leave. The house kills the old lady. Sheila tells Gary that they need to go. The house shuts itself up and the phone is dead. The cold air comes on and it suddenly stops. Hot air takes it place. The house starts collapsing. Gary wants to set fire to the house so they can escape. They do manage to escape but the house isn't done with them. The house tries to get Gary but Sheila pleads with it to let them go. It does so.

This is an okay film. It has Parker Stevenson in it, which was interesting. The story itself is not bad and this is really more of a thriller than a horror movie. There isn't much blood or violence really. It is quite tame. It is a TV movie, so you don't expect anything too scary. I will say that it is a mystery and that it kept me watching until the end. I did enjoy it and I will recommend it. I will give it a 5/10.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Stag Night Movie Review

Trailer here.

Stag Night is a 2008 horror movie starring Kip Pardue,Breckin Meyer and Scott Adkins. It is directed by Peter A. Dowling.

The movie begins with a young woman in a subway station. She is scared and she is being chased by something. She tries to escape but it drags her back down into the darkness..Cut to a guy called Mike(Pardue) and his three pals who are on a stag night as Mike is getting married soon. They are on the subway and they meet two girls called Claire(Rachel Oliva) and Michele(Sarah Barrand) and they all get out of the train. It leaves without them and they are stuck in the subway station. They decide that they have to walk along the tunnel  or else they will be stranded all night. Suddenly, they see some weirdo kid running around the place. They see a cop being killed by some weird creatures in the subway and they know that they are in huge danger.

They try and make their way out of the tunnel, but the creatures see them and chase them. They hide but they are picked off one by one. It turns out that the creatures are called tunnel rats and they are in charge of their patch. They kill anyone who wanders into their territory. The rest of the movie is taken up with the group trying to escape, but they are not so lucky. They manage to kill a couple of the tunnel rats. They look like they are going to get away but the tunnel rats are clever and they know every inch of the tunnels..The movie ends with everyone dead and there are no survivors. The tunnel rats survive to live another day..

This movie was average. It was obvious what was going to happen and there weren't many surprises, but it is worth a watch if you like by- the- numbers horror. This gets  a 4/10.
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