Friday, February 3, 2023

Megaboa Movie Review

Trailer here.

Megaboa is a 2021 horror film directed by Mario N. Bonassin and starring Eric Roberts.

The film begins in the rainforest. Hunters are after something. They see a gigantic snake and they try to shoot it. One of them runs off and the snake follows. Cut to Professor Malone(Roberts) who brings some of his  college students to the rainforest to look for cave drawings. They are Allison(Michelle Elizabeth O' Shea), Grace(Emilia Torello), Adam(Garrett Schulte), Benji(Vimala Veera) and Jason(Jadon Cal). One of the hunters from the start of the film turns up. His name is Joaquin(Joe Herrara). He tells them that he has lost his partner, Rex. The professor offers him a lift on the helicopter they used to come to the forest. Malone ends up getting bitten by a strange spider. He calls the helicopter company who tell him that they can't come and collect him because of bad weather.

Joaquin tells him that he needs a special orchid to help with the bite. The students ask him to show them the tree where it grows. Benji stays with Malone as the others go to get the flower with Joaquin. Benji has a drone. She sends it off to look around the island where they are. The others find the tree. It is covered in snakes! Adam offers to climb the tree to get the flower. The group see the huge snake. They run away. Jason gets separated from the group. The snake gets him. The others want to go back and get him. The helicopter company try to get a pilot to fly and collect the group on the island. A pilot called Jake(
Michael DeVorzon) says he will go. 

Adam decides to climb the tree and get the flower. He can't do it and he falls and hurts himself.  Joaquin has dynamite. He wants to kill the snake. The group discover that Joaquin already knew about the huge snake. He tells them that the snake killed his friend. Benji looks at the footage from the drone. She sees the Megaboa. Grace insists on going on despite the fact that there is a huge snake slithering around. The group have to run back to their base. They find Joaquin who is planning to blow up the snake. They try but they fail. Adam is the next one to die. The others run off. They end up in a cave. They find cave paintings. That isn't all they find. They discover a huge spider!!!! It meets the huge snake and there is a battle. The spider loses.

The professor and Benji are looking for the group. They find Adam's shoe. They also find more snakes.
Joaquin and the remaining survivors get ready for battle. The Megaboa shows up and it is obvious there will be a showdown! Joaquin has a score to settle with the giant serpent so he tries to distract it while the others run. It takes his life. The others get away. The snake seems to get killed by chemicals or acid. The professor and Benji reunite with the others. The snake is moving. They run, realising that it will come for them again. The group attack it with a machete and they kill it as it has been weakened. Their helicopter comes and rescues them. On the island, an even bigger snake devours the Megaboa!!!!What do you call that snake then- a mega mega boa???

This film is funny. Of course, you can figure that out from the title. It also has Eric Roberts, who has been in some pretty dire films, but we love him! I think that this film is just silly fun and I had a good time watching it, so it is worth a look. You know what you are getting so just enjoy it for what it is. I can't give this a great score, but it was fun so I will be kind and give it a 4/10.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Movie Review.

Trailer here.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is a 2021 horror movie and the third film in the Conjuring series. It is directed by Michael Chaves and stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga.

We are already familiar with The Warrens so this is a continuation of their investigations into paranormal activities. This time, they are at a house where a child is possessed by a demon. He stabs his father in the leg. A priest arrives and the Warrens tell him to exorcise the kid. The demon is strong and he almost takes Ed(Patrick Wilson). Lorraine is affected by this. The demon goes from the boy who is called David, into his sister's boyfriend, Arne(Ruairi O'Connor), who is also there. Cut to Ed, who is in hospital after the ordeal. He has had a heart attack. He knows that the Devil has gotten Arne. Arne is acting strangely and he is also seeing things. Arne murders his landlord by stabbing him twenty two times. He claims that he was possessed when he did it. He is caught and arrested and put into prison, The Warrens believe that he was possessed when he committed murder.

David and his family move into a new house. David is almost pulled into his bed by something. Lorraine Warren(Farmiga) looks around David's house and finds a totem. Ed tells her that David and his family are cursed by it. They visit a retired priest called Kastner(John Noble). They show him the picture of the totem and he shows them his collection of satanic items. Arne continues to see things in prison. The Warrens speak to a homicide detective and he tells them that he has seen the totem before. He tells them about a case of two girls who went missing. The relic turned up at one of their houses. He is looking for a girl called Jessica. The other girl is dead.

Lorraine has a vision and she sees the two girls. She sees one girl kill the other. She tells the police that Jessica fell into the river. They find the body. The homicide detective believes that Lorraine can see things. She and Ed break into the morgue and Lorraine touches the dead body but she doesn't feel anything strange. She is looking for the person who placed the curse. She sees the woman in a vision. The woman tries to make Arne kill himself but Lorraine stops her. Lorraine visits Kastner and he reveals that he has a daughter, Isla. This was prohibited by his vows as priest but he raised her anyway. She had a fascination with the occult. He tells her that there are tunnels under his house and maybe her lair is in there. They need to destroy her altar to break the curse. Isla shows up and she kills the priest.

Lorraine finds the altar. She tries to destroy it. Ed figures out where she is and goes to help her. Isla catches Lorraine trying to destroy her altar. Ed turns up and finds her. Lorraine hits Isla with a rock but she manages to get control of Ed and tries to get him to kill Lorraine. It doesn't work and Ed smashes her altar. He saves himself, Lorraine and Arne. The demon arrives and it takes Isla's soul. All is well.
There is a scene at the end where Ed puts a cup he got from Isla's altar into their museum along with their other creepy objects. We find out that Arne serves a short term in prison and marries his girlfriend. 
He is apparently back to normal.

This was a pretty good film. I didn't think that it was as good as the first film or the second. Saying that, I liked it. These films are always quite good. If you enjoyed the other two, then you will enjoy this. The acting is fine. The story is interesting and there is enough to keep you entertained. I will give this a 6/10.
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