Monday, February 23, 2009

Aliens - A Jigsaw Classic

A good few years ago, your humble writer was deep in the heart of my home city strolling around doing some browsing for anything and everything.As always I was looking for DVDs to add to my collection.In the usual DVD shops I did not find anything that I wanted so I headed to the food department and I remember being disappointed having not seen a DVD that I wanted.As I browsed through the supermarket, mixed up with all the usual food was a DVD offer!! It was a 2 disc Special Edition of Aliens!!! It had a cheap price so naturally I grabbed it gratefully and proceeded to finish my shopping.I had Aliens for years on a video but never had it on DVD.I have seen the movie countless times and it is one of those movies that when it is on TV you watch it again and again! You end up saying " those marines are a bunch of wussies!" and "That Paul Reiser is such a weasel!" I love the original movie too but Aliens has a lot more action and gets me going every time!

So with shopping in my basket (yes Jigsaw uses a basket! remember that kids!!) I headed to the checkout or till whichever you prefer! It probably is the same all over the world but here in Ireland the DVD case is empty and the assistant has to go to a special locker to get the actual DVD.Too many people go for the 5 or 10 finger discount if the disc is inside i.e they steal it!!! So using the usual scanner the woman scanned in my food items and the last item was my DVD.She looked at it and looked up at me as if I had just taken a dump in a church!!!! She had a look of "O No, I cant believe you got a DVD as I have to get up off my @ss to go get it!" She went over to a different area where she talked with another woman for ages all the while I waited while she was catching up on the gossip.Then she obviously said something about me and they both looked over.She waddled to the locker and got the discs out and put them into the DVD case and waddled back over to the checkout.She slapped the DVD down next to me and I put it into my bag as she gave me my receipt and change.The whole time she acted like I had asked her for blood and she seemed to be trying to get back into the @ss groove she had on the chair.

I grabbed the change and receipt and headed off outside.What is the point of this story? Well, as she was so annoyed in getting me the discs she forgot to scan the DVD in!!!!! She had literally handed me a free 2 disc Special Edition of Aliens!!! I walked outside the supermarket where I celebrated my getaway thinking of her only just figuring out the twist in a scene reminiscent like the end of Saw! I did think of going back to pay her but with her attitude I thought it was like Karma and hopefully she had to pay the difference out of her salary.I have just re watched the special edition of Aliens and it always seems even better when I think of how I got it! I am aware that the story would be even cooler if I said I used the Jedi Mind Trick on her but that would not be true!

I am fairly sure that everyone has seen this movie by now and if you have not then shame on you! Go get it now! As the only survivor of the Nostromo when it encountered the Alien, Ripley has been floating in space for 57 years.Ripley is played by Sigourney Weaver in a real kick @ss role and she plays it brilliantly.Ripley is rescued and no one believes her story but when communication is lost with the colonists on the Alien planet, she is forced to go back there to face her demons.On the trip with her this time are a bunch of wussy marines who are like virgins that walk into a brothel.Gung ho for action but do not have much experience!!! Tagging along is Paul Reiser as the weaselly company man who has his own agenda.He was perfect in this part and I'm sure you say he gets what he deserves! Its a fantastic movie and my free special edition has intro and commentary by James Cameron.It has roughly 20 Min's more than the theatrical version and it definitely worth the nothing I paid for it!!!


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