Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snuff Book Review 6

Snuff is a book by Chuck Palahniuk who as you may or may not know I like and I have just read it.I read this after Choke so I have been in a good Chuck mood lately! Snuff is about an ageing porn queen who decides to go out on top (ahem!) by breaking the world record for having sex with men.600 men......One night......One woman.....all captured live on camera! The porn queen is called Cassie Wright and the book revolves around the waiting room for the guys that will....emmmmm........help her with her record attempt! Only Palahniuk could do a book like this and that is the set up for Snuff.He really always pushes out the boundaries a little more each time!

The story unfolds from the perspective of three men in the waiting room.Mr.72 , Mr.137 and Mr. 600.We learn one of the men is very old while another is a lot younger.They give their side of what happens while they wait to be called to action by the "Porn" Wrangler Sheila.She is in charge of what order they go the set in and we read from her perspective also.The men wait in their underwear as they chat together and help themselves to food from the buffet.Explicit descriptions are throughout this book so it is not one for the faint hearted!!!!!!

This book is a short read and is only 200 pages.The edition I have has big print also so it won't take you long to read.That's not to say that it is poor though as in my opinion it is another great story!! How Chuck can come up with this I will never know! I think it is a great read and has the by now regular twist at the end.It is a good twist also! Some of the stuff in it will make you think that it is disgusting but that only made me read more!! It was great building up to the (ahem!) climax and as usual leaves you reeling.Whether you love or hate this book it will provoke a reaction from you definitely! It won't be for everyone but if you liked his earlier stuff and stuff like Bret Easton Ellis you will probably like this.In the end this book (ahem!) comes thoroughly recommended!!!!!!!!

Snuff (10/10)


Anonymous said...

I want to be casting director when the genders are reversed and Lord Jeremy tries for 600 women in one night, haha.

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