Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vexille Movie Review 34

Vexille is a movie I have meant to watch for ages as it seemed interesting so I finally got around to it! It is written and directed by Fumihiko Sori.Vexille is a CGI anime sci-fi tale set in the future about robot-android technology and what it means to be human. It starts with the narrator telling us about Japan and how it has totally embraced robot technology. The United Nations bans the making of robots who look like humans but Japan keeps on its own path and withdraws from the UN. It puts itself into isolation and deports all foreigners and puts the country in lock down basically. They set up a grid to stop communication and it also stops spy satellites looking at them. Ten years pass with nobody knowing anything about what is happening in Japan.

The name of the movie is taken from the heroine, Vexille, who is a member of a U.S. special forced team called SWORD. In a pre-credits scene like the James Bond movies, her sword team intercept a clandestine meeting of a Japanese man and several politicians. She almost captures him but he gets away by cutting off his leg!!! His leg is revealed to be bio-organic which basically means he is an android so Vexille's team is sent on a secret mission into Japan to find out if there are more androids and how the country is getting on.

The movie continues on with twists and turns that any mainstream movie would be proud of and the storyline is the best part. It is intriguing and along with the action sequences makes a very entertaining movie. The quality of the images produced is visually stunning and even if you have never watched a movie like this, I think that you will be impressed. The story is gripping and it seems to be influenced by Frank Herbert's Dune. If you have read Dune, you will see creatures looking like the sand worms from that book. Vexille is not for children as there is a certain amount of swearing and the story is complex.

You may be saying no, I don't watch animated/CGI movies , but give Vexille a chance and you may change your mind. If you like science fiction stories, you will like Vexille as it deals with how far we are taking technology.I would give it 10/10 only it does take an idea from Dune, but that is good material to copy! This is a very entertaining movie and I urge you to check it out on DVD.

Vexille 9/10.


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