Friday, May 29, 2009

Star Trek's Deleted Scene Revealed!!!!!!

hen JJ Abrams was finishing up his final cut of Star Trek, there were some scenes that he thought were good at the time but on reflection maybe they were not great.Fortunately as I am in regular contact with people in the know and with access, I have received a deleted scene from Star Trek.It is actually before Zachary Quinto was cast and Abrams was going to make Spock more like Tuvok.Footage isn't great but bear in mind this was erased and deleted originally but using the power of technology we are able to undo the erase and the result is as follows.You can clearly see the budget had not kicked in at this time and it was young Spock letting off steam when he is away from the academy.Ever wonder what he did on his downtime?? Maybe you thought he read books?? Studied Starfleet engineering?? Well no....................he let his human flamboyant side take over!!! Data liked classical music but Spock's interest lied more with the Jacksons.Does he sit quietly in meditation?? No!!!! He goes full blast and lets his human side take over!! He dances like he has never danced before!! And judging from the video, maybe he HAS never danced before!!!


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