Sunday, January 11, 2009

Remo Williams - A Jigsaw Classic

Back in the 1980's before Neo was dodging bullets in bullet time in The Matrix and Morpheus teaching him all he knows there was Remo!! Remo who? why Remo Williams of course! He is a character from the Destroyer series and in this movie was played by Fred Ward.This is another Jigsaw classic! While it is not the best movie ever made it is entertaining.Fred Ward plays a cop who is left for dead in a river when he is plucked out by a clandestine agency to do covert missions.His old self is declared dead and he is reborn!!!!! Reborn as who? Remo Williams! This movie is called Remo Williams:The Adventure Begins.Check out the trailer below!

It is a movie I remember seeing when I was very young and i thought it was great then! Just after seeing it again it was not so great! Everything looked dated but that is as expected.Huge warehouses full of computers that look like huge wardrobes and a clunky chassis on every computer!! It is still a fun movie if you just park your brain at the door and enjoy!!! The best part is the bullet dodge.Hence my Matrix reference at the beginning of this post.Remo is taught by Chiun played by Joel Grey who is a Korean martial arts master.Great guy to be your teacher! I didn't have him for any subject in school.I think I would have remembered!! Look at the results of his training here!

Kate Mulgew of Star Trek Voyager fame is also in this movie but she gets told by Chiun
"Women should be at home making babies"
Yes I do not think that is politically correct! Then Chiun is in a truck that goes over the cliff and explodes but gets out without a scratch! It is like an episode of the A-Team! Neo could dodge bullets in The Matrix but he could never run on the beach without leaving footprints! Remo does this AND runs over liquid cement to get away from the bad guys.The bad guy falls into the cement when he tries it! Then Chiun runs across the surface of the sea also so I think he might beat Morpheus!

This is a good movie to watch if you are looking for an 80's action movie.I think it was meant to be a franchise as it was called Remo Williams:The Adventure Begins.As it did not do well it died a death.This movie is ripe to be remade but the original will always have a special place with me!! It has really clever dogs that can climb up stairs to get at Remo also!!! Neo never did an assault course for balance like Remo does! If you are still unsure whether to try to track this movie down then look at this video montage a fan has put together.The DVD is hard to get but it is good fun.Its an oldie but a goodie!!!!!


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