Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jigsaw's Humour!!

Its not all traps and sharp blades here at the Lair! Time for some more Humour! Stories and tales to make even people in Traps to have a laugh before they begin their test! So while you organise your horror and Sci-Fi movie collections into alphabetical order and you wait for another Star Trek trailer to calm your TrekFix we shall look at the lighter side of life! Kind of the same as how I found out about the Star Trek trailer in a previous post! So lets see what has been happening to give us all a much needed chuckle!

First off in what clearly gets filed into the Morbid Humour folder we have the case of a Wal-mart worker who was killed opening up his shop!! A worker in Long Island was opening up his shop when he got trampled on by the flood of Thanksgiving shoppers.The bad taste jokes write themselves.Especially when the place has Satisfaction Guaranteed on the side of its premises as you can see from the photo.Rumours that his favourite song was I'm not your stepping Stone by the Monkees and the epitaph on his grave said "Tread softly because you tread on my Dreams"( the quote from William Butler Yeats ) are totally False!! See for yourself here.

Next we have a story for all you gun enthusiasts out there.Maybe its a sobering thought to put them away for good.A Police chief shot himself trying to teach his daughter gun safety!! Thankfully he did not kill himself and it was only a flesh wound.His name is not Trigger though but he should read the safety message on the gun barrell pictured for future reference! Next week's lesson for his daughter on assault rifles has been postponed until further notice!! To read more about this unfortunate incident click here!

Now going back a few years to 2001 we have the curious case of this woman pictured on the right sitting with a Yoda Star Wars figure.Very Glum She is.Why is she so glum? Well it seems she worked in Hooter's restaurant and was told whichever worker there sold the most beer that they would get a Toyota.So she duly worked hard at selling beer!! She thought they meant a Toyota car but they actually meant a Toyyoda!! Unlike most Star Wars fans getting Yoda in a nice sealed box was not enough for her and she sued the company.A Toyota or Toyyoda? Which would you prefer?! See the story here!

And finally for all you internet daters out there I think this picture says enough on its own!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974)- Amanda's Faves!

I'm back with another movie classic. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one I have always liked because it is simple and plain- kids in a hippie van wander into someone's house and meet a grisly end. That's it. But the family they meet are anything but simple. There is the weird guy they pick up at the start of the movie. He starts to cut himself and starts laughing away. That is the first clue that things are going to go wrong for these fun-loving kids. They eject him from their van and that annoys the weirdo.

They think that that is all the nastiness that they will meet, but they are so wrong! They stumble upon the weirdo's family house in the middle of nowhere and decide to explore(very bad idea!) Out comes the weirdest looking monster called Leatherface(Gunnar Hansen). He drags one of the poor kids into his little room where there is plenty of blood and the stench of death. Here, the horror is revealed for the first time. He doesn't speak- he just treats the kids like pieces of meat which is disturbing.

One by one the kids are dispatched until there is just one, Sally (Marilyn Burns)left.
She is caught by the disturbed family and invited to dinner. We find out that there is some weirdness going on in this family unit!! The scene were Sally is sitting at the table with the freaks is disturbing and genuinely creepy. The fact that they have no qualms about eating people is also a little strange! The last scene is iconic where Sally finally escapes from Leatherface and he just holds his beloved chainsaw in the air and dances around. It is a great movie and it is very unsettling which is what any good horror movie should be and of course, it was directed by a favourite of mine, the great Tobe Hooper. Enough said....

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hellraiser (1987) - Amanda

What can I say about Hellraiser???Let me think-blood, gore, ripped human flesh...All the ingredients for an entertaining movie!!! Clive Barker's creation is dark, seductive and intriguing. It begins with this puzzle box which holds the key to something evil. A man,Frank Cotton obtains it, solves it and then gets dragged into the pit of Hell where the Cenobites dwell. Seems interesting....

We cut to a house where a man Larry Cotton, and his wife and daughter are moving in. It is a strange house and there is a bad atmosphere upstairs. Julia, the wife has a look around and she is unsettled by the dreadful eeriness of the upstairs room.We find out that she had an affair with Frank Cotton, the brother of her husband, years ago. Cue creepy Frank appearing in the room, crying out for help. Julia is appalled at first but she sees that he needs help. He needs blood to rebuild himself. Of course, she decides to help him! She brings back men to the house with the promise of sex and lures them into the room where Frank is waiting for his dinner. Many men later, he begins to resemble a human being when the daughter spots him in the room and freaks out(as you would!). Frank tries to kill her, fails and then he kills poor Julia and his brother.

She gets the puzzle box and from it come the Cenobites who we discover dwell in Hell and live for giving souls the most agonising pain and pleasure that they could imagine (mostly pain, though!). She promises them that she will give them Frank, which she does. Then, they come for her, but she outsmarts them and they get locked back into the box again....Good movie, liked Pinhead. He is a good baddie. One of my all time faves and another classic horror. see you soon for more delightful tales of horror.....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Lakeview Terrace+ Quantum of Solace Movie Reviews 3

Lakeview Terrace is a film starring Samuel L. Jackson and Patrick Wilson and Jackson plays an LAPD officer called Abel Turner who is very territorial about his neighbourhood and when an interracial couple moves in next door he is not very happy about it! He is a single father of 2 children and views them having fun in the new neighbour's pool as a bad influence so he will do anything to drive them out.The new neighbours played by Patrick Wilson(Chris) and Kerry Washington (Lisa) just want to live a quiet life!
Turner has really bright floodlights around his house and goes on nightly patrol of the neighbourhood with his gun so Chris and Lisa soon realise having a cop next door is not such a great thing! Chris tries everything to just get along with Turner but Turner gets more menacing as the film goes on.

This film reminded me of Unlawful Entry that starred Ray Liotta as the crazy cop and here in Lakeview Terrace Samuel L. Jackson is the crazy cop.It goes the way you might expect but Jackson is very good as the cop who takes his job very seriously! Patrick Wilson's character is good as the macho guy trying to sort out his crazy neighbour and it ends up a battle between both guys.Patrick Wilson will be in Watchmen though so that should be good! It doesn't seem like there is much to the movie but Jackson holds this together well as when he knows the cops theres not much Wilson can do! I would recommend this film as it is worth watching!

Lakeview Terrace (8/10)

Quantum of Solace is the new James Bond outing and I had not heard much about this before seeing it.I went into this liking the previous film in the franchise, Casino Royale and hoped for the best.What a big let down this is.It all starts well enough with a big action car chase.Then goes to next action sequence then the next and so on.I found there is hardly any story at all in this and no gadgets and no Bond Humour.Bond lilterally kills anyone he bumps into and leaves a trail of bodies everywhere.Thats usually fine but he doesn't seem to break a sweat doing it.The bad guy played by Mathieu Amalric looks like a wimp and has a plan to corner the water market of Bolivia! Wow that really is aiming high.Can't he be trying to blow up something or stealing technology? Something that seems a bit more valuable? All I could think of was this felt like an Austin Powers bad guy goal not a real James Bond villian idea!! The whole movie didn't even feel like a Bond movie and after seeing it I can see the same feeling echoed elsewhere online.

Daniel Craig doesn't change his expression from "grim killer" throughout the film and can be seen to the right in familar pose.Picture this for an hour and a half and you get the idea! He just strolls around avoiding cameras and leaving fingerprints at every crime scene and walking into secure areas.One time he just walks around and finds a jeep with its door open and drives off.Maybe I missed something there as in maybe he left it there earlier or shot the driver but no one bats an eyelid as he dries off in the jeep.It all seemed too easy although the action sequences are very good in this film but there is nothing tieing it together.It reminded me of Bad Boys 2 where there was explosion after explosion but little plot.I would not recommend seeing this movie at all.Wait until its on TV so you can kill an hour and a half.

Quantum of Solace (2/10)

The Shining(1980)- Amanda

Hello there! Amanda here again with another review of a blood- curdling classic- The Shining!
This movie was directed by the eccentric director Stanley Kubrick who was known for other films such as A Clockwork Orange(1971) and Dr.Strangelove(1964). This film is based on the book by Stephen King. It stars Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall. It begins as many movies do with the happy family starting a new future at the Overlook Hotel where Jack has been offered a job as caretaker. Seems simple enough, doesn't it? But there is more to the hotel that meets the eye. The family begin to sense that there is something else in the hotel with them after a while. Something sinister and evil. It seems to be coming from Room 237!!!! Cue weird sightings of twins and rivers of blood gushing down corridors and you have the eerie atmosphere of this movie.

I like the way that Jack seems to be on a downward spiral into a mental breakdown. Is it caused by the hotel???You can see from his facial expressions that he has been possessed by something sinister and evil. The climax of the movie has Jack turning from loving dad into crazed maniac with a hatchet!! Of course, who can forget the immortal words- "Here's Johnny!!!".. Classic stuff.. See you again, soon...Don't venture into Room 237!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Duma Key by Stephen King Book Review 1

Duma Key is a book by Stephen King that reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list so I had high hopes for this when I began reading it.It is about a man named Edgar Freemantle who has a near death experience in a construction accident and moves to Florida to the remote island of Duma Key to recover from his injuries.He loses his right arm in the accident and suffered a severe head injury also so he has trouble remembering names and other things.He moves into an old house called Salmon Point on the northern side of the island and gradually recovers.He begins to paint and suddenly paints masterpieces of strange images like young girls and old ships.

Also on this remote island He meets and befriends a man called Jerome Wireman who is looking after an elderly lady called Elizabeth Eastlake who grew up on Duma Key.There is also a character called Jack Cantori who is a young man who gets anything Edgar needs like fresh supplies or drives him around.

Straight away I was reminded of the TV show Lost as there is a mysterious remote island and it doesn't help when on the back of my copy is the quote from Damon Lindelof
"Simply put,this is one of the most haunted character pieces he's ever written.Horrific.Tragic.And absolutely beautiful."

I'm sure King sent the cheque first class for the compliment!

Then to top it off when Edgar tries to go to the other side of the island with his daughter they get sick so they don't go there again.Hmmmmmmmmmm.Maybe something doesn't want them to go to the other side do you think?!!! His friend Wireman talks in spanglish which I found annoying but let it slide as that's the characters way of talking.Then we have the just-split-from-my-wife story also.He almost killed his ex wife when they were married so she is still angry at him.His daughters still love him and visit the odd time and he emails them.

This is a 690 page book and for the first 150 pages nothing happens at all.We are just trailing Edgars recovery and how he lives his life.I wonder if this is autobiographical as King had a well known car accident that almost killed him.If it wasn't a King book I probably would have stopped reading it.Then the middle part of the book is kind of where things begin to happen but not much. Then the last 150 pages is where the windup to the climax happens.The end part is where I found myself interested at last in the story.It seemed like the end was written separately and the rest tacked on.Duma Key is like a short story that has been stretched out to a full novel but the result is very thin.

I was reminded of the scene in Family Guy where Stephen King is in front of his editor and when asked about his new book King looks around for ideas.King grabs a lamp and says its about a scary lamp!!! The editor says your not even trying anymore! But then to top it off the editor says when can I have it!!!!!

Duma Key feels like a book King could churn out in his sleep and he seems to have a new book every few months.That's fine but he has to watch the quality more.This was like Black House that he wrote with Peter Straub.Way too long and having people get sick when they enter a haunted area or place doesn't make the reader afraid or nervous.We need more than that!

Throughout the book there are 12 short chapters called How to Draw a Picture.These are meant to be about the Eastlake family history but they really didn't work for me at all.Everytime I came to them I thought O no not again! They interrupted what little story there was and didn't seem to fit in.They are there to give more background but it could have been done a different way.

Don't get me wrong here folks.I am a big fan of Stephen King.Carrie was one of the first books that really got me excited about reading.Snobs like Shirley Hazzard who said
"We don't need reading lists from Stephen King."
They are just jealous as he is more popular than they are.This book would not be one of my favourites though.The end of the book just makes it worthwile.

Duma Key by Stephen King (5/10)

Pride and Glory Movie Review 2

Pride and Glory is a movie starring Colin Farrell and Edward Norton and is about an Irish American family who are all linked by the NYPD.Ray Tierney played by Edward Norton investigates a recent killing of a bunch of NYPD officers and finds that there is more to the killings than meets the eye.Colin Farrell plays Jimmy Egan who is Rays brother in Law and is not as squeaky clean as he appears to be and Ray finds out that somehow he may be mixed up in the killings and maybe worse! The case threatens the public persona of the NYPD and Francis Tierney Snr played by John Voight will do anything to protect it and his family image.He is the patriarch of the Tierney family and has Ray and Francis Jnr (Played by Noah Emmerich) all in the NYPD.Colin Farrell's character is married to his daughter so they are all connected.

The movie starts with the killing of the bunch of officers so dont worry I am not spoiling anything! The camera is very shaky from the start which I found very off putting but I think was meant to show gritty realism of the NYPD reacting to a crisis and once that settled down things did go nicely.

From the billing and posters Ed Norton and Colin Farrell are equal in status in the movie but really this is Colin Farrell's film.He really exudes a cop of questionable character and is very brutal in his methods.He doesnt put up with any rubbish or anyone getting in his way.Norton is an actor who I really like especially from Fight Club and American History X and is good here also but definitely Farrell is excellent.John Voight does his standard I-am-the-Father-and-I-am-going-to-make-sure-we-all-get-through-this-ok but don't get me wrong is good in the part.

The movie definitely reminded me of The Departed so if you liked that you will probably like this also.You may have read elsewhere online about the ending of the film and it is a bit kind of strange and relies on a coincidence but I wasn't upset about it like some people seem to be.It relies on a bit of Irish attitudes to sorting problems out also which is a bit of a stereotype but the whole thing was fine with me as they have to end the movie somehow.After all it is a movie and we all want some finality to everything!

If you like Cop Thrillers like The Departed and Max Payne you will like this.Its more of a focus on the characters of the people involved than all out action but I would defintely recommend seeing this move!

Pride and Glory (8/10)

My Fave Horror Movies!

Well, Amanda here again. This time, I am going to discuss my all time favourite horror movies. As you know, I have a keen interest in fear and suffering. These movies are something for those boring Sunday afternoons. There is nothing like a little screaming to make you feel warm inside....

So, let me start with a film I have always enjoyed- Poltergeist(1982). This film was directed by a favourite of mine, Tobe Hooper and written by Steven Spielberg. Not a likely combination.
But anyway, I like this movie because it is an old-fashioned ghost story really. Family moves into house, house is haunted by unseen forces. Little girl can talk to them, things begin to move in the house, suggesting that the family are not alone. It isn't scary as such, but there are plenty of good moments like when the furniture begins to move in the kitchen or Carol Ann gets sucked into the t.v.

It's good fun and a classic in my collection. It stars Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams. There were two sequels, but they weren't as good as the original. When are they ever? Well, that is all for the moment. I shall be back again with more classic horror movies. Come back and visit, if you dare.....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Amanda Has Arrived!

As you can see, my name is Amanda and I am a willing student of the great Jigsaw. We have set many a trap together and revelled in the blood letting!!!I have a taste for the macabre and the darkness!!!I also have a keen interest in movies, books and many more interesting subjects. I have been compiling a list of my top ten favourite horror movies for a start. Now, there are many which I have watched and liked, but I consider these ten to be my all-time faves! I will be around from time to time, reviewing movies alongside my great mentor, Jigsaw. But, I do have my own unique views on everything...Together we will give the world the benefit of our wisdom!!There are so many interesting topics which we shall discuss together.......Well, that's all from me for the moment. I hear Jigsaw calling me.. I smell blood.mmmm.......

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How Obama Got Elected!

This video is very interesting and ties in with an earlier post that I have done about the danger of getting swept along with emotions and not facts.While obviously not all Barack Obama supporters are as clueless as these people, it still shows how misinformed people can be.I am not american but when you are voting in an important election the responsibility is on the voter to inform themselves of the facts, look at both sides then make a judgement.

Star Trek Movie Trailer

I was deeply embedded in my lair a few weeks ago when from a secret entrance that few know about entered one of my many agents.My security camera took a picture as he came in though.He was heavily camouflaged and had been deep in the field carrying out important missions.He was tired yet he had urgent news.Taking off his armour and helmet he sat down in front of me.He laid one of his many guns on the table before me and said his latest mission had been a complete success.He proceeded to inform me of what happened.

It was an infiltration that had taken him deep into enemy territory.On the mission he had brought with him all his lock picking tools and his cunning.On entering this secret facilty undetected he connected up his electronic equipment and using his exceptional hacking skills to access top secret data he had downloaded the information!! From a hidden side pocket he handed me a memory card with a copy on it.It was the latest Star Trek Movie trailer!!!! It has since been leaked to this website

The agent quickly gathered up his belongings and with a tip of his helmet exited as silently as he came in.Who was this man?

He is none other than Lt. Colonel Creedon. Few pics of his face are available of him but there is one of him receiving his many medals here on the left!

For security reasons I have been only able to tell this tale now but now you know where the trailer came from!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Max Payne Movie Review 1

Max Payne is a movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis and is based on the computer game of the same name.Its about a cop/agent called Max Payne funnily enough and played by Mark Wahlberg.His wife and child were killed and he has fallen off the rails ever since.Usual stuff about how he loved his family so much that now he doesnt care at all about anything! Beau Bridges shows up in this film and Amaury Nolasco who plays Sucre in Prison Break collects a payday by showing up also.

It starts off with Max falling into what appears to be either sea or ocean and looking like he's drowning while he also provides narration about what is happening.Then we have the ever reliable flashback to a week earlier and things really begin.The story is one that we have seen loads of times before.He arrives home to his family all happy but there are intruders there.He manages to kill some of them but the main boss got away! Oh no! He finds his wife and young child dead but they never find out who who was in charge.

Later he attends a party and meets Natascha and heads home with her.She waits on the bed as you can see from the pic but as he is such a great guy he refuses to get it on with her! (Loud Booing from the audience!!) Why he took her home was a mystery but maybe he wanted to show her the game! Although she does put her foot in it by wanting to act as his dead wife so that put a dampener on things.So when she goes home she is killed on the way there and Max looks guilty as he was seen with her.So when Max's ex partner finds his wallet at the scene Max he is the prime suspect.

The movie goes on with the usual story we have seen before.Someone is on the way to Max and leaves a phone message saying he knows who killed Max's wife but of course he gets killed before he can tell him.The main bad guy behind killing Max's wife is so obvious that you will find yourself hoping that surely it cant be him! But yes it is! Chris O'Donnell puts in an appearance in this film also and I didn't even recognise him at first.He looked like he had put on a lot of weight around the face .The rapper Ludacris plays an internal affairs agent and thankfully is only a small part.Mila Kunis of That 70's Show and Olga Kurylenko (Who????) are the eye candy here.

The story has been done a million times before but the action sequences were great.Lots of Bullet Time action like the game and the Matrix.It is worth seeing for the action and the effects were very good.Kind of a film that your happy enough with but not rushing to go see again.

Max Payne (5/10)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Matrix run by Windows XP

Check out this hilarious video from

Friday, November 14, 2008

Book/Movie Tie-ins

There are several movies being made at the moment from books I have read.I am hoping that they all turn out ok! Once they don't completely change characters like the new Battlestar Gallactica changing Starbuck to a woman (Sacrilege!) I will be happy! Its ok if they play around with things to fit them into the movie.Classic case is Fight Club Book is brilliant.Movie is brilliant.Yet both are different.

Most highly anticipated will be The Forever War by Joe Haldeman.This is being made into a film by Ridley Scott!!!!! This was only announced on October 12 this year.Scott has been waiting for over 25 years to get the rights for it.His last Sci Fi film was the phenomenal Blade Runner! (See below) The book itself is brilliant and I suggest you read it if you haven't already.

The Owl in the Daylight is going to be a biopic about Philip K Dick starring Paul Giamatti of Sideways fame and other films.Its supposed to open in 2009.Its not based on his unfinished novel of the same name.Its supposed to be about his life and might focus on his drug use and his mental breakdown/Divine insight whichever you prefer!!!!

Radio Free Albemuth is also supposed to being made into a film.Ubik has been optioned also! To quote Wikipedia
"In 2005, Time Magazine named Ubik one of the one hundred greatest English-language novels published since 1923"

Marvel are making a series about The Electric Ant also! If you don't know who Philip K Dick is then I suggest you read his books now!!!!! His work will be big news again soon! Minority Report,Total Recall,Paycheck,Scanner Darkly,Screamers and the classic Blade Runner are all based on his writings.Some are more loosely based than others though! Dick-Head jokes are banned by the way!

The Husband by Dean Koontz is a brilliant book.Its a straight forward thriller about a husband funnily enough! His wife is kidnapped and he must get 3 million for her or else he won't be a husband any more! Focus Features, in conjunction with Random House Films, announced that a film adaptation has been given the go ahead so thats good news!!

This is a very exciting thriller and what is good about it, is that you are put straight into the situation as soon as you begin.Its reads like a Die Hard film!

Dune by Frank Herbert is being made into a movie.Well not until 2010 so don't begin lining up outside the cinema just yet! Peter Berg is directing so we will just have to wait and see.The original dune by David Lynch was good but was chopped up by the studios to make no sense.Lynch is rumoured to have a complete version locked away but sadly will probably never see the light of day.The ending in his film made no sense as rain would destroy the ecology of the worms so that was my main gripe about that movie.Of course the parts cut out also!

Now we come to Them:Adventures with Extremists by Jon Ronson.This is being made into a film called Them.Supposed to be out in 2009.Straight away we have a red flag as they have changed the main character into a woman.As the book is so funny I will give it a chance though.Its about Jon Ronson in real life travelling around interviewing nutters and people who have conspiracy theories.It's one of the funniest books I have ever read.David Icke is very funny as he thinks people are really lizards in disguise.Ronson actually gets into supposedly the meeting of the world's leaders who are deciding how to keep the world under their rule!! Check it out if you have not already!

Saw VI - Jigsaw Reloaded?

Try to keep your head in the game on this one folks, Its been announced.October 23, 2009.Thats the date for Saw VI.Pencil it in to your diaries.Etch it into your arm.Mark it on the calendar.Actually dont etch it in your arm!!! That may leave a mark!!!

Saw VI will go on from where Saw V left off.To me they are like two trilogies a la Star Wars.Saw V felt like a middle one in the trilogy.The one thats necessary for the next one to work.Let the game or to be more apt,waiting begin!!!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who is the best Batman?

Who do you think is the best Batman? George Clooney float your boat? Do you swear by Christian Bale with his throaty whisper? Do you long for the days of Michael Keaton battling with Jack Nicholson? Maybe its Val Kilmer who gets your vote?

Before you fully decide the age old argument is brought to life underneath!
(Check out more videos and especially an adult Saw/High School Musical combination at Black20)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Movie Roundup 1

Beginning here I shall be giving my review of Latest Movies/Films seen.How long I write about them just depends on my mood at the time of writing! Some will be new releases and some will be ones that I have only got around to finally watching.I start off with a clean slate trying to view them on their merits as having a predefined slant or bias can throw an honest review into the pit of blatant trashing-'cos-everyone- else-hates-it routine.Ratings will be out of 10 and in brackets.

We begin with Taken by Luc Besson starring Liam Neeson.This is a fantastic film from start to finish.He's a spy whos daughter goes to Paris and she gets kidnapped.Naturally hes not to happy and goes to Paris to wreck the place to get her back.Its all out action with car chases,fighting and shooting.Either you like action or you dont and if you do, you will love this.I hope this gets a sequel or made into a trilogy like the Bourne films as Liam Neeson was billiant in the role of Bryan. (10/10)

Next up is Saw V starring Tobin Bell and Costas Mandylor.Jigsaw is back! Admittedly in a flashback but his work lives on through a new apprentice.This is a good film but not as good as the other Saw films.That is not to say its bad though.I just felt it was like a part 1 thats sets up the next film.The ending was the first one that I could see coming in the films so maybe I am getting smarter or maybe it was a bit predictable.Its an end that is still good though even if you thought it might happen.The traps were good but the emphasis here is a bit of back story to set up the next film.Thats what it seemed to me anyway. (8/10)

Then we have Righteous Kill starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro.Its your average cop movie with a twist thrown in.Just like Saw V the twist is one that you can see coming but its an okay film.The main problem is that the aforementioned stars are too old and hard to believe as cops that can run around trying to stop a serial killer.Its a film that if you have seen everything else it might be good to check out but I wouldn't go rushing to see it. (5/10)

Burn after Reading is next! Directed by the Coen Bros.This film had the makings of a good film with a good cast but it just didnt work out for me.Brad Pitt was quite good and so was George Clooney but the whole thing left me with a kind of "Is-that-it-feeling?" It kept threatening to get going but never took off.The film seemed to just wrap up a bit too nicely in the end and fell into the well below average film category.One of those films that if you fell asleep for a while you miss nothing but everyone says its great.I wouldn't advise going to see this. (2/10)

Now we come to House.This stars Michael "What-the hell-happened-to-his-career" Madsen and Reynaldo Rosales.This is about a couple who get lost and come upon a house where things take a turn for the worst and this movie is one of the worst I have ever seen.The female lead looked like the male leads mother or maybe its just she looked so unattractive.Its got every cliche going from the person looking in the mirror and someone behind them to the clearly obvious bad guy that you know it when you see them.It had the weird mamas boy who wants to get with the nice looking girl as soon as he sees her.House turned into a comedy for its sheer predictability and I have never read the book but Im guessing straight away that the book must be far superior. The only thing that was good was Reynaldo Rosales who seemed quite good as the male lead.He didnt have much to work with but he tried his best.Hopefully he can go on to better movies. (1/10)

The Midnight Meat Train stars Vinnie Jones and is from a short story by Clive Barker.Its about a New York photographer hunting down a serial killer.This didnt seem like much to begin with but I thought it was good in the end.Vinnie Jones doesn't say a word but maybe thats for the best! He is perfectly suited to this part and the whole film worked well.If you like horror check this out.It does not have blood and guts in every scene but is still worth it if you like horror. (8/10)

The President Elect

Now that the anointed one has been elected I hope he can give us all a date when there will be peace on earth.I have my calendar ready and a big marker so all I need is a date.Hopefully it wont be long after all the donations he has received until the church of Barack Obama God of United States opens.Of course the whole thing will be universally known as BOGUS for short.The people will come to pray for deliverance from any dissenting voices and reason.Then we will all live happily ever after.............

While I am razor sharp with my witty sarcasm I do wish Barack Obama all the best in his presidency but I do hope the world is allowed criticise and anaylse his presidency like all before him.I do hope he does help the world with his fresh outlook but I worry about his experience and his being up to the job.It is a great thing for the world though to show that anyone in America can make it to the top and I do hope he does well.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Here is my other cat Kitty!
She likes nothing better than to be left alone to look out the window as you can see.She likes her cat food and will always insist on eating first before Felix! I think she views him as her son or her younger brother.She is older than him and I had her first when he arrived.She was born in Tipperary but now she lives here in Cork.She is three and a half years old and is of a different temperament to Felix.She is more grouchy and doesnt like to be bothered if she is in a nice position on the couch! A nip on the finger is what you may get if you try to shift her as she will only leave when she is good and ready.

Different to Felix she likes to be picked up and carried around although the odd time she may resist attempts to pick her up by flattening her body to the floor! She knows this makes her hard to grasp! She doesnt miaow for a rub but will miaow for food and when she is travelling in the car.She really makes her protests heard until set free from her catbox.She does not get car sick but definitely its not her favourite place.

This pic is when I caught her ordering Catfood online and she looked up at me with those eyes to disarm me!

She likes to be rubbed all over and is known to use her head to butt you to get your attention.She loves being in front of a fire or a nice warm,cosy place.Be warned though! If you rub her underside in the wrong way she can give you a nip.Not a big bite but just a warning that you stepped out of line!

She has more white on her body than Felix and always sleeps with one eye open.Any movement wihin her area will get an eye following it and any sound of a cat biscuit box being shook will get her running to it! She loves looking out windows when the sun is shining and watching for birds flying where she begins her teeth chattering! This sounds very strange and is explained here. Shes a lovely cat and she likes to be treated like a queen!


Here is my younger cat named Felix! He looks particularly menacing here in the second picture but he is really just in mid yawn.He likes nothing better than a nice,dark corner to go to sleep in.He is especially vocal when he wants a rub and his purr is very loud indeed!

He doesnt like being picked up at all and will struggle to get down immediately.Felix is not a good traveller and is prone to car sickness but after a drink and some food hes himself again! For a cat he is very easy going and has never,ever clawed in anger.I have never known a cat liked that as they can sometimes be a bit cranky but he always seems in good form.
I found him roaming around when he was roughly 6 months old and he was starving.So Jigsaw ordered some cat food and TLC and after nearly a days sleep it was like he owned Jigsaw's Lair!!
He always jumps up on me when I come home and purrs loudly.I think he was a dog in a former life!

He is roughly two and a half years old and loves to play with my other cat Kitty.He is very inquisitive and is always looking for anything to play with! Felix is known to pick up things like pens and straws and run away with them.He has a very sleek and thin body as you may see from the picture and he has a very pinched style mouth area.He is mostly black with four white paws and a white underside.Sometimes its very hard to see if he has is eyes open as it looks like he has a mask over his eye area.He's so carefree that you can examine his paws or claws without fear of a scratch.If he could talk I think he might say "Take it easy,Dude.Why the rush?"

Maiden Post

Hello Everyone! This is my Maiden Post! As you can see from about me, I am a big Saw films fan!!!!!!! I have recently seen Saw V and awaiting next Halloween for Saw VI already! They are not the only things I am interested in though.My thoughts are varied on many subjects and I like to share my views.I might not always be right but it shall be a fun ride.Just like Billy the Puppet on his tricycle!
Feel free to give your thoughts also but bear in mind we all have opinions and its only mine that matters to me! I hope you will like the blog and check it out as often as you can.

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